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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by xLluisett, Sep 4, 2023.

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  1. xLluisett

    I hope you enjoy this game as long is possible but from my part,every game created by daybreak i just negate to play them. Every request to support are denied,and community is toxic af. I have other things to care right now,and i do not have the intention,even if support of daybreak accept my request now i wont return to play those cursed company games. I will not say anything else,just lose your time in this company games.
  2. xLluisett

    I do not know if you are ok if i say you bro,and tell you my problema with the company. But i am very burn with the support team,every request i say,they deny me,i requested to GM ENTROPHY,i repeat GM ENTROPHY,to refund my Battle cash used on my nsops character. He says some negatives,later he says that there are cases that the Battle cash are refunded,my case is not. I try some effort and talk to him correctly,in my judgement,and still not want to refund my Battle cash,i expose my will to start to a main faction character maybe terran because yes,i like this faction too,but still he denyes me refund my Battle cash,forcing me to play again the nsops character. I know you or other people care nothing about my problema,that is what i go to the support team,for not tell my problems,and still need to do because the support seems to be one Man only,because every request i do,the universal guy GM ENTROPHY appears and deny all my requests. I do not want any conflicts with anyone,i only want my things that i have paid to return in form of Battle cash,i will speak to GM ENTROPHY again because i think is a missunderstood,but i do not want start from 0 with a nsops faction again. If that not work i call for any moderator or developer here,please,for if can solve or help me in the request i did to GM ENTROPHY. I only want my Battle cash back into my account so i can buy weapons and other things in another faction for the love of God!!!
  3. xLluisett

    You are all sorryed about all you or me or everyone did in the past,now,can i do what i want? Can i claim my Battle cash invested back in the form of Battle cash so i can start a new main faction character? Can be possible you do this without enter in prínciples,ethics or reasons? God,i am not claiming the company of daybreak cash for me,Jesus.
  4. xLluisett

    I not claim any woman,i not put you a pistol on the head in real life,and never i will do to anyone for force things,you and everyone are sorryed and forget,but i like the game,even at my 37 years old.

    Can you comprehend daybreak and players in? Jesús,we are entering the same again and i am not disposed to do It again.
  5. xLluisett

    I want Mithril or any developer or community relations manager to help me in this,so i want an answers from anyone of them. Or any in charge. The support team not working correctly so i want help in another way.
  6. xLluisett

    I want the Battle cash back into my account.
  7. xLluisett

    Ok i talked to GM ENTROPHY again,denyed again my request. So i have no other chance to start a new nso character.
  8. Mithril Community Manager

    Greetings xLluisett, I understand your frustration with how your account related matter was concluded. Unfortunately we do not offer account services on the forums. If you have any other new account related questions and concerns you will have to reach out via our customer service portal.
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