List of Underrated weapons and low use weapons

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  1. Mythologicus

    EM1 is underrated. It's an absolute bullet-hosing headshot-machine.

    Lancer is HUGELY underrated. More reliable, convenient AA/AT weapon in one, long-range package.

    Beamer isn't that awful. Spam fire harder!
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  2. Ballto21


    People underestimate it, they dont realize its power as a flanking tool.

    Too close to hide blip? Suppressor.
    Too far for suppressor? Oh wait no drop.
    Perfect flanking spot? Infinite ammo.
    Hide in hossins trees and snipe for the hour long battles never needing a resupply
  3. zombielores

    It's underrated because it's not another T3 BASR, take the Rail jack for example, it practically is another T3 BASR with some very minor changes but yet people seem to be loving it for some odd reason.

    The infinite ammo is only useful for very good snipers that know how to conceal their position very well but for general snipers they'll never get to use the infinite ammo to its full potential.

    The gun is bad because it blends the CQC Semi Auto snipers with the CQC bolt-action without a scope that's lower then 6x so people think hur duh duh no bullet drip and 12x must automatically mean it's meant for long range.

    If it was up to me I would add 2 more non charged shots [1 charged up] before it overheats and 1-4x scopes [not including IRNV obviously]
  4. Iridar51

    What's the purpose of this thread? List for the sake of list? You should be an accountant...
  5. zombielores

    S12 Renegade.

    As a NC I do enjoy my shotguns, especially on my TR or VS alts because I believe they don't have enough shotguns.
  6. Duban

    The Crossbow, definitely the crossbow. I get nearly as many crossbow kills with LA as I do AMC kills these days. It's a beautiful weapon, especially for nuking sniping infiltrators from behind.
  7. Mauzeraut

    I really don't get the lancer hate. Yes, it does less damage than other RLs and requires a charge-up, and it's not good against infantry.

    But here's the key, it does very CONSISTENT damage. It's also super good, even solo, against something even lockon launchers have trouble with... Killing an ESF and punishing liberators. It's also the best "f--k you" you can give to a spamming raven max and takes only two charged shots to down one.

    Really wish more people would pull this weapon instead of flailing ineffectually with dumbfires at ranges they aren't effective at.

    On topic...
    Underrated: NS-11A. On VS it's the accuracy of the Corvus with the fire rate of the CME. With .75 movement and FAR better hipfire. The only other weapon that comes close is the Terminus. On TR and NC the medic guns seem to at least match it in one way or another. On that note, the Tross is heavily underrated, and if you don't like the Torque there's something wrong with you.

    Drake + Walker Galaxies. Ones that are actually certed out. Against enemy air these are TERRIFYING, and debilitating to armor, but god forbid you give up the precious infantry-farming bulldog to do it.

    Underused: Hey look I just mentioned it. The Corvus. Might have something to do with it being terrible, like the Equinox, which also firmly belongs in this category.

    Honorable mentions: Lightning HEAT, Anything Ranger, the Lib default gun (and spur), Annihilators, Decoy Grenades (lol), Basilisk Flash, Burst variants, etc
  8. MAXArmar

    Vortex VM21
  9. OldMaster80

    Personally I find the Trac-5 Burst definitely better than AMR-66 battle rifle for mid/close fights. Much more controllable, even with HVA.
  10. Demigan

    Maybe they aren't underrated, they are just eclipsed by the Tankbuster.
    It's bad for the game if any weapon, utility or similar is simply much better than their alternatives. Every utility and option that is rarely chosen should get a look at to make them useful. Just think of fire-suppression on the flash, its got the same % heal as tanks but it's got a teeny tiny portion of health due to its much lower resistances.

    As for underrated weapons: Scout rifles, definitely
  11. asmodraxus

    Lets see

    Low use (wonder why)
    All VS LMGs other than the Orion / Betelgeuse
    Beamer, Cereberus
    Phase Failshift
    Semi Auto Sniper rifles
    Battle rifles
    Most of the VS Assault rifles
    Burst fire carbines (all empires)
    ZoE Max units
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  12. Goretzu

  13. _itg


    T1 bolt actions. Not that anyone says they're bad, but they're probably the least recommended BASRs, except as the "cheapo" option. In "standard" sniping scenarios (i.e. not CQC, but not extremely long range), a T1 is probably the best choice, due to fast RoF and not-yet significant drop. The ability to make quick follow-up body shots, or take out several targets before they realize what's happening, is in my experience more valuable than extra bullet velocity.

