List the best outfit on your server?

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  1. FinnSimmons

    From what I see there your coordination pretty much boils down to "Gogogogogogo!". And I do agree that you are indeed a Zergfit. First video shows an overpoped Biolab. A complete waste of your man power to join that fight. But you have probably never played SC then you'd know what Zerg means. Compensating for the lack of tactics and strategy with sheer numbers. Your try to defend yourself only makes it more obvious.
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  2. Niller

    The outfit that spams the most HA and MAX wins
  3. pica

    We always get giddy and excited when FU shows up because that means lots of kills!

    On miller from my perspective the best outfits are:

    NC: TD42, 252V
    TR: Terrans have a lot of zergfits, BRTD used to be one but they aren't anymore so I'll go with them
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  4. Klyka

    If only it was that easy, every outfit would be best outfit.
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  5. theholeyone

    With the mass amount of air and armor your faction as a whole is better off with slAmerish or bEstamir too. Indar cont locking has always been about the epeen
  6. Itzhaki

    NC - FFS, FHM and (former NCCT) 36DD - Giving a hard time and shows good coordination and sportsmanship
    TR - 2CA - A rising star. Shows up in a blitz, and storms in unexpectedly.

    VS - Big props to our allies VVG and MAP.

    On Woodman it feels more like the smaller outfits are the ones who leave their mark.
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  7. }{ellKnight

    It's something that happens regularly. And I'm not pointing fingers at FU or anybody in particular. A lot of time I see the people camping a spawn room (not just randoms, but entire outfit platoons) with 10 mossies, 5 libs and 20 tank against a single squad inside. And it's pretty damn facepalm worthy, you'd think people would have realized by now that they can leave a smaller force behind to keep the situation under control and move on to the next objective with the larger force but nope, they dedicate a ridiculously large force to overwhelm the enemy.
  8. Arquin

    ROWN is bestest on MILLYR
  9. Flag

    No no, keep doing that. Meanwhile the mad purple scientists will be off doing ~science~. :p
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  10. }{ellKnight

    I have to admit I have a lot of respect for the VS on Miller. Even when underpopped and against 2 factions teaming up on them they still manage to hold their ground/cont lock. Personally I don't care who owns the continent (although that -10% to infantry costs is nice to have). Compared to you guys TR and NC seem more disorganized/zergy.
  11. Nurf3d

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery, Thanks!
  12. fludblud

    Buuuuuut when a KOTV zerg crashes into a G0ds one, the resultant massed battle will last for hours on end with huge clashes of men and armour in an epic struggle beyond anything usually encountered on Woodman or PS2 in general considering the size of both these outfits.
  13. Ganelon

    Wait, you guys fight? Every alert we have KotV smashing our frontlines, didn't think they could find the time to fight the NC who usually retreat from an alert continent en masse.
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  14. Flag

    Thank you for the compliment, I'll pass it on. :)

    But to give credit where it's due, you may be right about the VS beign as you describe, however:
    Don't discredit TR. This may sound odd coming from another empire, but on Miller, TR are better on large scale organisation than VS are, at least from where I stand. It feels like TR, when they want to regroup in large numbers to respond to -whatever- mad science VS did, they're way more efficient at it than we are. This could be helped by TR having fewer, but larger good outfits than we do. On the flip side, VS have a lot more smaller, yet still very good outfits meaning that when we manage to work together(we don't always manage this :p), we can act as organised units in more places than TR can. Yet where TR do show up, they do live up to the TR lore for being the professional and efficient army. :p
    That's not to say a smaller TR outfit can't do what an equally sized VS outfit can do. Overall I'd say all things considered, TR and VS are very even.
    But NC, I hear some say? Dunno, there's a saying among VS, and that the NC as a whole is "reliable. Reliably ****" :p
    It's an unfair claim, as they too do have some great outfits, like the 252(curse you!). But at least from my perspective, they(NC as a whole) fall a bit behind, though not by too much.
  15. Skadi

    Clearly Atra mattherson is the best vs outfit.

    Seriously who the hell are these people? All I see is them spamming about ATRA being victorious in a blue shirt stomp right before a orginized outfit combo shows up
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  16. BH Brigade

    Same here, I have become accustomed to strafing rapidly due to years of FPS gaming, sorry if it looks like an exploit, but that's SOE's problem not mine.
  17. AdennTM

    In case you didn't notice those videos were edited.

    1st one was from a while back and quite frankly we merely were following orders of TRAM command. Note that I myself wasn't there personally in that op so...yeah.

    I've played SC genius, great way to make baseless assumptions.

    As for us being a zergfit: SAM op for example, 1 armor, 1 air, 1 terminator and 4 infantry squads. Zergs don't organize in any way, they point where and move. We coordinated with various squads and within the squads we have fireteams. Zergs don't have such organization. We employ flanking, air denial, striker, max crashed on points etc tactics and we win. Those videos are heavily edited (except for max vid).
    Funny how you only spoke about the MAX video and not the other 2 though, I guess I proved myself right but you don't wish to accept it.

    So rather then make baseless assumptions about our outfit I invite you to join one of our ops to change your mind. Obviously you will say no with the excuse of "I don't role with zergfits!" etc in which case you will have proven me right.
  18. AdennTM

    That's funny, we think the same about you guys :3
  19. EvilJollyT

    Dude, we get it. You have a problem with outfits that choose not to expand beyond a certain size.

    This is the 3rd time you've mentioned my outfit in a disparaging way in this thread. No offence, but I don't know who you are and barely who your outfit is, so please leave us out of it and stop using us as a "lol" example. You know nothing about us, who we are, what we do and how we do it. The fact that you do not see hundreds and hundreds of players with MCY tags over their heads is clearly evidence enough for you that we are rubbish. We get it. Give it a rest.

    The OP asked who the best outfits on your server are. It did not ask you to bad-mouth any suggestions from other people that you do not agree with.

    Incidentally, I don't usually give my opinion in threads like this but in case you were wondering, no FU is not on my list. INI however are. We have a lot of respect for them, which I suspect is mutual.

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  20. freeze

    guess I'll pitch in here as well ;)
    this thread seems to be fun, hehe

    let me say something first: NOTHING I have seen in planetside, organizational-wise, has impressed me so far.
    nothing comes even close to what I have seen in games like Darkfall for example, where hundreds of players have been acting coordinated to the very last individual.
    where I have seen flanking groups, AoE groups, healing squads, and whatnot all at the same time.
    but that's not really what this is about here now, I don't wanna bash anyone, hehe
    All I'm saying is, that there's a lot of room to improve :) and I'm certainly not someone doing anything impressive either... I just complain a lot :D

    so I'm not gonna list outfits, but indivudual players on Miller that have impressed me over the last months.
    and no I'm not gonna list any of you flyboys or tank-******; you don't impress me ;)

    - zzarge: no idea why he's still running without an outfit. every outfit should want to recruit this guy asap. impressive infantry performance and not afraid to die... he's on your frontline TR and doing work
    - Piskas: his SMG accuracy is scary
    - Kanttori: I always enjoy when I meet him during his solo-adventures
    - Hadouken: probably your best player FU

    - phattie: MCY likes their hacksaw MAXs alot, but when he's not in one, he's one scary opponent
    - Panzer: his LA performance is impressive to watch
    - phreec: haven't seen him in awhile, but he's been doing work ever since early beta

    VS: my alts aren't on Miller, but I have played against a few in beta
    - BobbyShaftoe: probably the best infantry player on Miller. he just ***** me on Eurydome when I was playing on my NC alt.

    I have a lot of respect for many more players, but if you're VS, I just don't know how good you are, because I haven't played against you :)