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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Juuppra, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. Juuppra

    So what is your thought about be solo (no squad,platoon,outfit). I usually work alone and play as saboteur (go near base you can go and break/sabotage other faction's equipment). Are there other people who mostly soloing like me?

    And general talk about solo tactics and tactics i guess.:)
  2. DJPenguin

    It's quite common and effective for infils to just hack everything in an enemy base before the real fighting starts. I solo in the no squad sense but i still rely on friendly meatshields for distraction.
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  3. HooWoo

    Don't like playing with squads because people talking ruins my immersion and I can't play at 100% with people talking.
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  4. RIctavius

    do I need to help you find real world combat situations?
  5. Juuppra

    I like your style
    that's is good reason too.
  6. HooWoo

    Do I need to help you find a dictionary?
  7. iEnvy

    Whats that even supposed to mean? How can people talking ruin immersion when, if you were in a real war, youd hear people yelling all kinds of stuff over the radio 24/7.
    If anything, the battlefield being "quiet" should ruin your immersion.
  8. Cromell

    Yeap, radio chatter can be very immersive, when people call out enemy targets and leaders provide orders over voice chat. One of many reasons I like this game so much.
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  9. HooWoo

    I don't think I give two ***** about real life war when I'm playing a video game thank-you.
  10. Campagne

    One of the main reasons I like solo play is so I don't have to deal with any incompetent teammates. Nothing but my own foolishness for me! :p
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  11. Kalocin

    Immersion is the state of being submerged/surrounded into another environment, similar from going to an air environment (daily) to underwater (swimming). Immersion is not realism, it is literally just the transition of being in one state to another (either literally or mentally). Relating to games, immersion is generally broken when our real world reminds us that the game, is a game. In this case, the squad chat is our reality breaking into the game's reality, thus ruining his immersion.

    Tldr; Being reminded you are playing a game takes you out of the experience.

    On topic: I play lone wolf mostly because I prefer doing whatever the heck I feel like when I play. I don't want to have to play one class or go to one location (ie, defend point A rather than B, this tower only etc).
  12. RobotNinja

    You can get more certs scratching your butt in the middle of a snowstorm on Esamir than from hacking terminals at empty bases.