Lock-on plus no render = infantry rule open fields with high server pop.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goodkat, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Goodkat

    As the title says. Contrary to expectations, tanks are in greater danger fields when the server pop is high. The render distance issues make lock-on spammers invincible and invisible to tanks. Please make vehicle distance the same as infantry.
  2. Necron

    When you think about it a single infantryman with a man-portable anti-tank weapon should be able to easily sneak up on a tank without being seen. The render issue is a little extreme, but at the ranges when infantry don't render to tanks and single person SHOULD be very hard to detect.
  3. fastdak255

    i find myself playing less and less in vehicles in large fights, be it at a main base or in an open field. AA in this game has pretty much grounded me as a pilot, it's just too sickening having to continually turn around and run off when i'm just constantly being locked on by G2A HAs and burster MAXes I can't see (sorry but that MAX render fix didn't do ****).

    Same with tanks, constantly back pedaling my tank to hide behind boulders or to repair, just getting spammed with lock-on rockets coming from people I can't see. Hell the incoming rocket itself doesn't render to give me an idea where it came from.

    Last few weeks i've just been playing as infantry mostly, and it's where I have the most fun. It's where I see the most balance.
  4. Brok9000

    Rendering is definite an issue in all aspects of this game. It really has to be fixed if PS2 is going to be a good game.

    As for high pop and tanks, well, I think the issue is that you just can't have as many tanks (thankfully) in an area as you can infantry.

    ==> So as a tank driver, stay behind the infantry line and provide support. All vehicles should have to be careful when confronting squads of infantry. It is/was something that was wrong with PS2 that is slowly getting corrected. It isn't tankside, airside, infantryside... it's planetside, combined arms and all the fun that comes with that kind of game play. (well, we'll see. The devs seem to want forced mass carnage rather than tactical/strategic game play).
  5. Mootar

    Lines of infantry marching toward each other like the 17th century and one weapon to rule them all, lock anything missile launchers are what the people want.

    They gave the people what they wanted, can't have little johnny dying in a way he considers unfair because it would force him to use his brain.
  6. Brok9000

    Funny, I was just about to say that about whiney tank drivers. Can't use your brain? ;)

    Though I consider lock-ons lazy. Rather have a faster moving LOS weapon or a tough to remote guide one. More interaction.
  7. HadesR

    Sadly with dynamic rendering it would take a bad problem and make it worse

    You also have the issue Necron touches upon .. Sometimes Infantry might have rendered but due to their smaller size they can not be seen due to them being only a few pixels high + lack of scope

    The best they could do is maybe lower lock on distance by 100m or so
  8. Goodkat

    The problem is that hard-to-detect is not the same as invisible/invincible. Most situations I know exactly where they are, but cannot harm because client side hit detection makes non-rendered infantry totally INVINCIBLE.
  9. Goodkat

    This does not work. If you have two lines of infantry in a heavy pop area, the infantry cant even see each other. The opposing infantry only sees the armor behind the other line of infantry.
  10. Goodkat

    Use your brain and tell me how to counter an invisible and invincible soldier.
  11. Mootar

    I rarely drive tanks myself but the ability for everyone to be a counter-everything universal soldier with no timer or resource cost is idiotic.

    1) Equip you favourite LMG.
    2) Equip your annihilator.

    Congratulations, you know have the ability to counter everything in the game in one neat little package, you're a hero.

    No need to worry your little head with different loadouts, you're the swiss army knife of combat.
  12. NoXousX

    Welcome to the life of aircraft.

    HA with any lock-on missile variant need to have the same rendering for vehicles as AA MAXes do to aircraft. As impressive as, say, The Enclave's annihilator squadrons are, it's made even more difficult to fight when you cannot see them at all.