[Suggestion] Long ranged combat, TTK and game flow

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  1. Trysaeder

    Long ranged infantry combat is ridiculously slow and unrewarding due to the almost exponential increase in TTK as distance increases. The combination of higher relative recoil, more difficulty aiming, higher relative movement and damage dropoff all make for a situation where multiple people can be shooting at a target and take several seconds to kill him.

    This wouldn't be a problem if the map was less dichotomous (CoD-style bases with Arma style expanses in between), but SOE doesn't seem to be able to create an infantry base that can support all types of infantry combat from 0 - 200m (like the Aftermath maps in BF3, which are terrific for combined arms and especially awesome for infantry). Since these enormous open spaces exist in PS2, infantry often needs to shoot at enemies approaching 200 metres away, setting the stage for this scenario that is frustrating for both sides. The only way to kill infantry as infantry is to switch to a sniper rifle, which isn't appealing to many players for various reasons (equipment being one).

    The current state of long ranged infantry combat consists mostly of snipers doing their thing, and other players waiting for the enemy to come close enough for them to be able to shoot them effectively. A solution exists that will alleviate some of the dichotomy in terrain, as well as streamline ranged combat. Double, or even triple, the range at which minimum damage is reached for all weapons. With all the factors that currently exist to make TTK longer (lower relative bullet damage, less accuracy at range), bullet damage degradation does not need to be as harsh as it is right now. This extends the effective range of infantry vs. infantry combat, allowing more of the empty space around bases to be utilised for combat rather than Commando godmode running. In essence, both sides stop this running earlier, and the time spent on that would now be spent shooting each other, which is good. It also gives non-infiltrators a better chance at killing someone outside of 50m before being plinked in the face, while buffing infiltrators enough to allow OSK headshots against nanoweave 5 out to ~330+m.
  2. Cinnamon

    Just as general tips, equip the right rifle and burst fire. You might not be able to win with your favourite weapon with laser sight, soft point and highest rof while firing in full auto.

    This range of combat is fun in my opinion with large numbers of regular infantry and not too many vehicles and snipers spoiling it.
  3. Trapline

    Have to disagree with the OP here, the right rifle/scope and longer ranged combat is exactly where it feels right, carefull burst fire.
    Sniping has it's place and in planet side 2 it isn't overdone or marginalized like in BF3 and COD, real long range sniping in planetside 2 is difficult and rewarding, but not totally overpowered, as a sniper primarily I don't want someone with an assault rifle and rocket launcher able to shoot me in the face unless they have to get to me first.

    I do think OSK for snipers is gimped now, but I don't want it fixed at the expense of every combatant able to long range snipe without the ammo limitations and CQC limitations sniper loadouts enforce. I just wish that long range sniping counted towards capture and defense xp, It's annoying killing medics and engineers from a distance, and countersniping but not being close enough to get xp and credit for the base caps.
  4. Lamat

    I think this would negatively effect base captures too much, it would be much more difficult to push into a base from sunderers. There are many bases where the only safe place for a sunderer is a rock a distance from the base with no cover in between. Or are you also suggesting another map revamp?
  5. KenDelta

  6. UberBonisseur

    Shields, Medics and infinite respawns kill any sort of attrition.

    Long ranged combat only ends when some kamikaze decides to dive with Tank mines in hand on the nearest Sunderer. You might want to see this thread https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2...ange-compression-in-infantry-weaponry.118202/

    Running in circles in the open is incredibly effective.
    Unpredictable movement; but unlike real life, you keep running just as fast after taking a bullet.
    Too often I'm being shot at, have no cover to run at, just zigzag left and right as my pursuer fires his whole magazine at me, missing half of it, and landing the other half at my shields.

    When I finally reach cover, he accomplished nothing but waste ammo, and I'm alive with barely any health lost (which will be regened within 20 seconds thanks to my Biolab link)
  7. Trysaeder

    Your depth perception needs work if you really believe your own numbers. Especially since the maximum render range for infantry is 300 metres.