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  1. Okaydan

    Hey all,

    I had to make an infographic for an assignment with a subject of choice. So I thought to myself: "why not make something related to PlanetSide 2. Maybe something that can be used for balance discussion (weapon usage stats etc.)." After some discussing and reviewing, I scrapped the balance part and instead shifted focus to informing the newbs instead. The following infographic was born:

    Click here for link

    Allow me to add a few notes:

    1) Auraxium weapons are intentionally omitted; newbs don't have them.
    2) The CQC / All Around / Long range are indicators only; it's not a binding classification.
    3) Both NS guns should have a C+ rating, but somehow it disappeared :confused:
    4) Obviously, re-skins are omitted as well.

    As for the grades:
    All grades are determined as follows: the best value is graded A, the worst D unless the worst value is exceptionally low (then it is graded F, and the second worst value is graded D instead). Then the difference in the values is split linearly between grade A to D. Grade A = 12, A- = 11, B+ = 10 etc. until F = 1. After all grades are determined, their average is taken and rounded off. This results in a final grade.

    Damage is based on:
    • TTK within Max. Damage range.

    Utility is based on:
    • Sustain (seconds of fire before reload).
    • Staying power (seconds of continuous fire before ammo is fully depleted (incl. reload times)).
    • Amount of time spent reloading per bullet (reload speed was averaged between min and max).

    Recoil is based on:
    • Vertical Recoil per Second of continuous firing.
    • Horizontal Grade (based on hor.tol., min/max hor. recoil, bias/angle).
    • First Shot Recoil Multiplier.

    Control (accuracy) is based on:
    • Hipfire Accuracy (standing, crouching and bloom).
    • ADS Accuracy (standing, crouching and bloom).

    Funny to see that averaging the 4 domains leads to a B- to B+ grade on each weapon. Meaning there is no true 'best weapon'; all weapons are sidegrades with each their own ups and downs. Hope you enjoy the content and feel free to comment :)
  2. BrbImAFK

    I did something like this ages back (long before the LMG revamp thingy), based on the actual weapon stats, the usage/effectiveness stats from the live servers etc. etc.

    Only two things are relevant from that review:
    1) Most guns are virtual copypasta across the three empires, despite discrepencies in usage stats.
    2) Nobody really cares, and will go on ******** about unfair, op, up, nerf, buff etc. exactly the way they were before.

    Sorry to be the one to tell you that! :p