Limiting asymmetrical balance is a good thing

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  1. Nakor

    Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. This game has a large number of "faction specific" guns that are all basically the same thing stat wise. They just change the model, slap the faction specific color on the tracer and make it pull a little differently when you shoot. Its rather disappointing.
  2. minhalexus

    I'm actually fine with this.

    Just make my GD-7F into a 167@680 or 200@570.

    And same with my medic/heavy guns.

    I play NC to play NC and not TR, so i dont mind losing 750+ RoF guns, as long as they are successfully converted into an equivalent of 167 damage tier guns in terms of DPS and DPM.
  3. Gorganov

    When it comes to infantry combat, weapons should be well balanced with minor differences to match the feel of the faction. The empire specific guns such as the snipers, rocket launchers, heavy guns, etc... should be the main focus of asymmetrical balance. You could make experimental weapons that require resources to pull, maybe add unique attachments, bullet types, etc... Some things could be tied to certain facilities , allowing players of other factions to steal powerful technology temporarily. Bah it'll never happen...

    Honestly for this kind of thing to work, each faction would need to be extremely different from each other. Like, completely different classes, vehicles, etc... like RTS style.
  4. FishMcCool

    Looking at the 89623896423e14 posts and threads you've been posting recently mate, it really seems you should be playing NC. Seriously, you seem to be craving every single NC gun. Just roll a NC character and enjoy your freedom. You'll have 200/500 guns and your precious GD-7F. It really is that easy, and you can even do it as a free player, since you get 3 character slots.
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  5. Paperlamp

    No, you don't get high alpha and the same TTK as high RoF guns.
  6. Nocturn0l

    I'm not complaining, i deal with it and you should do the same, when i need a CQC weapon on my HA i pick up a shotgun. So if you want long range options on your HA, pick a battle rifle.
  7. Maljas23

    Nope. Disagree completely OP. No point in having three factions with no differences whatsoever, other than aesthetics. I hope SOE never fully goes over to your side, OP.
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  8. PanzerGhost

    I don't agree that asymmetrical balance should be removed from the game as a whole. Maybe from guns to a large extent, but asymmetrical balance should be there when it comes to strategic options and Empire Specific Vehicles. I would even say that asymmetrical balance on a gameplay level isn't strong enough. If VS plays against TR, the game play, how VS reinforces, the locations of a base they attack, and how they approach a battle should be unrecognizable to that of the NC, like wise for all faction match ups. It should mechanically be different, if they were NOT all different, there would be no incentive to pick any faction or play on any one faction over another.

    I mean if no asymmetrical balance existed then there is no point in spending money in development to maintain 3 different factions, it then would be completely redundant and irrelevant. In otherwords, everyone plays on the same faction, with the same sound effects, models and textures, same everything. just red, blue, purple colors.

    For myself, I want the mechanical and strategic gameplay to be asymmetrical, how you operate a tank for one faction to be very different on a another faction, your weaknesses and strengths in traversing certain terrain and base obstacles to feel different and new depending on the faction your playing against.

    There needs to be more incentive to pick 1 faction over another, that gives you the desire to want to play all the factions, or faction switch. But right now there really isn't. If you've played TR or NC you've seen it all and there's nothing else to see. The only incentive for me to try other factions is see what a Magrider or Mosquito is like. Outside of that its a just copy and paste experience.
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  9. minhalexus

    Fine then 167@670.

    DPS:- 1864 (Lynx has 1893)
    DPM :- 5010 (Lynx has 5000)

    They can give it a huge damage drop off, by 2 damage tiers.
    ADS should be kept identical to Lynx 2.0, although they can increase the recoil angle for the high alpha damage.
    Bloom per shot can be 0.01 higher for the less bullets to kill.

