[Suggestion] Limit the ability to bail from aircraft midflight

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Syphix, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. SneakyTaffer

    And here I am wondering if I can bind a key to deconstruct.
  2. Kholdstare

    I have to wonder why they didn't copy the PS1 mechanics for bailing from a damaged aircraft (as a pilot). If the aircraft is too far gone the ejection system "malfunctions", guaranteeing you go down with the aircraft.
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  3. Eric Smith

    Frankly, while I agree, and I've got no problem with people who use their planes as high speed transport then bail to join the fight. However, there does need to be a change to the XP/Kill recognition system because far too many people bail just to deny the XP and Kill to their opponent. If a pilot bails from his plane and then suffers a lethal case of high velocity dirt poisoning afterwords the guy who tore up his plane should get the kill. If he survives, either because he has certed the bailing mechanism or because he's LA then fine, he successfully bailed, but if he dies as a result of leaving his plane then the opponents should get the kill. Similarly, if the plane gets a lethal ground hug then the guy who tore up his plane should get the kill for the plane (and the pilot, if he's still onboard and crashed). No more of this bailing just to screw over your opponents. It's lame and unsportsmanlike, pure and simple.
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  4. ShokkWave

    You sound like me. Only I wouldn't have been lucky enough to land back in the vehicle. I've bailed going slow at about 10 feet and still killed myself. Must have tripped over that pebble.
  5. Syphix

    How does that render galaxies more pointless? I said passengers are not affected. Hot dropping from galaxies is a core part of gameplay, like using the ejection system. You currently do not take damage from ejecting from a galaxy passenger slot so its meant to happen, you do when going from other aircraft hence it is not meant to happen.

    Personally I believe just because so many people exploit a system is not a valid reason not to fix it. It may have become common practice but in my books it renders other forms of transport unnecessary. Why jump in a galaxy when I can fly there faster in an ESF, do some damage and then bail out? Why bother with a flash when I can get an ESF?

    There are the hotdrop into combat options already, and by using them you accept the risks that you might land in a hot battle. There are plenty of things already setup into the game that are made completely redundant by allowing easy bailing from aircraft.

    If you are landing to bail, which would be necessary to survive as any other class than light assault then that would not be affected by this. If your landing gear is deployed you can get out. It won't stop quick transport but it creates more of a risk when doing it.
  6. Stormlight666

    I've had this happen to me when i've popped out of a base turret to get shot by an infiltrator, then fallen off the tower trying to turn and suicided with no xp given. That's not the fault of the player, just the fault of the programmer.
  7. Uben Qui

    All of this won't matter soon. You will get xp for hitting the ESF no matter what you are in after the patch. Ejection or not.
  8. Nephera

    You can definately survive high speed bails without a jetpack depending on how you land. and often times you can slow down enough to survive a bail.
  9. Kalocin

    The problem here is that my 500 certs on an ejection seat would be worthless....Also if you actually are able to escape or kill the person, you would not be able to leave the vehicle to repair it...Unless you landed, but sometimes you have to eject slightly early because the landing in this game can be really wonky...I swear I die more from landing than other esfs.
  10. Rene Korda

    This should've been implemented from the very beginning.
  11. NoctD

    NO. Not allowing bailing is just stupid.

    Deconstruction without sufficient vehicle health is the only change that should be made.
  12. Eric Smith

    The difference is that pilots do this all the time and on purpose. They'll either deconstruct, eject, or crash their plane to deny their opponents the kill and XP reward. In a game where all advancement is measured in XP reward (and by extension the kills that give the XP) this is unsportsmanlike behavior.

    That being said I've done it myself. Mainly because I'm not a pilot (I think I've gotten 1 kill in my ESF, and the couple I've gotten in my Liberator were from people ramming me); I only use planes for transport. I know most pilots are pricks and bail (I see it all the time when I'm playing AA), so if a pilot starts to get the better of me because I'm completely noobish flying I'm willing to deny him the XP. However, I don't like that everyone's doing it and would happily take my licks if I knew that the average pilot had to do the same.
  13. Syphix

    Please elaborate as to why it is stupid? I have provided reasons as to how it would improve gameplay yet a lot of the negative comments on here are just unjustified. Any change in gameplay is going to have split opinion, people adapt to current situations and learn to profit from what can be considered exploits or oversights.

    As I said in the first post it encourages the use of galaxys providing relatively fast transport and drops onto areas. Currently that is redundant, it would be far more effectives to spam a squad full of ESF and fly into a facility. You have more firepower and you can bail at the end of the day and capture the facility. This is why we rarely see the use of the galaxy and so we need to limit how other vehicles can be used so each vehicle fills its role properly.

