LOL DBG - you continue to be rubbish at spotting the cheats take 2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Towie, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. Towie

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  2. JibbaJabba

    LOLOLOLOL. By the time you posted this DBG already got eeem.
  3. JibbaJabba

    Yeah either you have a typo in your hyperlink or your just disproved your own point.
  4. Towie

    So here's the thing - it shouldn't take someone like ME to identify these scum - just how many actually are there ? How many join every night to have their 'fun' at the expense of YOU and ME ? How many longer term players have been getting away with it like forever ?

    Enjoy the killboard, unlike the people who were killed:
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  5. JibbaJabba

    Bruh... I think you're missing my point.

    The guy you are griping about nobody being able to spot but you has been spotted and is gone.

    Unless I'm mistaken that account is done. Am I the one missing something??
  6. HelioUSP

    So now we know that a 10 kdr plus 90% headshot accuracy will get you looked and maybe even banned. Yep, it's working (need a dripping-with-sarcasm font).
  7. JibbaJabba

    Makes post "LOL - DBG you continue to be rubbish at spotting the cheats"
    Posts link to a cheat....
    ...who's already been spotted and removed.

    Makes post "LOL - DBG you continue to be rubbish at spotting the cheats take 2"
    Posts link to a cheat....
    ...who's already been spotted and removed.

    I'm starting to think "rubbish" might mean "quick and effective". Is that what you mean?

    And yeah helio, this is obvious stuff. I hope they would catch it. You figure out how to spot the subtle crap and I'm sure DBG would like to know...I mean clearly they would do something.
  8. Towie

    ...I guess it all comes down to the answer to the question - quick and effective after i've posted yet another thread showing yet another really really (and I mean REALLY) obvious cheater ?

    As it's happening all the time now, i'll just capture the details on the next one without posting and see if indeed they are removed as quickly as they should be. In truth they should be prevented - it's not as if DBG haven't done a lot of work on the subject.

    I guess there is one thing these posts have categorically proved. The cheats are still around. No matter what re-packing and checking, no matter Battleye, there's still plenty of real low life scum ready to have their 'fun'.
  9. JibbaJabba

    Dunno, it was gone by the time I clicked on it...not sure if it was your post that did it or not.

    But what you propose sounds like a good test to find out. Like spot a cheater, sit on it for say 3-4 days then post here?

    Let me ask though.... what if your test shows they are indeed jumping on things? You EVER gonna, y'know like maybe give them SOME* props for at least *trying* to keep cheats out the game?

    Cuz let me go ahead and say: If you find one this obvious that they haven't spotted and taken care of on their own, I'll join you in saying that's bullcrap. Fair?
  10. HelioUSP

    My suggestion is to simply turn the settings back up on BE. The "false positives" because some squid vet makes an alt account then waits until he can troll a spawn, get banned, then go scream about it on Reddit is a buncha' BS. The 2% legit false positives be damned, ban the positive 98%.
  11. Beerbeerbeer

    It’s just proof that hit-box/giant head hacking is still around.

    Here’s the deal, the size of the head can be adjusted.

    If you’re smart, you can adjust the size so only roughly 40 to 50% of all your shots, on average and based on their probably piss-poor aim, will hit the head. You can adjust at will and to your liking. Regardless, you now have a gigantic advantage.

    Less obvious, less chance of being detected by non-BE means.

    I still say if you are above 40% HSR with fully automatic weapons, some nefarious shjt is going on.
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  12. PlanetBound

    Lately the few obvious cheaters I've encountered are going the subtle route.
  13. ObiVanuKenobi

    They're never going to instantly catch every cheater, it's just not possible. Compared to other games i'd say Planetside has a very low amount of cheaters, i see 1 maybe every 2 months.
    At least they do something unlike another certain game with 150000 players online right now on steam where you can do anything you can imagine using cheats.
  14. Towie

    I'd say that's fair.

    Alas, there are just so many suspicious characters that have been around for a long time, it seems that if they've survived for a certain period (or indeed if they've spent some money on PS2) then they appear to be untouchable.

    I have a long list.

    Take another recent addition to said list - - who will be very familiar with a certain platoon recently - and was reported on multiple occasions for auto headshot antics.Yet he's still playing.
  15. ObiVanuKenobi

    His longest hs streak is 10, and that's with 3 deaths inbetween. You're saying that's impossible? Suspicious? Sure. Guaranteed hax? No.
  16. Towie

    Then you look at his session stats -

    ...6.54 K/D and 78.8% HSR so must have been sniping right ? Wrong - all with GD-22S, some Commissioner. This happens quickly too, he's not going out of his way to get a great position - just going rambo and letting his little helper do the rest.

    Then you check out how often he chains headshots with normal / auto weapons within a second, which isn't impossible but improbable and rare (check your own killboard, bet you have none).

    Not so rare with this guy, it happens in every session. He's even got triple headshots in three seconds -[IMG]

    In fairness - i've faced him and you have not so I have first hand experience (as have many others). There's absolutely no way this guy is legit.
  17. JibbaJabba

    I agree that guy looks very suspect. Strong possibility he's got an aimbot.