Long Live 64 bit PS2 yes its better....!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by user101, Mar 13, 2014.

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  1. iller

    I would have too, but most local retailers sold out of it a long time ago and I figured I could just get by with "Classic Shell" mod -- (I didn't count on all this UAC crap being hidden underneath the idiotic UI)

    That's mostly the blood in the water talking ever since xBONE release proved that the Playstation is going to be the only viable system left for the Non-PC NonMaster-race. So no, Smed doesn't even have to play up the Hype card there, the entire consumer base has pretty much already demanded it at this point and it's actually Sony who's been dragging their feet more on it. -- Likewise no one who's a real PC gamer still thinks that 2gb of ram is an acceptable amount of memory or has a 100% compatible NVidia card that the XP 3GB switch will even work with (Many ATI cards, fail hard there and cause a core conflict that makes even booting up XP pointless).
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  2. user101

  3. Spiritualised

    Well the rumour mill has it that microsoft has adopted amd's mantle api and are calling it DX12. How true this is we wont know until the announcements later on. It varies from who and what you read, but there are enough references to it if you care to google. Like I said, the rumour mill , so dont quote me on it
  4. user101

    ON to a different subject -- I have found a NEW TOY the DEV's are working on.....! Amerish - yes I tried to do a video of it but that is broken in x64. The Liberators and Galaxy's are in trouble.....! A one shot horror....! I guess the dev's did not think pilots did not have enough to do..? .I don't think this was just a cosmetic gun.. I think the dev's are going to make this work.
  5. Spiritualised

    this is the schedule for todays GDC on d3d http://schedule.gdconf.com/session-id/828412
    reading between the lines it looks to me like dx12 may well be mantle based..
  6. user101

    Yes this is interesting ...! Since MS did a driver to run PhysX cuda cores and at at the same time they doing direct X 12. It looks like they are playing both ends.

    If I was MS and had a loosing Xbox I would do this also. And you notice the Xbox guy just stepped down. The idea of old DX# was to get away from direct hardware access code. I personally think DX12 is a bad idea if it is doing this...! It will run faster but at what cost to security. PhysX also has some problems like this.
  7. HeroofTR

    Yeah, PTS crashes every 30 mins on the death screen or simply because he wants to crash. Add this NOW on live servers and a lot of people will quit this game forever.
  8. Spiritualised

    Im really sorry but your not fully grasping this. Ill try and make it a little simpler .
    Physx is not a dedicated api . You will still need a dedicated api, like one of the above, in order for your game to even be able to talk to your Physx hardware
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  9. Chipay

    Ingame video recording is still 100% working on PTS, please stop hyping up the poor people who can't afford to download the game twice. There's nothing to gain from doing these things.
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  10. Krinsee

    My god? they learned how to code for modern PCs?
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  11. ZeroErrorz

  12. user101

    Guys I am not against Direct X only telling you what I read... Direct X in some ways is out dated -- there are much better graphics engines out there. We don't need to go back to hardware specific chips... that does not solve graphic problems.

    Nvidia did a good thing by putting the computing power in the graphics cards... this is the way it should be. We don't need a war between AMD and Nvidia We don't want a API that is CPU driven, - graphics should be GPU driven. We want to off load as much graphics CPU as possible - PS2 is a prime example of why you should do this.. ! Everyone b#tches about frame rate.

    Quake was one of the fastest graphics engines there was at the time. But it had limits... you can't go backwards we learn from what did not work....!

    And I realize PhysX is a fluff engine... at this point. But you want to go this route in the future... Not keep graphics CPU driven - Your slowing the system down that way. It is much better to have 3000 cuda cores to compute with than 6 or 8 cpu's...
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  13. user101

    Ya - now they get to deal with CRAY computer stuff.... real memory and parallel processing. OOOO MY....!

    What is really funny is there new system for PS4 is linux based.
  14. user101

    Nope - Video on x64 is not working with me... it stops at 15 sec and I can not play it back in x64. The avi is in the directory but it does not play. Voice is still not fixed on x64 settings.
  15. Rayden78

    Sounds like a customized magrider :)
  16. Spiritualised

    No it isnt, its unix based. It uses Freebsd. Linux, like FreeBSD is Unix based
    Heres a list of all the open source software that goes into a PS4

    Yes you are right. Direct X in some ways was outdated and yes there are much better API's out there. What it did do was give developers a unified structure to work within. All gpus are hardware specific If i have an Nvidia graphics card it doest have an AMD gpu on it. What you actually mean is the API shouldnt be vendor specific, which is why Cuda isnt doing so well. Even Adobe who were arm in arm with nvidia and CUDA, have dropped it in favour of opencl. In the words of one of Adobe Photoshops Tech bosses " we plan to drop CUDA all together, because we cannot afford to develop something that only half the world can use" . Opencl on the otherhand does everything CUDA can do and is available to all Vendors and is cross platform. A quick look at what vendors have adopted opencl. Apple, Intel, Qualcomm,Amd, Nvidia, Samsung, Vivante, Arm, to name a few. Vendors who have adopted CUDA erm........right now that would be just Nvidia. These magical CUDA cores you keep rattling on about are no more than stream processors. Its Marketing gibberish. If Nvidias magical CUDA cores were a ferrari and Amd's stream processors were a mini they would both still be cars, do you understand.

    What youre talking about here is GPGPU and your statement shows you dont fully understand how your cpu or gpu works. There are still things your cpu is going to do a lot more efficiently than your GPU alone.You asked me in an earlier post to"take your word for it" . Well take my word for it on this, if you wont take my word on it then please take googles

    No argument here

    Wow Physx again, **** me. Seriously mate, please stop making statements and start asking questions. You are misinforming everybody who comes to this thread. For somebody who claims to be a Hardware Digital Designer / Software Programmer your knowledge seems to be severely lacking. I would ask you what programming language you use to write your software but you would probably come back and say, Physx or cmd prompt or some other equally ridiculous answer
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  17. Spiritualised

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  18. Octiceps

    For the love of god user101, JUST SHUT THE **** UP!!! If you're not gonna provide any useful info about the 64-bit client, at least stop spewing nonsense about things you clearly know nothing about.
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  19. libbmaster

    I get half the number of frames on test that I do on live... :eek:

    Perhaps I should put in for a bug report? I was hoping the x64 bit upgrade would make my life better!
  20. user101

    user101 said:
    “What is really funny is there new system for PS4 is linux based.”
    No it isnt, its unix based. It uses Freebsd. Linux, like FreeBSD is Unix based
    Heres a list of all the open source software that goes into a PS4

    Nope not true -- looked it up myself from SOE.... it is there own version of Linux/unix that they have modified and added a few things. You can even download a program that should run the SOE PS4 system on a PC.
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