little bit boring

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  1. Tonberry76

    i play this game not so long but what i see is totaly boring


    its more a heavy army with 10+ tanks and airplanes vs a small groep

    so its for the small groep not much use to fight over that area
    when i did instance action i was pop up to a area with only a few TR vs a masive army of VS
    i think why did i pop up here its rely no use for me to fight here ??

    also it seems when we are in a small area and the enemy is serounding us with tanks that rely almost nobody switch to a class to blow up the tanks most stick to there sniper class and pew pew tanks -.-

    when the time keeps going so i think why not switch to HA and load your bazooka XD
    maby it helps a little ??

    same with a base with alot of turrents almost no ENG to be find i try to run to 1 fix it blow up tanks
    and sometimes it works

    but it seems players like to coop up in a small room and try to defend it there -.-
    for me i always try to run out find a difrent way get behind the enemy and shoot them

    most of the time i kill so 3 in a row ore i try to trow a grenade to them

    so what do you guys think maby am wrong but i like to play difrent

    sorry for me crappy english
  2. Yuukikun

    Keep playing with your preferred style. Even if others don't play like you, it doesn't mean what you do is wrong. As long as you have fun, you're doing it right.

    It's good to see people who take time to make the effort of writing a good post even if they have difficulties in English.
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  3. DeadlyShoe

    Spawn room heroism is increasingly a problem in minor bases. Not sure how to fix without making spawn rooms incredibly campable.
  4. WycliffSlim

    I would advise finding a good outfit to run with. This game takes a bit to really get into. But, latching on with some higher rank experienced players is a good way to get a quick handle on the game. MOST of the Planetside community is pretty awesome and they're happy help players have fun.
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  5. KnightCole

    Yeah, thats pretty much all this game is. A massive zerg vs Zerg....he who brings the bigger zerg wins, and most times its really no fun. Hell, even when the zergs are at each other its no fun.

    its just a big TK, explosion filled, rockets flying, planes blowing **** up, lagging like mad meat grinder....I dont get how its fun, you rush in, get mowed down and repeat until you decide you've had enough. Wheres the fun in that?
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  6. ajma

    Why play then?
  7. Earthman

    I read this as if it was sarcastic at first.

    Yes, the game has plenty of problems. But you're bored with explosion filled rockets flying planes blowing stuff up meat grinder? What else could you ask for in something advertised a large-scale battle FPS?

    This might truly not be the game for you if that's the case. There's plenty of "e-arenas" out there. Hell, the MLG lobby has been pushing for that Nexus thing even here for some time now. If you find it less boring to have symmetrical little pre-arranged 6v6 or 12v12s of people hunnyhopping and quickscoping around a symmetrical arena, have at it. It's everywhere.
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  8. morty420

    Your summon animation takes too long.
  9. KnightCole

    Meh, just that every corner is a death waiting to happen, plus its so damn laggy deaths happen and its like dafuq did that come from? Or im up in my spawnroom and dying to guys out in the vehicle bay...and yes this has happened. Ok, not that bad, but I was in the hallway, got shot up, ran into the shield, ran up to the spawn in a tower and like 20 seconds after im in teh spawn room I die suddenly, and it was to some TR guy in the hallway.

    Its the lag that really kills these big *** fights for me

    I like the openessof the world in PS2 but the lag and the planes that just show up and lock down entire areas and bottle em up in a building gets boring quick. Now cue the "shoot em with AA" bit....I do this, but it doesnt do much but scare em off for 10s. ive got the lock on launcher...its meh.
  10. KnightCole

  11. HadesR

    It can be extremely fun, but Imo a lot of the problem is the distance between bases being to small or the geography isn't suited to huge amounts of players / vehicles..

    Northern Indar can showpiece how large zerg vs zerg battles can be fun ...
    Bases like Quartz Ridge Camp > Indar Ex and Indar Ex > Coramed Labs are spaced perfectly and the terrain lends itself to huge epic battles ..

    While SE Indar bottle necks those same forces leading to meh choke point scrambles ..
  12. Crashsplash

    tbh, I never use instant action and I never have in ps2 and that derives from my experience of ps1 IA.

    If I want to go somewhere I have a reason which is either to capture (a) or resecure (b) a base or to set up a defence (c) at a base where I anticipate the enemy will soon be attacking.

    In the case of (a) or (b) how can instant action help - because the success of it will depend on the balance of forces and the numbers?

    In the case of (c) instant action will never put me there anyway simply because I will want to be at that base *before* the enemy get there.

    Better by far is to look at the map and decide where you want to be by looking at a combination of the lattice and the population within the hex and the time left on the hack (if there is one), then either get a vehicle from sanc and travel there or redeploy there in a series of redeploy 'hops'.
  13. FateJH

    Get rid of the concept of "small base" and merge what decent base design may exist in the current "smaller bases" into nearby larger bases, or make a new medium base by combining the small base designs.
  14. Tonberry76

    can any tell me if a anti tank turrent in 1 of those bases get any beter with a skill ore so ??

    becouse i find them very very weak compare to tanks i need alot of hits to blow up a tank
    the tanks only need a few hits to destroy me also it takes very long to fix them even on lvl 4 repair tool

    like i said bevore and sorry again for my crappy english

    the enemy had the upper hand with alot of tanks we dont have any dunno why but ok
    i try to fix turrents and help out as much as poseble

    i have blow up a few tanks but it is a pain in butt to keep this going and its going to be a very hard battle to stop the army of tanks
    sooner ore later we lose becouse there is no orther way to beat them even if a few players pull out our tanks they get blow up fast by the orthers tanks

    but i must say that there alot of brave pll fighting those tanks even if we dont have turrents and tanks/aircrafts anymore
    but sadly we lose the battle hard
  15. KALU

    I suggest you join an Outfit, this changes the game in so many ways, Playing solo can be fun but playing in a platoon is 100% more fun!
  16. AFK1

    the game is a really disorganized battlefield bad company 2 that doesnt cost 60 dollars and doesnt have an-94 abakan
  17. vsae

    Unless its an outfit with really good leaders, its the same boring experience of zerging.
  18. Rawkzter

    There needs to be an invulnerability period after you exit a spawn room. That would help a lot.
  19. maudibe

    Ive joined plenty of squads and VERY FEW actually use a mic and discuss strategys to help the team. Mostly its like being a lone wolf as no one is talking and if I talk i dont get any replys, maybe my mic doesn't work even tho it says it is fine.

    Haveing planes and tanks completely run the show it a horrible reality. If i go get a plane ii'm shot down by other planes AND lock on launchers in less than 2 minutes of leaviing the Warp Gate. Liberators use their daltons to hover over a spawn point and get splash damage kills which is NOT what they were intended for. If you step out to hit em with a launcher you get shot by the infantry camping the spawn point.

    So....I gave up on tanks and planes and realized the ONLY thing i could do was be cloaker and rush out hoping to retake the A, B, and C or generator points and the Tanks and planes can have almost no effect on what happens inside the buildings. But wait.... they send in Max's to guard the in the buiilding stuff and since you cant take C4 you are the ONLY class incapable of killing a Max.

    The real issue is the fact that the TR lately are fighting both Vanu and NC, who seem to refuse to fight each other and want to gang up up on the lowest populated faction instead, gee thanks alot for making the game not worth playing anymore.
  20. maudibe

    And how about making it an instant death to get within 25 feet of the spawn room? I'm sick and tired of having light assaults perch on the roof and shoot into it while i'm trying to get rid of the tanks with a launcher. I say instant death-suicide for those that get that close, it's completely unnecessary as once the capture points (A, B, C and/or Generators) are taken the countdown is on.