Login server was restarted, should be back up

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Veratu, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Bink

    same here
  2. Atillius

    Same here on Waterson, G37 @ 98%, and I have validate files, twice.
  3. StormChazer

    Still not getting in...
  4. SgtBarratt

    Still getting the error. God damn this feels worse than beta!
  5. JonboyX

    98% is good! I've only got to 98% twice. The last 15 attempts have stopped at 15%
  6. asmodai

    From one programmer to another: the way you guys handle abnormal program termination (including congested login servers) is horrendous at best.
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  7. zu2

    thanks for the quick response Veratu, I appreciate it, as I am sure a lot of other players do.
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  8. Snidered

    glad i don't work as one of your sys admins... although i've not been sleeping so whats the difference :p
  9. Devildoll

    Good GOOOD!

    yep still getting it here too. First time for me.
  11. Atillius

    Agreed, every game at launch always has its issues. Atleast they have a dialogue with the community!
  12. Nyan

    Huh, I am loving this official launch! Beta was way more stable and playable.... :(
  13. Cleaver

    Mine never goes past 15%. It's as if the loading screen were just a picture of a 15% loading bar, which suddenly turns in to the select character screen.

    I agree, its good that at least when I got the error, I was able to log in here and see some comments from sony.
  15. kLay

    Thanks for the updates. Let us know when it's sorted. :)
  16. Stormwolf

    SAME problem here also!
  17. roflmaoshizmp

    Thanks a lot! Appreciate all you do for the game! :D
  18. Methaniel

    Ill second that, snappy info on the forums so that you know someone is working on it.
  19. Snidered

    totally... much better when you know people are working on it :)
  20. Veratu SOE

    Login is back up now (for real!) :)