Logged on, joined a fight, enemy bastion arrives. Log off.

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  1. OgreMarkX

    G4/\/\3 D3Zln3 !~

    For make benefit instantgib from floating version of super sized HE Tank of old.

    G4/\/\3 D3Zln3 !~
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  2. OpolE

    Not in Planetside 1 so come join us sometime
  3. Pondera

    yeah, I was struggling to really understand the point of these things, and had several questions.

    So, can I get one? No. Only outfits can, and one per faction per continent.
    Can I interact with them in any meaningful way? No, only the outfit that spawned it can.
    Does it actually do anything? Yes, it makes spawn camping even more powerful, and defense even more hopeless.
    Can I actually do anything about it? Like A2A weapons? No. You sit there and take it.

    =.= so years of development time to let zerging outfits stroke their massively over inflated egos with a ship to match that the rest of us mere mortals can only gawk at while they ruin a perfectly good fight. Nope, I think I'll see myself out now.
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  4. Orakel

    Bastion sucks ..
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  5. LordKrelas

    Isn't Planetside 1, the Game where High-Ranked players can all personally OSC at any moment?
    Where Factions can be near permanently locked from doing anything but being spawn-camped at their "sanctuary" for literal months?
    Where you are a one-trick pony until the end of the month, so if your force doesn't have a Tank-specialist, you have no tanks at all?

    I'm pretty sure, the Bastian's Camp-Happy nature is in Planetside 1.
    With additional easy-camp, on every staircase, spawn-point, or worse.
    So pretty sure PS1, isn't free from the same Cancer.
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  6. Liewec123

    Yeah, they should have been added as part of the air alert, replacing the "current" air alert
    Free air vehicles, 3 Bastions (one per faction) circling the map automatically, no driver)
    Destroy the enemy bastions, anyone on the faction can use the turrets,
    and it wouldn't have that r3tarded "right click the minimap for a free killstreak" BS.
    THAT would be a fun alert, massive air battles since air would be free
    and it would only have bastions present during that alert.

    It should not have been added as a zergfit exclusive summonable steerable vehicle
    to hover over TI Alloys with a 600 player killstreak.

    As someone else said we should atleast be able to damage the bastard thing from the ground while it's farming us.
    "Weakspots" on the top is such a stupid mechanic on a vehicle that summons a free air zerg.
    You aren't getting near that thing.
    If i shoot the bastardion with a tank round, it should take damage. Period.
  7. Glenndal

    I think Bastions are EXTREMELY cool. They add a lot to the flow of battle. If the bastion shows up, go somewhere else, or grab the rest of your team and some air units to take it down. Or if you're in an outfit, spawn your own. The bastion is a very powerful strategic weapon that can only attack one location at a time and can't directly do any capping, so there's a ton of ways to get around it.

    I rather agree that it should be weaker in some way, but there's a number of angles to approach it from. They could make it killable from the ground 100%, that would be fine. They could make the guns destroyable. They could put a tighter limit on the interceptors either by capping them lower or adding a meaningful internal cooldown to the redeploy of each interceptor.

    All three would probably be a bit much, but 2/3 of those would probably be healthy, and being killable from the ground is probably most important. They could also make it slower. That's definitely a trickier tool to use than the others, but its a lever they can fiddle with.

    If they did make it killable from the ground, I would expect them to shift it from 2 weakpoints on the bottom to something like 6 on the bottom, 6 on the top, and if any combination of 6 are destroyed the bastion goes down. Currently its 6 on top, 2 on bottom, and all 8 need to be blown before it goes down.

    When introducing a new element to a system, its usually a good idea to have it be a little better than you imagine. From there you adjust down until its worse, then up again, reducing your error a little every time because you have previous points of performance to reference. I'm sure that there will be nerfs forthcoming, and I will be concerned if not. And if the Bastion gets nerfed to uselessness, I would expect some buffs after that that make it better, but not as good as it is now.

    Just to be clear, I've never piloted a bastion or a gunner seat on it, and I have fought against them both on the ground and in the air. I do think they are net-positive for the game, and I do think they could use a nerf. I also think they should remove the exp for just sitting in the belly. THAT's dumb. Its not remotely a balance issue, its just very silly.
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  8. GenGrant

    This is the problem. Every bastion I see spawn goes to where the other two empires are fighting just to farm xp. That is all that they do. What the developers had in mind clearly is being used in the opposite way...surprised? I’m not because I’ve been gaming long enough that is something can be exploited by gamers, it will. Case in point, the new Outfit Wars via ghost hacking conts on off times to build them points. Just look at the top outfit scores vs the low member outfit scores.
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  9. Liewec123

    That does sound fun and cool!
    But unfortunately sums up what playing this game is like with these farming motherf##kers.

