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  1. JustGotSuspended

    I'm not sure you understand how fixing that issue would look like.

    Either ways, you've missed the point entirely. Instead of running headfirst into something he knows very little about, panicking that people have to "cheat" to kill him, he took a second to analyze the situation. That said, its possible for someone with a careful analysis and an idiot who just assumes he knows everything to come up to the same conclusion. They will however, have different explanations for how they got there. Hint (one will be shorter than the other, I'll let you guess which:p)

    The fact is, crouching macros don't do anything. You can run a crouching macro yourself if you'd like, it won't make you "god-like" or some invincible bullet sponge as some people have claimed. All crouching is mean to do is dodge a few shots, throw of the aim of the opponent for a split second. It's a one-time trick that needs to be timed correctly. Crouching spam at the speed of light basically amounts to nothing. The dude could be standing still for all that matters, because at the speed he's crouching up and down he's basically just standing in one spot. You aim for the head, you'll get him. If he's aiming for your head, you be the smart guy and duck once, keep firing at him and he will die as quick as any other. End of story.

    If the dude has problems with hitreg, it's something with the connection. Your hitbox doesn't "magically" disappear just by crouching fast. Of course, you can link me your hours of footage collected while thoroughly testing your theory to prove me wrong. I doubt you will.

    That said, if it helps make you and similar minded people feel better, I don't mind adding (smart) restrictions to restrict spamability. However, we know full well it won't stop there. Once the spam restrictions are in place, people like you will find another excuse as to why that fix didn't solve it, or begin another wild goose, desperate to find an excuse why they are underperforming. I would prefer the devs work on actual issues, significant problems that actually have an effect on the game, rather than waste time putting in place changes no one - not even those who asked for them - will even notice.

    That said, if you feel dealing with the handful of bozos using crouch macros should be on the dev's priority list, I see no reason why a fix can't be jammed into one of the next updates.
  2. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I said "changed", not "fixed". Fixed implies that something is broken, and it has been explained and demonstrated why this mechanic doesn't do what you think it does. What is broken is something which I did address but instead of discussing it you decided to play the snark card:
    You know I don't believe that I did that? And look!
    I didn't. What an amazing thing.
    But by all means, continue hacking at that straw man.
  3. Lausk

    People work hard and practice to become good at this game, but so many people exploit, abuse, and cheat that people never get the recognition they deserve. Too much doubt.
  4. JustGotSuspended

    only thing there is to doubt is your statement.

    How have you drawn such a conclusion?
  5. pnkdth

    Looks like that player was vibing to some good tunes. xD
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