Logging IN ... ... still logging in ... stuck on logging in

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Baronvonstars, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Baronvonstars

    Im about 15 mins waiting to Login since the last Update is this normal?
    i never experienced waiting so long before..
    playing on Ceres

    Greetings Baronvonstars
  2. TNSxMichael

    think there is like 100000000 people like you loging in at the same time
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  3. B.O.C.

    i have the same problem.. its the same over and over again after a patch -.-
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  4. Baronvonstars

    So when the loadingscreen finally shows up and being in the server the game crashes after 10-20 sec without any notification whats going on with that last update before everything worked fine:(
  5. Brainwayne

    this is soooo freaking bad...
  6. NickVolkers

    Status: 2/13/2014 12:39 PST - Quick restart on Woodman Ceres, and Cobalt

  7. Baronvonstars

    Briggs (AU)

    Ceres (EU)

    Cobalt (EU)

    Connery (US West)

    Mattherson (US East)

    Miller (EU)

    Waterson (US East)

    Woodman (E MAINT

    Noooo Again..

  8. NickVolkers

    Cobalt is back up now
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  9. NDroid

    I'm trying to log into Miller and the same thing is happening.
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  10. Baronvonstars

    They just anounced this i didnt know otherwise i didnt make this thread
    thanks for ur answer
  11. Baronvonstars

    Status: 2/13/2014 12:52 PST - PlanetSide2 team is investigating the issue on Woodman, Miller, Ceres and Cobalt
  12. Baronvonstars

    Seems like the problems are solved on Ceres im able to Login properly:)
  13. NickVolkers

    Okey, i thought u were just another guy that didnt look if they were up or down. Srry :)
  14. allattar

    Was in for 5 minutes and it disconnected me...

    You bastard server.
  15. allattar

    dammit wrong post thought this was mine...

    same title..

    Err yes. Miller keeps disconnecting me.