List the best outfit on your server?

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    on Helios, 3KDC gets a bad rap from everybody, but the vast majority of them are honorable players. sure there are a few hackers, but god knows there are plenty of American hackers too.
  2. Advanced Darkness

    ok so i dont care what this thread is about..i just saw the name Thuggernaut and was compelled to click. Here i was thinking Thugnificent was the best Thug name..i stand corrected !
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  3. NightHawk043

    Trojan Trolls cause some serious ownage
  4. Ice

    This thread is reminder enough that we need server-specific subforums.
  5. Sardus

    Thanks for your kind comments. I'm aware of some of my members accusing people of hacking, and I've been cracking down on that. There have been one or two hackers in the game that tormented us for a while, so people are too quick to jump to conclusion. I'm trying to teach them the difference. But thank you!
  6. Babaganoush

    NC: GOLD and HT, I haven't seen X around lately but then again, I haven't been playing lately

    VS: FCRW as that elite group of roflstompers, TPLR as the only outfit in the VS to hold their ground (and be good at it) instead of running away to rub their female's posteriors in peace.

    TR: RT - the best outfit to grace our glorious server Connery, TRG? Pft, what a bunch of scrubs. I heard TRG's leader eats babies for breakfast
  7. Farlion

  8. TintaBux

    Was in Syndicate platoon other day, turns out their main leaders quit PS2 after all the crazy changes happening to PS2. I'd expect the outfit to die down now without any good leaders. Sad day for NC Miller (Open outfit for everyone to join, once by far the biggest on Miller, now closing due to the happenings of SOE with the updates)
  9. RangloSaxon

    I'm starting to really like the things I'm seeing from THE TEMPLAR ORDER [TLPR] (VS, Connery). I think this outfit has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to many more fights.
  10. HMR85

    Outfit-X is still here and we are still kicking ***. ;)
  11. FROsTBYtEN

    pfft the 108th shock division is boss
  12. CrimsonEclipse5

    On Briggs:

    From personal experience, JUGA are the single most annoying bunch of tryhard ***** mother****ers in existence, but damn they are good.

    However, I have been a part of a TROL repping ball, and that **** is astoundingly effective, so it would have to between those two.

    Honourable mention goes to Redback company.
  13. Jawarisin

    The necromancer... I reported you
  14. ShadowViper

    AOD still can't do it with 2+ platoons.