LOL at TR overpopulation

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  1. 0positivo

    Yes, really, thank you, but no. You know, some of us actually LIKE playing with our friends. Region locking is just a dick move, especially for those of us who have spent a lot of money and time on characters over there already, or those overseas, or people that just enjoy playing with people you know. Plus, at least on American servers everyone (mostly) speaks English... it's just a babel on European server

    We already pay the price with higher ping times, which means enemies can shoot at us even while we think we're behind cover.

    Beside, in case you didn't know, the "Totalbiscuit fanclub" is not a thing anymore. The outfit is reduced to a handful of playing people
  2. powerz

    it's like that every single day until 4pm est............
    TR fanboyz have killed the either ghost cap one corner of the continent or get zerged by masses of TR in between as of late.......we do need region locks, high ping players always get their ping force fields.......they dont want to go back to a fair fight, and this game always seems to favor the higher ping player and the server is loaded with warping dysynched Chinese players that are just flat out next to impossible to shoot due to their warping around.
  3. LibertyRevolution

    High ping gives you an advantage in this game, not a disadvantage...
    If you really don't understand this, please go youtube search for "Lag switch"...

    It not like I hate EU people... You have your own servers, play on them..
    Playing from EU or Asia on US servers is no different than exploiting with a net limiter in my book.
    You are choosing to play on a server where you have a high latency over a server with lower latency..
  4. baka

    TR dominant population? What's it like? I play on Helios in the evenings and am used to seeing 2x to 3x VS and NC (mainly NC) population. Last night I was pleased to see a draw at the end of an alert, even though the pops finally were nearly even.
  5. Ghosty11

    You can easily get rank 7 by dropping ammo packs at the warp gate and going AFK, just coming back every 5 minutes or so to to stay logged in. I have a rank 16 NC character on Mattherson that I've only actually played for maybe 5 hours total. I log the character in for the daily free certs, throw down an ammo pack and go do other things most days.
  6. siiix

    actually i was on waterson from day 1 and in the beginning it was always a TR over population server, then about a month ago there was suddenly more NC, now its usually NC or TR but they about even, VS was always a minority on waterson

    my point is the server merger had nothing to do with it
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  9. LibertyRevolution

    My point was I was happier on jaegers. There was no TR overpop problem there.
    It was the most balanced server out of all of them, and the merged us into TotalBiscut's TR server.
    NC only gained pop on waterson after they patched the prowler and the 4th faction went NC.
  10. Cyridius

  11. Radec594

    Actually, 3KDC is one of the biggest China outfits and (it's well known) they're NC, most Chinese players join NC.

    Also, not all Chinese players hack, get your head out of your anus and stop being so biased.
  12. fludblud

    Yeah dem forriners should go back to their Asian servers, oh wait there aernt any. Connery is the default Asian server anyway, maybe SOE should just optimise it as such like they did with Briggs which is based in San Diego.

    Region locking servers with no way to transfer accounts when people from across the world have paid their hard earned money for it is a recipe for disaster for SOE's legal department, it simply isnt going to happen. Nothing is stopping you from going to an EU server and enjoying your mythical high ping advantage so why should people conform to your demands?
  13. Schwarzpferd

    As a vs I deal with it all the time, but I found out what the best thing to do about it is...


    Only downside is when you are alone but fight your hardest TR and NC guy and his buddies kept getting killed by me when I stood alone and so he sent me hate tells, to which I replied, "Don't complain about how I fight when you have the pop advantage." I heard no further replies from him. Cause seriously if you outnumber me and think I am not going to hide a vehicle with stealth and radar and then use that information to track you and throw down mines at the door you are approaching or wait to ambush you, then you are out of your mind. I fight dirty, don't like my fighting, think it is dishonorable? Then balance the pop.
  14. Sharpe

    Even though I don't disagree with you in that players from a region should play on THAT regions servers, a lag switch acts differently from simply having "high ping".
    Having high latency IS a disadvantage. A lag switcher is not. It's more akin to a cheat than anything.
    The switcher will cause intermittent extreme lag as to cause the warping. But still be responsive because 99% of the time the latency is normal.
    A character with simple high latency will still move normally, but it will just take more time to react and display pretty much everything.
  15. K3STR3L

    I wish you would. Would stop a lot of pointless threads by you whining all the time.
  16. Badname82

    Good and take your forum account with you.

    No one cares about faction numbers in the middle of the night which are totally unrepresentative of prime time numbers.
  17. LibertyRevolution

    I could do that, but my ethics would get in the way!
  18. nella

    This is clear evidence that TR is op, everyone joins TR because they're so OP. NERF TR NOW!
  19. LGhost1904

    (Central time) Late night Waterson has become zerged by TR just recently... NC was pretty dominant during the alerts at this time as it was usually just a ghost cap... TR didn't come in masses until early morning, but the past few days they have popped up at the late night alerts now with 4 platoons. NC usually has one platoon during this time and VS are lucky to make one... These aren't just casual platoons with a bunch publics, what you would expect during these hours. They are coordinated and organized platoons working together. I was excited at first because I was going to get big battles at these hours but we were just undermanned everywhere we went.
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  21. Babaganoush

    Please quit. Especially if you're whining about a server imbalance on way off-hour times. The only time the TR are THAT dominant is like around 4am-9am. After that the NC starts slowly creeping up until the peak around 1pm-3pm.