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  1. Bnuldun

    ^ As the title clearly states, very nice maintenance 20 minutes before the alert ended. I really enjoyed being shafted to where I won't get my XP for the alert. I was leading a 3 squad platoon. We were all enjoying ourselves and looking forward to getting the ending XP in 20 minutes. The thing I do appreciate was the 15 minute warning. But, at what cost? Losing any rewards from the alter. HURRRRRRRRR DURRRRRRR!!! -_- :mad:
  2. Ribero

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  3. AnnPerkins

    this only negatively affects the 50%+ pop vs zerg so I for one find it hilarious.
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  4. Epoch/Eep

    Ask yourself this.
    Are alerts a game wide event?
    Ask yourself this
    If Server 1s alert is 20mins from ending and Server 2s is 40 mins from ending and server 3s is 60 minutes from ending and Server 4s alert is......and so on

    When can they shutdown for maintenance?
    If they shut down after yours then server 2 gets shafted. I know you want the universe to revolve around you but tough luck.

    The only answer to solve your pain is to shut down all alerts. You lose the bonus exp and gain nothing at all.
    Lose lose not win win.
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  5. AshHill07

    Ha ... 20 minuites from ending ...

  6. Bnuldun

    I still FIRMLY stand by what I said & nothing you or anyone else can type in front of your computer screen will change my mind. It was a stupid idea to shut down the servers during the alert. The courteous & responsible thing would have been to shut it down right after the alert. Derpy derp!!
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  7. Bnuldun

    Is that all you have to say? Boy, you sure are showing your massive intelligence here. At least I have more than a couple words to say about it. You can go shove off now. KTHXBYE!
  8. Pikachu

    Thread title made me giggle. :D
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  9. Bnuldun

    Fun, wasn't it?
  10. Bnuldun

    Wanna know what the title of the thread made me do? Nothing at all. It's just a title.
  11. Epoch/Eep

  12. Santondouah

    have a kitkat man
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  13. Posse

    oh noes, you lost the opportunity to win an amount of experience that you can easily get in 15 minutes, so terrible!!!1111
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  14. Latrodectus

    Supposedly the Miller servers went down yesterday with just 1 minute left in an alert. They were pretty pissed about it.
  15. Bindlestiff

    You can have some of my thousands of spare certs that I have just swashing around doing nothing.
  16. SenEvason

    Sheesh, take a chill pill.
  17. IamDH

    Get over it. Seriously
  18. WarmasterRaptor

    I don't really want to add but... they did warn about the maintenance fairly in advance... you know, it's even on the launcher, that big green button with PLAY ? it's right above it.
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  19. AshHill07

    Yeh, thats what my screenshot was from. As someone who was there for the whole 2 hours on an Alert we were about to WIN. Its the most FRUSTRATED I've been at a game for a LONG time.
  20. Santondouah

    I really don't get why you guys care so much about alerts...
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