Long Live 64 bit PS2 yes its better....!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by user101, Mar 13, 2014.

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  1. KO-tic

    Well Try windowed mode It improves FPS
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  2. user101

    I have seen this in one of the demo videos before also of them running around in this. I don't think it had the fins at that time. But it does now. I am telling you NC is no match for this....this hover tank will wipe NC off the map. They will be second class just like TR is get ready NC your day is going to be a bummer when they release this.
  3. Lafladitu

    I think they should add the 64-bit to live ASAP, I noticed a real diffrence in performance. the FPS where higher and smoother
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  4. WyrdHarper

    I seriously doubt windowed mode will fix me getting G29 errors 4/5 times logging in, my FPS being reduced to 1/3 of live performance, constant hitching and crashes every five minutes.

    Probably just going to try reinstalling.
  5. user101

    The laptop people are not going to like the 64 bit... or the upgrade in the physX stuff they will be sitting at 5 FPS ... anything with "M" graphics in the PC will be just lagging. High end PhysX does not run on AMD cards. You have to have cuda cores to run high end PhysX.
  6. Ash87

    I'm really hesitant to bite here... I'm pretty sure he's kidding about a new hover tank.

    Was it that Hover tank... the thresher I think people call it?
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  7. Botji

    So far, you can get 64 bit on test "on the download" ???
    ??what where, how???
    64 bit!
    ??? how do we get it, where?
    new hovertank!?
    ????? we still want to know where this is??
    yeah its awesome! 64bit too!

    ^ Thats pretty much this thread
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  8. Lafladitu

    When starting the game by the launchpad it will automaticly start with 64-bit if you have a 64-bit system. so there is no separate download at all, download the update and run the game.

    I am one of the Laptop users and I have a rather crappy laptop its below the required specs needed GT 540M and 2nd gen i5 processor. SO i wont be seeing high-ultra graphics and retain good FPS. but seeing 70-80 fps with a mixture of low medium is really nice with this machine ^^
  9. Chad444

    did the tank look like this?
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  10. user101

    No it did not look like this. It looks like an over sized hover tank with fins cumming up on the sides of it at the top in the back. Sort of like a dragster. It has a much higher profile tall wise and much bigger guns.
  11. Nyscha

    Sounds like trolling about a new tank.
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  12. iller


    A thread where this img macro actually makes sense.

    PS: when I heard this was being added, I finally upgraded from XP. .... it doesnt' change the fact that Windows8 is the most overprotective Palladium "what are you doing Dave?" big brother unusable poorly designed UI POS I've ever touched as far as OS's go (probably only b/c I never touched Millenium). And I'm spending more time disabling everything on it and installing hackMods to neuter all this UAC crap that keeps getting in my way of setting older programs up than I'm actually spending playing Planetside right now... Luckily my Bios has a single key-press Dual-Boot option everytime I startup so it's not like I have to LIVE with it for now
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  13. Chipay

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  14. user101

    You can also bet that 32 bits is going to continue to have the same trouble it has now "crashing" and 64 bit will have almost no troubles in it. I can tell your a hold out and most likely run XP and will cry when it crashes.
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  15. Chipay

    You realize that PS2 won't have a 32bit in the future right? Smedly already said their games will go 64bit only
  16. user101

    yes but they said they would support it for a year for 32 bits.... that is going to be a bad year.....!
  17. Chipay

    not really, less than 10% of the PS2 playerbase has 32bit OS
  18. BOOKEN

    Where in your original statement or his did anyone say anything about all that other garbage.

    You only mentioned your FPS and nothing else.This dude tried to give you a solution and you start bringing up other things? Am I the only one that sees this?
  19. Bindlestiff

    I'm getting a huge amount of stuttering frames on PTS at the moment, literally like every second or so. Frame rate display is smooth at 60 so I have no idea what on earth is going on there. Live server doesn't have the same problem for me at all.
  20. user101

    put this in the bug report page
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