Living proof of how bad armored units are in PS2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Schwak, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. Schwak

  2. Irathi

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  3. InoxGecko

    What's your point Schwak?
  4. Leftconsin

    He(she) likes to drive a lightning. What about it?

    Just because he wants to drive tanks a lot DOES NOT MEAN we should be forcing him to play on foot. He should be allowed to play how he wants to. (assuming your point is that people shouldn't be allowed to just tank)
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  5. stalkish

    Comparing that player to your stats you have them beat many times over.
    • You have about twice the played time - Korin: 58d < Schwak: 101d
    • Yet you have over 4 times the amount of kills - Korin: 17k < Schwak: 83k
    • Score per min - Korin: 143.8 < Schwak: 462.2
    Infact looking deeper into the stats shows an even larger disparity.
    • You have 3 times the vehicle kills (despite only twice the time played online)
    • 3 times the medals acheived.
    • You have better infantry AND vehicle accuracy. A whopping 14% diff on infantry, only 2% on vehicles.
    • Interestingly enough for some1 who seems to be complaining about vehicles you have almost 5 times the amount of shots fired from a vehicle, and yet still maintain a 2% greater accuracy level. You've also spent 10 times longer in your main vehicle (prowler) than they have in their main vehicle (lightning), although they have more kills in their lightning, im guessing they HE or viper farm and you fight other vehicles.
    Out of their 58days, i can find 15 days in vehicles (rounded), thats about 25% vehicle (including aircraft) to infantry ratio.
    Out of your 101days, i can find 41 days in vehicles (rounded), thats about 40% vehicle to infantry ratio.

    All in all im not sure of what your complaint is, if your saying 'vehicles are op' then your just as much at fault as they are since you have more porportion in a vehicle than they do, also you have a much higher spm, even if we were to halve your spm it would still be higher, so their constant use of 'armoured vehicles' doesnt net them any significant advantage, infact they are trumped by your playstyle.
    The only metric they score higher on is the dreaded k/d ratio, all that means is they redeploy when there is chance of a fight (and therefore death) and you stay the course, plus yours is over 2 anyways, cant really complain at that.
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  6. Calisai

    Honestly, I find it hilarious that he has more spear turret kills than all infantry weapons combined.

    Whatever floats your boat I guess.
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  7. Klypto

    I don't understand.
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  8. LibertyRevolution

    Is this a nerf spear turrets thread?? :confused:
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  9. iller

    wouldn't surprise me... cloaking was pretty sh** too most of the time and it just got nerfed again this fall

    Anything's possible when SOE is balancing it
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  10. Slamz

    The thread title DID say it was living proof of how bad armored units are. That poor guy plays Lightning all the time and still isn't getting good kills.

    I think this is a "buff the Lightning thread".

    (I do miss the old PS1 Lightning with the 12mm chaingun alt-fire... I honestly don't know why any VS would use a Lightning. I would drive a Magrider from 5x further away.)
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  11. FBVanu

    I'm not sure what this thread is about, I really don't get it.. yet..

    so, just to tick off whoever thinks some people use vehicles too much.. or to discredit the notion that vehicles suck..

    take a look at mine.. this should put some fuel on the fire.. 'read 'em and weep'...whatever side on the argument you are on:!/5428082721953598737/killboard!/5428087445502898449/killboard!/5428117870066227249/killboard

    I'm ready for your hate tells..
  12. I play by many names

    Even among vehicle crutchers some people are simply bad. I don't really see the point of this thread.
  13. Sulsa

  14. IPLAYTF2

    you average like 6 kills an hour in a tank. i literally don't even my mind is blown
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  15. FieldMarshall

    This proves everything
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  16. Ronin Oni

    ? We PREFER the lightning unless we have a dedicated gunner.

    You realize that the Lightning does more damage right? Costs less, is a LOT faster, lower profile, and has a turret so we can track moving targets better without exposing our backside to enemies to the other direction.
  17. DrBash00

    My point is this: I would love to see vehicles beeing stronger.... -.-

    Nobody is "afraid" when he sees a tank, nobody needs to form a tank squad to engage enemy tanks... just farm them away with infantry....
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  18. Fortress

    Someone people just can't handle the farm chariot.
  19. Calisai

    Well, since he pretty much invited criticism....

    For your TR Character:

    It's a classic case of caring about K/D over all other stats. High KDR (Above average HEAT and Way Above Average AP vs infantry).

    However... Ridiculously low Accuracy, KpH, VKpH and SpM. With 30+ shots per kill... and only 6-7 hits per kill.... Looks like a classic case of a hilltop sheller. Sit back on a hilltop and spam downfield.

    That 32 KDR may look impressive... until you look at all the other stats. Granted, the Prowler practically invites you to use it this way and puts all the keys in your hand (lockdown, double-shot, etc).

    I mainly pointed this out as a prime example of one or two simple stats being used to gloat... however, when you perform a more indepth analysis... its less impressive.

    IE, the average for the prowler AP is 24 infantry KpH and 16.4 VKph, compared to your 12.7 and 7.3 respectively. The average accuracy for prowler AP is 39.3%... yours is 18.9%. This is literally half the performance of the average user tracked on DA's site.

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  20. Alarox

    The Master has arrived. Can you decipher what Schwak is trying to say?
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