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  1. Danko

    Hello Planetmen.

    What weapon would you recommend for long range engagements against infantry for the Engineer.
  2. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Any of the Battle rifles. For TR these are either the AMR-66 or the Dragoon, NC the Warden or the Bishop, and VS the Eidolon or the Obelisk.
    The AMR, Warden and Eidolon (we'll call these T1) have bigger magazines, fire faster and have higher muzzle velocities, but do less damage. They are essentially clones of one another, with the only significant difference being that the Eidolon has no bullet drop but 30m/s slower velocity.
    The Dragoon, Bishop and Warden (T2) are a little more unique from one another but compared to the T1 rifles they have smaller magazines, fire more slowly, and have slower muzzle velocities. BUT they have no damage falloff and aside from a shielded Heavy Assault or hitting your target's limbs you will be guaranteed a 3-shot kill at any distance.

    Depending on which faction you hail from there are differences to consider that may make these weapons more or less attractive to you, but overall these should be the main things to consider.
  3. VhynSeven

    About the second generation of Battle Rifles, each comes with unic attachments based on your faction.

    NC Bishop can equip special ammo that let its shots go through your target, TR Dragoon can use incendiary ammo and VS Obelisk is heat-based and can add a carbine-like hipfire profile.
  4. Armcross

  5. Yellow Rug

    for VS - obelisk, obelisk, obelisk. Easiest weapon to use in the entire game and super effective. no damage drop off, no bullet drop, perfect accuracy.
  6. Danko

    True to this, I recently unlocked AP cannon for the Lightning and works awesome.

    Also got the Warden and the underbarrel grenade launcher, very good so far.
  7. Armcross

    Don't forget your companion Spitfire.
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    your manaturret allong with the propper implants ...
    razor is a good NC ranged carbine
    otherwise as has been mentioned second gen battlerifles and to a degree the archer is ok vs antiinfantry ..
  9. Nehlis

    Personally I really like the 1st Generation battle rifles, specifically for the underbarrel launchers. Your ammo pack replenishes the grenades. 2 fun setup suggestions:

    Poor Man's Anti-Material
    4x Crosshair or 3x Crosshair, Flash suppressor, Grenade launcher, High Velocity Ammunition.
    Hang back at a range, lob infinite grenades on enemies from high ground. The Grenades do significant Anti-Vehicle damage, but don't have high DPS due to the low fire rate. Still, you can get some easy poor man's AV on the engie for just the cost of a Battle Rifle (325) and an attachment (100). The grenades also oneshot infantry on direct hits, except for overshielded heavies with max health, and do significant damage to MAXes. Also, they have fairly decent AOE damage for clusters, just don't try to duel anyone with it. In my personal opinion this setup can out-compete the archer for Anti-MAX and Anti-infantry if played right.

    Tactical Smoke Build
    1x IR/NV, Suppressor, Smoke Launcher, High Velocity Ammunition.
    This is for closer (less than ~100m) ranges, Anit-Infantry only. Can be a little more difficult to land hits because of the Suppressor, but the HVA dampens that somewhat. Use a flash suppressor if the bullet drop and lower velocity is too much. Again, you have infinite free smokes, so use them often to make the battlefield as onesided as possible in your favor. Smoke is great for avoiding snipers (NO IR/NV on sniper scopes), and the Battle Rifle has enough ranged power to effectively countersnipe if you are skilled.

    Why I don't recommend Compensator or Forward Grip:
    These dampen recoil significantly, but because of the ranges you will be playing at and the crosshair reset rate, you will only notice the benefit if you are maxing out the fire rate, which is not really a great application of the weapon. CoF bloom means you won't hit more than the first 2 shots at max fire rate, meaning you will lose long range fights against more disciplined shooters. Close ranges are a bad idea with battle rifles in general. If you must take them I would recommend very specific mid ranges (40-70m), with either a 1x or 2x scope.

    Other attachments:
    Always take HVA. Really should be a no brainer but the are essentially no downsides to HVA on a battle rifle. If you are trying to barrelstuff someone at less than 10m with these guns, you are using it wrong. Laser sights can be useful if you get surprised, but it is very much an attempt to dampen an already staggering weakness rather than enhancing its strengths. Flashlights work better on your pistol.
  10. brutes359

    You know. I saw some concept art a while back for an ATGM Anti-tank rifle from NS weapons. I would love to see that for engineers. make it so it does crap damage to the front of vehicles but really high damage to the rear armor (for a sniper rifle that is) around 500 points or so. still nothing compared to a rocket launcher, but more than the Archer. in exchange it has super bad hip fire cone and lowers movement speed do to its weight. I could see it. Plus it would be fun to use it against snipers.
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