Lockon ignoring the Shooters Location for directional Damage!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Aesir, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Aesir

    You can now maintain lock on the Testservers and shoot missiles to a random side and they will start to track for a target after traveling about 70m.

    This allows for missiles being fired from the front of a Tank, to fly past it, start tracking and hit the rear. Now here is the thing, those missiles take their own location for directional damage, instead of the shooters location.

    So if you stand to the side of a Tank you can now always hit the rear and if you are standing 50m infront of a Tank you can shoot past him and hit the rear! Dramatically increasing your damage! This can't make it to the Liveservers or Tanks will die even easier!

    Here a video I made to demonstrating what I'm talking about ...

  2. KlyptoK

    Although I admit that it is cool, I also find it not cool.

    I don't have any constructive feedback to give regarding the lockon grace period, but I'm hoping this means at some point they are going to rebuff tanks.
  3. Worph

    Can anybody film something like that from a second persons perspective? I'd like to the path this thing travels.
    I also remember that this missing feature is the reason I still hate lockons to this very day. The underlying idea is absolutely necessary. The exact damage and path of flight or things to be considered. But I generally like it. If a tank lets you get closer than 20m to him he deserves to be hit in the back. And remember that lockons can still be canceled by terrain in between as well as flares and smoke.
  4. Ev3ntHorizon

    I woudl go as far as to call that an exploit. Using residual lock to go weapons free and use the reformed lock to track in. A very VERY good phoenix pilot can track a missil in from 140 off boresight if he is very ver lucky and the target is not moving but this is insane
  5. Zcuron

    Aesthetically, that's an awesome change.

    Shooting around objects using this is a good change.
    Damage seems to be based on where the missile is, if it is deemed too powerful you could just use the player's position instead. (though that makes little sense)

    I think they're great changes if tanks require one additional rocket to die from all sides.
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  6. Yoroi

    That's it, I demand an automated anti-missile lazor turret for my MBT, which will take the secondary gun's place. It should take down all rockets within 100m.
  7. Derek Icelord

    I'll much around with this myself, but from the video you posted it looks like the game is using your location rather than the missile's location for damage.
  8. CaptAmazing

    It would have been better, if you actually tested that: Standing 50 meters in front of tank and shooting past it and see what happens.

    Tbh I would have liked, that the Striker worked like a actuall modern Javelin (missles shoots in the air and hits the vehicle from the top). Right now you got big problems hitting a land vehicle, if you are at the same level - the slightest bumb in the terrain will make it either unlockable, or the missle will hit this bumb - even if you can see 90% of the vehicle (I'm not talking about some kind of hill, I'm talking really about knee high bumps in the road).

    But I agree that if your idea of "shooting past tank to hit rear" really works this (hasn't been proven yet) it could lead to imbalance. But since we got problems with actually hitting vehicles behind the slightest bumb, I would propose that this flight mechanic stays, but that the damage is calculated from the position of the player - not the direction of the rocket.

    I think this would compensate for the weird lock on/flight mechanic which a live right now. Keep in mind it wouldn't actually help to shoot tanks behind hills or buildings because you couldn't lock on them in the first place.
  9. Aesir

    I did it in the Video, the second Tank i Kill, I stand almost in front of him and hit his rear zone, killing him with 6 striker missiles instead of needing all missiles.

    Don't get me wrong I like the mechanic to have more influence on the missile to bypass terrain, what I don't like is that it ignores the shooters location. The Phoenix , though you can guide it to the rear will always consider the shooters location, not the missile.
  10. Aesir

    It is clearly not, I stand to the side of the Magrider in the first Video, which would need over 15 missiles this way ... but I kill it in 6 hits (one was a dud). Which is the amount of striker missiles needed for a rear kill.

    The same goes with the Crow and Annihilator I used in the last 2 examples. I only needed 3 missiles, 2 to set the Tank on fire. While standing to the side!
  11. CHC999

    I actually like it. Might be overpowered. Maybe it time to implement it so that all missiles can be shot down. Kobolt for all tanks in the future thankyou.

    Encourages skill shots but if a HA lock on to you and fire within within 50 metres of your tank. What...does it says about your driver skills? Maybe you should shoot the HA. Want to do some testing on the server to see how to counter it?
  12. P4NJ

    Annihilator and Striker just got a huge buff against air then?
  13. Zcuron

    Since the rockets now fly "70m" straight ahead before acquiring the target, this might have the unintended consequence of allowing striker users to hit infantry with it. (I've heard striker rockets are 1hk)

    Worth keeping in mind~~
  14. MistaN

    Seems like a really good buff for the Striker. Doesnt need to be on anything else though. Striker doesnt do much damage so this buff is cool. If this is too much then add the burst fire mode for the Striker
  15. Yoroi

    Um, no. The missile is considered a separate entity and shooter's location is irrelevant. Wasn't it in the patchnotes some time ago? Or was it the 'official' phoenix tread in gameplay discussion?.. Still, I remember that initially the damage was calculated depending on shooter's location, and then changed to missile's location.
  16. mlane16

    This really belongs in the idea and suggestions thread, not this thread.
  17. ScorpDK

    Tbh, the fact it deals damage depending on where it comes from and impacts rather than where the owner of it is at the moment of impact, is actually a change I am happy to see. The old model made literally no f**king sense. Just because I'm infront of you but my rocket is coming around to hit you in the side, I still hit you in the side, not the front.

    If tanks die even faster with this change, it's possible but not fault of a working-as-it-should-be missile, but the fault that the tanks are pretty much cardboard boxes.

    Buff up the armor of the "Heavy Armor" vehicles. Reduce the overall damage taken from missiles and other non-AP explosive weaponry. We could even go as far as having the tanks' armor become worse the more hits they take (like, they start with a very high % damage reduction, but the more hits they take, the more the armor cracks and further impacts will deal considerably more damage unless repaired.)