Long Live 64 bit PS2 yes its better....!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by user101, Mar 13, 2014.

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  1. user101

    April 8 - Win XP and 32 bits is dead.... finely -- ya.....! Now if we can only get rid of Direct X 9 /10 /11 and move on with physX.

    The new 64 bits has no lag and no FPS problems with PhysX it is smooth.... it did crash the first time for some reason so I tried it again and it worked ok. I think the problem is the launcher, it made it to the map and crashed.

    Second time it worked ok. Graphs are much better.
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  2. Nocturn0l

    Mine doesn't even launch, application error 0xc00007b
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  3. user101

    I don't think this will run on a 32 bit machine. All most all the files were x64 that were loaded. I think you need a 64 bit system for this.
  4. user101

    The GTX-700 Series guys are going to go bonkers over this... with the graphics
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  5. RIctavius

    How do you guys get the 64 bit version anyway?
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  6. Nocturn0l


    Mine is a 64 bit system
  7. user101

    I am sure SOE will fix what is wrong. Ha it's there first try at 64 bits it's going to take a little time. The error is from miss configured system files. It might be windows 8 is the problem. I run win7 64 in mine.
  8. user101

    I even kill a Dev in his new hover tank.... WOW you should see the new hover tanks...they are impressive.
  9. Puredeathnight

    And I can now play the test server for longer than 30min
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  10. Wezdor

    What new hover tanks?

    Is this whole thread a joke? Cause it's early for april 1st, you know.

    Someone explain where you get 64 bit clients, what they did and what user101 is blabeling about some new hover tanks.
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  11. WyrdHarper

    I was getting 16 FPS, and on my live settings, the graphics looked like "low" with render quality turned down to 50. So...not seeing improvements.
  12. RIctavius

    The Servers are actually 64 bit now -with a few natural teething problems.
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  13. Emotitron

    There ever has been a 64bit version of this game?
  14. MasonSTL

    He is either telling the truth and the devs where dicking around with a concept vehicle... and didn't take a screenshot; being sarcastic about the Liberator; never say a Magrider before; or just trying to get our goat
  15. user101

    No it's for real - the PTS has the 64 bit PS2 on the download. I should have taken a screen shot of the new hover tank it was like out of this world. Fins and super engines big - real big bright purple blue. The NC will be no match for this.. there god mode tanks will look like C#ap next to this.. VS will rule everything... !!

    What was really impressive is the PhysX did not drop the frame rate. And the long distance looked like it was seeing the grass from far away... just impressive. The scopes are just great and it looks like they dropped the distance rendering stuff in the game.

    All the physX is x64 if you watch the download in the files. I ran a solid 60 FPS flying and shooting. Do they have some stuff to fix yes...! But it was great.

    This was no Magrider you have ever seen....this was big twice the size you guys have. It almost did not fit in the opening of the tech plant door. It is at least twice as high as you have.
  16. user101

    The more cuda cores you have the better this is going to run the physX.. they added some more new physX files also. I assume they are going to turn on PhysX when they release the 64 bit version to the live server.
  17. Chad444

    I want to see this new tank now. Can anyone get a screenshot or find a picture anywhere?
  18. Torok

    x64 is that it?

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  19. S7rudL

  20. Bindlestiff

    I had to look a few times at your sig because, as great as it is, I couldn't help but think the TR character looks more like a 90 year old pensioner who has had a wardrobe malfunction involving her chest than a TR warrior with legs dangling appropriately for a jetpack dude.

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