    NC MAX Slugs. Many people seem to have an irrational aversion to using them, and the reasons they come up with don't hold water in my experience. They say slugs are too inaccurate, but you can consistently hit people at 40m+ with Mattocks, if you're stationary and pace your shots. People say they destroy your ability to fight MAXes, but with slugs you gain the ability to seriously hurt them at range, and you can still one-clip non-KA5 MAXes up close.
  14. nehylen

    I wonder what more dedicated snipers think about those, but as an occasional one i personally see no interest in T1 and T2 BASRs: when wielding one, RoF is rarely a consideration due to how i seek the headshot with it, and how a second shot, even with T1+straight-pull endangers survival in requiring to remain static.

    If it's too slow to matter either way, i'll just take the better option over a single shot. I can see the point of T1 BASRs for beginners as cost-limited option....but T2 at 1000 certs like the T3?

    So in my opinion they're fairly rated as superfluous when you have the certs for T3.

    What i see as underrated and low use are the SA scout rifles. I've loved auraxing them, and they're definitely more powerful than their limited use would make you think.
  15. _itg

    I'm a reasonably dedicated sniper (300 kills from the Moonshot), and I'd say RoF definitely matters if you're going for moving targets, on which body shots are much easier than headshots, or you just want to kill a lot of people really fast. Being able to shoot faster also means you can more easily get away with straight-pull multi-kills, and the faster reload will let you get more kills in, overall, before the enemy adapts to your presence. The T3 rifle is still better for long ranges, of course, where the velocity becomes more and more of a factor.
  16. Auzor

    underused, in the sense of very rarely used:

    -non NS side-arms.
    more specifically? Does anyone use the manticore? (VS second pistol)
    I can't remember ever being killed by one.. VS have pretty much adopted ns revolvers as their ES pistols. Beamer you see often, as default; cerberus sometimes (I like it), now the spiker too, but the manticore?

    -burst weapons, besides side-arm, the TR Sabr, and the jackhammer

    -The "S" variant of assault rifles. Engineers at least used to be able to refill their smoke/grenade/shotgun thing themselves.

    -LMG: I think I rarely see the Carv-S. The Carv often, the MSW-R often, rarer the TMG-50, the bull. I think I see the butcher more than the Carv-S.
    VS: why use the Pulsar LSW over the SVA-88?
    EM1 as already mentioned.. highest vertical recoil of the 652 rpm LMG's IIRC, and a 2.3 FSRM.. and there is now the NS-15m for the 0.75 ads, better accuracy ads moving, and better hipfire (I thought the advanced laser sight didn't compensate vs NS-15m with default laser sight), and a short reload almost 1.5s faster.

    -RL: I think the annihilator is rarely used; most people (most of the time me too) want to keep a dumbfire option open.
    Perhaps even less used, as it isn't NS and unlocked on all chars with SC: The G2G launcher. Lock-on to the vehicles that are easiest to hit, and lose the one-shot kill vs pesky ESF's, and the 2-shot kill vs libs in one package!
    Personally I haven't unlocked it on any faction..

    Vehicle weapons:
    -flash basilisk. Gee, I wonder why..

    -the ranger. see above.. :(. "AA is a deterrent"

    -the kobalt, except sometimes on sundy's; rare on harasser, very rare on mbt's.

    -Liberator: non-tankbuster;
    non dalton/zephyr; just seems to me shredder and duster are rarely used.
    Are people using the "hyena" tailgun at all?
  17. Prudentia

    regarding the G2G Launcher:
    they jsut labeled it wrong, it's the Anti Infantry launcher because it has a 1m bigger outer splash radius. so basicly when ever you are in a Biolab/pit of despair or other Infantry only environment, the G2G launcher is basicly a no brainer
  18. CazadorDeLaBruja

    i hate the sound of the lib tank buster... if it didnt sound like dubstep and morel ike the A-10's Buurp ... id actually use it... for now i use the one that i can aim with my mouse. havnt flown in a while... forgot what it was called.