    Fair enough?
  10. Paperlamp

    Battle Rifles are horrible.
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  11. Odin

    Wow must be freezing in hell right now, I actually agree with Paperlamp lol
    I also hate asymmetric balance and wish infantry weapons at least we're all the same across factions.
    Tr and vs can have every 167 and 200 damage weapon but Jesus nc would get all the Orion's and msw'rs and juicy high rof stuff.
    So nc loses the least popular weapons in the game(stats posted by Higby) and we gain the most popular. Sounds good.
    167 damage weapons and up are the least used weapons in the game by br 100's FYI. That is every class and every empire even nc.
    When players have a choice the majority prefer high rof high damage. But giving tr long range stuff is a ok with me.
    We gain all the weapons used in 90% of the combat and they get some long range stuff! sounds good.
  12. Tuco

    I played wwiionline more than PS1. That's a game where most allied tanks are immune to fire from most axis tanks, and allied easymode planes flew the not so friendly skies. And then allied players saying it was A-OK cause axis players had a better bomber (negated by better armor and slow speed and more ponderous), or a better LMG, or some nonsense like that.

    I use to laugh at the complaints on the PS1 forums about X faction weapon having a DPS of 10% less, but 10% more range than Y faction. Bunch of wussies, get a little adventurous for once.
  13. dBMachine

    Getting rid of asymmetrical balance is a good way to make this game as boring as possible.

    Almost as bad as saying you should remove asymmetrical balance from Starcraft.
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  14. Matixzun

    As hard as assymmetric balance can be, It's what this whole game's about. Different factions, not just coloured teams, fighting each other with similar but different means in a massive scale. You can't just say different factions having different stuff is bad or unfun or causes hate or envy between factions, factions should hate each other because they are better in something and exploit their enemies' weaknesses; and everyone shouldn't have access to the same weapons, there are lots of games like that already. Those games aren't Planetside, though; Similarly, I believe if you can't understand what this whole game's about at its core, then maybe and just maybe you aren't a Planetside player either.
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  15. Paperlamp

    Limiting asymmetrical balance =/= no faction differences whatsoever. I've already said I'm all for a few carefully balanced empire specific weapons. But they can't properly balance such a large number of different infantry guns since one faction or another will get the superior stat weighting over similar weapons on other factions.
  16. NoctD

    That's about what I was going to post, but basically an NS shotgun and NS machine gun. Like all NS weapons, these will feature the best accuracy, but have somewhat lower DPS (ie. the NS-10M and NS-10S) than their faction equivalents. Easy to add to the game, since MAXes are already cross-faction compatible with NS-10 Bursters today. If there was demand for it, we could even have an AV arm (NS-10H) like a Halberd-ish arm or two (NS-10B) like a Basilisk-ish arm that could damage all things.
  17. minhalexus

    Can i get more ammo on all of my weapons then?

    40 round magazine sizes.
  18. PanzerGhost

    Are you serious? BattleRifles are uncontested long range rifles against every class except snipers. Do you even use them? I have rolled as a Engi for at least 3 months now, using exclusively the Battlerifle, and have experience using other factions BattleRifles.
    • Each faction has 1 BattleRifle
    • They all do 250 damage per shot, 225dmg at 75m.
    • The Rifle is s single shot, like pistol, requires fast tapping of the left mouse button
    • You can equip Compensator Barrel, Forward Grip and High Velocity Ammo on top of the default. 3.4x or 4x Scope is best.
    • At range if you lead the target properly, you can kill a player with 3-4 shots in the blink of an eye. Most of the time its 3 shots because players don't have full health in the middle of a battle, or high pop contested base
    • Battle rifles are really bad in Close range though, firing the weapon from the hip feels like the crosshairs disappear - there's so much recoil
    On top of this, TR has the Best Battle Rifle in the AMR-66 with the least amount of recoil when scoped in, with the recommended attachments its smooth as butter. Its ideal for the Engineer hands down.
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  19. Devrailis

    This breaks my heart to read. There are plenty of generic shooters out there that can cater to the instant gratification, homogenous gameplay crowd. Planetside 2 promised to be something different.

    Asymmetrical balance isn't easy, but it doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile.

    Never forget.
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  20. Llaf

    This would be awesome. I don't think they could add weapon lockers though as it would likely hurt their "F2P" model when everyone started collecting everything they could get their hands on. Picking up a fallen enemies weapon in combat and using it for the remainder of the play session or until you die, that sounds pretty cool.
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