Logged on, joined a fight, enemy bastion arrives. Log off.

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  1. Johannes Kaiser

    It did not sound like you implied I was lying, just doubting. No worries, just felt the need to confirm and elaborate.
  2. Orakel

    1. Best thing is you are bringing vehicle + infantery zerg aka 96+ to base and defending Bastion flys in;) So what happens to the 96+ vehicle and infantery zerg at this base ? The 96+ attacking infantery + vehicles are gone = base easily defended !!

    2. 96+ infantery + vehicle zerg + Bastion attacking a base! Guess what will happen ? The base wont be defended because the Bastion ***** the defenders easily !!!
  3. Grandizer

    But what is the REAL purpose for the Bastion? I'm still trying to figure out how it interacts with the gameplay in a truly meaningful way.

    I mean when I see one, it's usually not supporting an area but floating around from one place to another just zerging and farming for certs. Most times, it doesn't even really affect me, personally. I run in a building or it's nowhere near where we fighting to begin with. I truly think I've been killed by a Bastion maybe 2-3 times total and that was from spawn spamming our base where the rounds were penetrating through the spawn and popping us through the top and getting killed.

    The fact that it's restricted use by Outfit Leaders in building and interaction means most people will not be able to use it or man guns.

    If you go along for the ride,( boring), you're asked to re-deploy to free up slots so others can spawn in.

    Every time it's launched it's kept hush hush between the major players of the outfit so you never can get a seat to gun but can spawn ESF only if you fly or are certed to fly. Granted people have been playing for years and deserve first shot but that alienates the rest of the Outfit.

    Most of the time, I see it barely making any difference to capture or defending, I mean I play and even forget it's even there

    Once your faction launches one, they want to defeat the other bastion, so above points come back in, limiting what people can do to interact with the battle and completely ignoring the capability to use it to build lattice/base strength. Key point, enemy Bastion gets on top of yours, it's game over for your Bastion and quickly.

    Ground attacks do nothing. Sure I fire a rocket launcher to tank round at it and hit a vulnerable spot but it's an effort in fultility. Yes, you can spawn in and c-4 areas on the Bastion but again, seems futile and shows no real incentive to want to bother. There's no counterbalance.

    Bastion is just to cert farm. You can hear how overjoyed people are counting the certs they are racking up while others are grinding and never get a chance to experience any of it.

    Would be nice if they had mission control systems allowing players to monitor areas of the battles and report to Command from above. Counters could be EMP weapons to scramble them.

    Instead of having a few points on the Bastion that are target areas, have an overall shield that has to be taken down then the entire Bastion is vulnerable to attacks. Perhaps that would make ground attacks more notable and air conflicts more engaging as the thing just wouldn't float endlessly while a platoon of ESF's and Galaxy's just protect the few critical spots.
  4. Edenwolf

    All I want is to be able to board the Bastion and take it down from the inside out, not solo obviously. The Bastion would be a lot more engaging for both sides if infantry could be involved, no I don't mean firing at it with Archers from spawn.
  5. buggygame

    I struggle to understand those things that terminate fights: the bastion carrier and orbital strike.
    Irritating that the bastion also kills you in the spawn room.
    In a fighting game, lets stop the fights ..... included spawning. Strange.
    I guess the lesson is do not be infrantry or, increasingly as they are known, a target.
    We need more biolobs. For balance. Then the vehicles can kill each other for a change.
  6. ZDarkShadowsZ

    The Mauler cannons doing damage through spawns has been fixed in yesterday's patch:

    No longer deal damage or impulse through one-way collision (like spawn room shields.)