    If you want to be able to bail from your fighter then cert ejection seats. The reality is no one that is serious about flying ESF will do it and its probably them that think negatively of this suggestion. I am a regular ESF pilot and I happily go down with my fighter hoping to take as many enemies with me as I can. The only time I need to get out of my fighter is when I want to repair it or rearm, that is the way it should be.

    I would rather take on the extra risk when flying an ESF and almost view it as a penance for flying a vehicle which is more manoueverable and can be more devestating than a tank.
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  14. Tasogie

    we are gonna see hundreds of these posts, as they ramp up their crusade to have SOE pander to them.
  15. Cikk

    Mmmkay, let me clarify. I thought i was being pretty clear, I mean FFS I only wrote like one paragraph.... maybe your reading comprehension isn't that good?

    Did you see the part where I said "jumping out and killing yourself serves no purpose". Do you see the part where you said "you grab a ship to rocket to an enemy base, or a fight, and bail to join that combat. Sorry you think that's stupid"

    Do you see why what you said was completely inane? Because you're addressing the one thing we AREN'T talking about.

    I was in no way, shape, or form, talking about people that use ESF's to get to places then bail out to live. I actually specified quite clearly "jumping out and killing yourself".

    In fact, no one in this THREAD is talking people that use ESF's to travel/get to a certain part of the map.

    Furthermore, no one (at least that I have read) has ever claimed that this was a "game breaking" mechanic. We're simply arguing that it serves no purpose other than to be a jerk. I do it to be a jerk because people do it to me, and those people do it to other people because I was a jerk to them.

    It isn't game breaking, it isn't even a "major issue", it's simply a suggestion we are bringing up because we have an opinion on the matter. If you want to chime in - maybe you should make sure what you're saying has any relevance to the topic at hand.
  16. Cikk

    Oh look, another one of THESE posts.

    How is suggesting that you get full points for winning a dog fight whining/requesting to be pandered to? I don't think it's too much to ask that if I win a dog fight - I get the points for it... what's the point of dog fighting otherwise?

    I'm not complaining because dogfighting is HARD, or because I'm BAD at it (which I am, irrelevant to the topic though). We're simply suggesting that flying an ESF should be more worthwhile if you're fighting A2A.

    Seriously, you understand that with the current system the way it is - you could theoretically dog fight 20 vehicles in a row and not get a single point? Do you think that is a PERFECT system, needing no tweaking?

    It's not THAT big of a problem, but I've had dry spells before where I'm ANNIAHALTING people, and right before the final moments they deconstruct and suicide. This awards me no points. It doesn't matter how good I am, if I land every single bullet for 2 clips on a vehicle - with 100% accuracy - I could still possibly (like 50/50) get no points for it.

    I'm not asking for a nerf, for the game to be easier, for my stuff to be buffed, or anything like that...

    Also, for the record, they're changing it so that you get points now for damage caused even if you don't get the kill, that isn't any different than this...

    I don't know why I present logical arguments, it's the internet... no one uses logic.
  17. Kyouki

    LOL! I can usually deconstruct as I fall unless i was really low to the ground.
  18. NoctD

    If you can't kill them they should be able to bail to their death. Its as simple as that. Deconstruction as I said is a different story. Now they might suicide, but at least you get some XP as I said, if deconstruction was only allowed for healthy vehicles (50% or more health).

    Stop being so greedy - either you kill them before they bail or you don't get the XP. Its no different with tanks or infantry even... if you can't kill the guy, he runs off, you don't get the XP other than an assist if he gets killed later. If you take my deconstruct suggestion, you will be getting at least the vehicle kill XP unless they decide they don't want to fight at all and deconstruct before you've really done any serious damage to them. The vehicle kill XP is worth more than a kill assist anyways.

    Those that want to dogfight will fight back and play with you. Flying is a challenge for others, stop farming them. That's why a lot of people hate all farmflyboys, be it podspammers, A2A missiles, Liberators, etc. If you want a fight in the sky, then duke it out with the others that are doing the same. Stop being a lamer farmer flyboy.

    P/S - If you want a real XP terrible experience, its called ground AA. Its the most pathetic thing ever in this game.
  19. MaxDamage

    In Planetside 1, the bail mechanism was locked if the aircraft was critically damaged. You had to land or die.
    Is this the case in PS2? If not, it should be.