Loader doesn't see the mini-patch

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by RathBrand, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. RathBrand

    I understand there was a new 89mb mini-patch released yesterday, but I haven't received it. I manually validated assets but it told me all files are still up to date. The .DownloadInfo.txt also does not show any files downloaded in the last few days.

    I'm concerned because I also didn't receive the 12/18 patch when it was released. The game client kept saying my files were up to date. Even a complete unstall/reinstall didn't fix it.. After trying many solutions to get the 12/18 patch, the client finally realized there was a new patch on 12/23 and downloaded it successfully, but by that time I had been unable to play for 5 days, I assume because the new version wasn't backward compatible with my client.

    I'm still able to play right now without the mini-patch, but it makes me worry that there is a more systemic problem with the game client not realizing there is an update available. Has anyone else experienced this issue or know what it is? Could it be some kind of network/caching issue?
  2. RathBrand

    Nobody else? Just me experiencing this?
  3. TSR-ThomasN Customer Service

    If you find yourself unable to get into the game again, please be sure to submit a ticket to our Technical Support team from http://help.soe.com so they can investigate further. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
  4. RathBrand


    Just closing the loop on this old thread. This problem kept happening to me each time a patch was released. Typically my client wouldn't see the new patch until 2 days after it was released.

    However, I finally fixed my problem. I had forgotten that I had added several SOE entries into my HOSTS file back in July 2014 in order to get the Everquest Landmark beta to work correctly due to some DNS issues. After removing those entries, my Loader is now seeing the patches correctly. I assume those entries pointed to some kind of EQ test environment, which is why it wasn't in sync with the live servers. I'm kinda surprised it worked all.

    Anyway, thanks go to /user/_BurntToast_ and /user/shaql on Reddit for helping me out with this. I wondered why so few people had this issue.