[Suggestion] Lockdown for TR Maxes

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Majorpaynekills, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Majorpaynekills

    Although some people really do appreciate the lockdown. I am a TR fan and i dont think that really suits our Role as the fastest faction considering the lockdown on our max and prowler makes us stay still and not move. I dont know about you but having the VS max go faster for there ability and having us slow down is not the fastest faction the way it stands i say we are going to be the slowest faction and the VS can be the fastest now. The TR-VS Maxes: TR stays still VS gets a speed boost. TR-VS MBT: TR stays still and VS gets a speed boost.
  2. minhalexus

    So yo want a mag-boost on the prowler?
    I honestly dont think it will work very well.

    So you want a ZOE on your max?
    Well i believe it'll be better than the Lockdown, but still no point of using it since you have charge.

    TR is fastest in terms of raw numbers:

    Mosquito = fastest ESF
    Prowler = fastest MBT

    Having a turbo on your your MBT does not make you the fastest MBT.

    Although i would like to have ZOE on my NC max. Why?
    Well that 12% damage output is awesome, considering NC max uses burst damage. (longer OHK for slugs)
    Movement is always welcome for the NC max since it needs to close the distance between enemies.

    And i just want to ask; what was the suggestion here?
  3. Riddlley

    Just give us overcharge, like in planetside 1. Rapid reload + Fire speed buff as a temporary ability, say ~8 seconds. Hell, give it to the prowler too.
  4. Sargentmki

    Lockdown is a joke of an ability. It basically pushes the TR max into a mana turret role, but with two cannons and a HUGE hitbox.

    There are multiple things they can do to buff the ability, but changing completely is probably the best idea.

    IMO the all the maxes should have similar mobility with their abilities, as maxes are an infantry unit. And the most important thing about infantry is their fluidness and mobility. Being stuck in one spot makes you possibly the easiest target in the whole game. Its one thing to have faction differences and its another to have a questionable ability in the game in the first place. If Such an ability were giving to any max, almost NO ONE would use it, its niche is extremely small and unbelievably limited compared to sprint and the other faction abilities.

    Having an optional ability that is much more of a NERF than a buff is how you create a useless ability.

    The faction abilities should compliment their own style and gun setup. The vanu's makes the most sense, NC's Ageis is limited but still useful in breach situations and protection during reloads, and the TR'S is for "team support". But again back to my argument of how an Engineer with either mana turret is basically half the firepower, with a much more effective defense against enemy fire and a much more effective getaway(E and run)

    I believe if they were to simply make it prevent a max from running and forcing them to "exit lockdown mode" to allow them to run again it would be a MUCH more effective team play ability. This would Allow the TR max to actually provide fire support without risking their lives by becoming a literal sitting duck, but still be vulnerable to enemy ambushes
  5. starlinvf

    So why does the TR get a raw DPS boost, while the NC are stuck with an unreliable shield, and the VS take more damage? The problem with the Overdrive is that it TR never want to take a down side to stack their already high sustained DPS.
  6. Riddlley

    I'm entitled to suggest things. Do you know WHY Zoe was nerfed? It was hilariously OP. Currently, I'm just suggesting the exact same damn thing as lockdown, only with mobility, and only lasts 8 seconds. The downside is that it has a cool down, like all the other abilities. A shield has no downsides, at all.
  7. starlinvf

    Aside from not being able to use weapons, several vulnerable spots from the front and side, and being at the mercy of latency? Your not very good at this.....
  8. Riddlley

    Admittedly I have very little experience playing NC. If you don't have anything to suggest about lockdown... That is what we are discussing here. If it needs a disadvantage of some sort, I am open ears. If I didn't want opinions about it, why post?
  9. redshirt

    Lock down I have made work for me in a few situations, normally when you get a solid bit of cover in front of the max covering 50-70% of your hit box while you can still fire over top. But generally what happens is a heavy or two start peaking corners and firing missiles and thanks to how latency favours the aggressor in that situation its gg for the locked down max. If flak armor worked on direct hits would help but that is probably going to cause issues else where with more mobile max units especially those with a engy or two in support.

    You could add in direct hit damage resistance while you are locked down, that might help. Or you could do a bit of a combo job bolting on the AI turret shielding covering parts of the max hit box while locked down. Add in a damage capacitor to the shielding and that should help somewhat.

    Still think lock down in general is a bit **** overall but eh I don't see them doing a complete redo either.
  10. CptFirelord

    Everyone and their mother knows that Lockdown is a POS for AI or AV. You're just.. well...[IMG]
  11. Dragonblood

    Lockdown is great. Don't know that the problem is.
  12. Corvus Corax

    Lockdown is okay, situationally. most of the time, if you want to use it, you'll get shredded without Engineers around to repair you.
  13. minhalexus

    The buff i would give lockdown is:

    (assuming lockdown has 5 ranks)
    10%-35% of direct and indirect flak resistance (glows slightly red or gets a barrier like overcharge in PS1)

    So if a TR has flak armour 5, and lockdown 5 he will hardly be affected by C4 at all, and only be affected by direct flak shots.

    The main problem with lockdowns i face is that either a light assualt C4's or a heavy decimates. Getting direct and indirect flak resistance will probably fix it.
    In lockdown if you are dying of bullet damage, then you are using it wrong.
  14. Frostbitten

    As someone who actually uses this, added resistance to flak is not necessarily problem solver. What actualy will help is getting "unlocked" faster because in current state when crap starts to fly around you - you are dead meat before you get a chance to move. Same goes to Prowler - it's just too slow.
  15. minhalexus

    If that is all you wanted, congratulations!

    SOE has already announced that it is reworking ES abilities coming out on April Patch.

    Aegis shield - Ability to sprint, but sprint covers less.
    Lockdown:- Faster going in and out of lockdown mode
    ZOE:- Tweaking stats

    SOE is also reworking MBT abilities, but hasnt announced anything that is going to be changed, you can hope for the prowler too none the less.
  16. Killerdude8

    Lockdown is Amazing for holding a Chokepoint, Just not very good anywhere else.

    So, If you're playing Defence, Lockdown, Offence? Charge.