List of buys I've experienced

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by harrotori, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. harrotori

    In b4 typo title

    1. The most constant one, every time I use the map, the game sends me to my desktop and then back to the game for a brief few seconds. Sometimes multiple times.

    2. Soldiers running with cartoony physics.

    3. Since the update, Whenever I get in a vehicle, sometimes everything or some things will just disappear at random like as if I'm in a phased world.
  2. VarkaanPT

    I've been also experiencing nº2 and nº 3 aswell some other things.
    Sometimes i get out of my vehicle to repair, i can't repair it even if it's damaged, and i can't get back in either.
    Sometimes when i'm a vehicle in a certain map zone, and the info that appears above the map (Zone name, faction owner, capure points like A B C) refer to a completely different zone. When i get out the vehicle disappears altough i can see its "health" on the HUD.
    One time this bug happened when i was on the ATV, i had a friend of mine on TS on an ATV just behind me and he said "Dude, where are you? You just vanished!!". I know that sometimes you can't see ATV driver but you can still see the ATV, that was not the case as he could not see the ATV either.

    Sorry about my english.