    So you're enjoying this fight? F U, bastion time.
    Because that zergfit with an 80% overpop flooding over bases
    obviously needs a huge handicap to help them farm five times harder.
    Bastion is even worse than the ******** decision to allow OS on lattice bases.
    The devs are f##king clueless.
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  10. Scure

    Sad to see what this community turned into. Low setting-144Hz-KDR focused players everywhere. This game will add more and more stuff and if you just want to run around in a base as an infantry, you won't be happy. Ever.

    See a bastion and log off. See a zerg log off. We get it, you don't like challenge. You all act like it's impossible to win over these guys. Grab few squads of ESF and attack the enemy. This is what the game is about, not about totally fair play arena battles.

    "But.. but... in this game the game will die, because no one wants this". Then it will die off. I don't even care, go play with the simple and stupid games like everyone else (PUBG, CS, Battlefield, etc). You won't find real complexity and challenge that bothers you there.
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  11. Twin Suns

    We get, we get it. You want to protect you're "built like a brick sh'thouse" crutch. Typical highfalutin. LOL
  12. Exileant

    :eek: See? Vanu.... ;) We are USED to crap like this so we MAKE LEMONADE. :cool: Teamwork is always the answer. We have bad weapons so we HAVE to work together. o_O Sounds to me like you just have to coordinate 5 or six Liberators to swoop in and attack at the same time. :confused: I do do not see anything surviving no less than 4 Daltons hitting a weak spot at once.
  13. snu

    They need to add a way for people on the ground to counter bastions. Oh... and get rid if the bunker buster gun that allows it to kill everyone inside spawn rooms. That would be nice.
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  14. TRspy007

    ......buddy, I WILL PAY to see you take down a bastion with your esf. Please, do a video about it, it will entertain us all.

    Like it or not, this game is infantry focused, which is why the bases are designed for infantry, and vehicles cost resources while most infantry is free. Since they changed the ressource system and due to their poor base design, it's a "combined arms" game where infantry is the main focus.

    Now introduce an invincible 1hk farming machine that obliterate air, ground vehicles and infantry. Give the people inside it free aircraft, do not let ground damage it and VOILA! Sounds really fun right ?

    It's not a challenge, it's just impossible to deal with unless you pull a bastion of your own, which your average joe cannot do.

    Furthermore, outfits (by that I mean the handful of dudes allowed to pull them) saw that they could earn more kills by farming everything they could instead of bastion to bastion fighting. As a result, bastions rarely are pulled at the same time, and usually avoid each other and just end up farming as much stuff as they can before the one hour timer elapses.

    You really sound like this delusional dude I met, who chainpulls bastions and brags about how skilled he is while manning one. Getting 600+ killstreaks setting waypoints and protected by your invincible craft and platoon of air buzzing around you is great, but it's really not fun for anyone else. Even the guys buzzing around aren't enjoying themselves, half of them don't even know how to fly properly.

    If you think bastion are fun and balanced, and must not be changed in any way, then I really can't do much but recommend you search for a psychiatrist, or maybe join the dev team. Either wayss, bastions are not a "challenge" as you put it, they kill entire fights, they are not fun for anyone other than the person manning it (and really, how fun does setting waypoints really sound) and definitely need to be adjusted.
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  15. Caesar_REDMIST

    I find friendly and enemy bastions extremely fun!
  16. Johannes Kaiser

    One of the most amazing moments i'd had in months was when out squad had build up a PMB on Amerish and en enemy Bastion came and sent all it had against us. Skyshields held for over a minute before giving up and the automated AA guns were shooting down Missie after Mossie. Damn, that was frightening and awesome at the same time.
    Spawnroomkills should not be a thing though.
  17. Liewec123

    if skyshield held for over a minute, the bastion wasn't attacking it.
    skyshield is dead INSTANTLY when the bastion driver right clicks your base.

    the way an actual PMB/bastion encounter goes is:
    bastion appears, base evaporates, the end.
    they can simply kill the silo in under 20 seconds.
    and you can't even retaliate.
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  18. TRspy007

    Even the citadel shield doesn't do anything against the bastion.
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  19. Johannes Kaiser

    Can only say what I saw, and the thing was firing. May well be it wasn't all of its weapons.
  20. Liewec123

    didn't mean to imply that you were lying sorry ;)
    just as you said, it mustn't have been focusing you :)
    (why would it? a PMB is no threat, you literally can't kill it!)
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