[Suggestion] Limit the ability to bail from aircraft midflight

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Syphix, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Syphix

    I am sure I am going to receive a lot of flak for this suggestion but I think its needed. I would like to see a restriction on bailing out of aircraft midflight, more specifically for ESF and liberators. Galaxy passengers should still be able to hotdrop as they can at the moment but pilots and crew should only be able to bail if the vehicle has the ejection seat cert fitted.

    As it currently stands the ejection seat certification is pointless, I am yet to see one person who uses it since it takes up a valuable slot and anyone intending on bailing will just go light assault and survive the fall. Players should be restricted to being able to get out of their aircraft only once it has landed (which I imagine could be implemented with the similar detection to aircraft landing gears deploying) unless they have the ejection seat certification installed.

    This would solve the following problems:
    • give the ejection seat certification some kind of use
    • selfish players would no longer be able to deny other players kills by senselessly bailing out of their aircraft only to suicide themselves
    • players would no longer accidently bail out of aircraft by hitting E when going for any of the keys nearby (I know this can be, and I have, rebound to another key but it would be solved nonetheless with this)
    • aircraft would no longer be used as quick and easy transport for light assaults to get onto tops of facilities unless they spend the certs to treat them as such
    • and following on from previous comment would give more of a use to galaxys for deploying players onto the top of facilities and more of a use as air transport

    Personally I will try my best not to bail unless I think I am going to survive the fall (so I will go in for an emergency landing and get out to either rep or run depending on the scenario). I have come across far too many players that hit E at the slightest hint of aircraft death and do not even try to fight back.

    I am sure this has been mentioned before but I am yet to see any major advances in this direction so if it has I am just bringing it up again to get some attention towards the idea.
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  2. teh munK

  3. Syphix

    Shameless bump.
  4. SirBobington

    While I don't see the need, I will say I've killed myself at least 10 times hitting E on accident when flying.

    Just give kill XP to the last person to hit the ESF/Lib within 30 seconds of suicide/deconstruct
  5. Uben Qui

    If he bails you deterred him. Since deterrent is a valid play style in this game, you are fine. :)
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  6. smokemaker

    limit whiners.
    I bail just to piss you off.
    good day
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  7. smokemaker

    amen.... but i moved my exit key to stop this.... after like the 4th time i exited my plane while winning a fight in the air...
  8. Syphix

    Granted but the reasoning was for more than just the denying of the kill. ESF should not be used as disposable transport, it limits the use of air vehicles (galaxy) created for that sole purpose. I believe if you wish to treat ESF as that then you need to cert them to do so ie dump certs in ejection seats.

    Flame elsewhere. This is a genuine suggestion and in no way whining. I can live with it not being implemented but I believe its for the benefit of the game if it existed. Also I don't rage at those that bail, I pity their spite.
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  9. Gungan

    I don't care whether we can eject or not. I've had to change my exit vehicle keybind 3 times because I kept accidentally ejecting during dogfights or evasive maneuvers.

    This solved my problem until a couple of weeks ago when I accidentally managed to contort my hand that hit my new button. I couldn't believe it. What was even more unbelievable was that I managed to reenter my vehicle in freefall and land safely.

    I always fly as an engineer too... I couldn't believe my friggin' luck.
  10. Cikk

    As someone who never stays in the vehicle til death - I think this is a stupid system.

    Jumping out and killing yourself serves no purpose other than trying to be a ***** to your opponents.

    People I fight bail out, so I bail out, so they bail out.

    It's a stupid cycle. If you bail - should give the kill for you and your vehicle - either to the last person to hit you, or whoever did the most damage.
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  11. Xizwhoa

    I'm jumping out. Why? The chance of hitting a hillside and sliding to survival far exceeds my care for you xp/cert gain.
  12. LineTrap

    Well played.
  13. Syphix

    Agreed, but I would rather see people actually go down in the plane than flying as light assaults so they can make sure they survive the fall. If you are going to play as air then I think there should be the risk that you will die in a fire if you get attacked unless you cert into preventing it. People constantly complain about aircraft being over powered and there not being enough risk vs reward, this would add to that risk.
  14. cfnz

    This is the sort of change I would make. Whilst it doesn't bother me as such, it's another of those things in this game that I view a player exploit of design limitations.
  15. Sowahka

    I always thought this was already implemented. On numerous occasions I've dived low and slowed down as much as possible to get out of my burning ESF only to be told that all exits are blocked a few moments before I was blown up.
  16. Stormlight666

    a flat out NO to stopping bailout.
    Except for when you grab a ship to rocket to an enemy base, or a fight, and bail to join that combat. Sorry you think that's stupid. So let's get rid of bailing out of aircraft and render Galaxies more pointless than they already are. There are tons of reasons for bailing out of your aircraft that aren't related to screwing over your opponents XP gain.

    Someone just stop creating stupid threads like this one. Bailing out didn't break PS1 it won't break PS2.
  17. Stormlight666

    Had this happen to me in a base turret when a magrider went underneath me to ensure I didn't bail before he killed me.
  18. Stormlight666

    Hard to find a galaxy sometimes, so it's worthwhile for someone to fly in and kamikazee the plane on the tower while he bails onto it to start wrecking havoc.
  19. Hosp

    I fixed and summarily reject that part. Carry on.
  20. TheWhiteLights