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  1. GantryPengy380

    The only thing I disagree with is small outposts being unable to spawn infantry. If SOE removed the ability to spawn every vehicle besides Flashes and MAYBE Harassers, there would be a larger point to make about logistics, and the people who grab a Sunderer or Galaxy and leave the Warpgate with only the pilot in it could look at the map while driving/flying and see if there's any infantry at the small outposts that need a ride, set a waypoint near said outposts, land in said location to pick up the infantry soldier, and move on possibly landing near other small outposts to pick up more infantry, repeat until the Sundy/Gal is full and move to where you originally planned to go.
  2. MorganM

    FINALLY a voice of reason and truth rings through here. I can see people are excited for something different / new but this won't solve anything. Also a lot of people don't want to fight over the same 300 meters of open ground for hours and days on end. When these dead lock, meat grinder, stalemates do happen... it gets old really quick. Seen it happen many times on the western lane of Indar. It happens at biolabs a lot. The new Subterranian Nanite Analysis and that hole eastern lane of Amerish sees it happen.

    With the lattice system we actually now see zergs clashing with other zergs where in the past they would go around eachother. Now a huge battle ensues for a while; sometimes a few hours. Once one zerg is crushed.... they don't fall back, regroup, and push again. The majority of them redeploy. They just got demolished and are in no mood to repeat it. They go accross the continent or a whole different continent.

    The OP makes it sound like what he's asking for can't happen or never does happen... it does... but it doesn't play out like he describes. It's really easy to lay out a fictional outcome on how he THINKS this will all work and then play out... but it won't. I think there's room for improvement on these continents and the flow of battle but this drastic overhaul won't achieve what you're all looking for. Also please don't forget how long it took them to revamp every continent! They FINALLY got all 3 done... and now you want to revamp ALL of them AGAIN? It will be ANOTHER YEAR before the CURRENT 3 are done and we still won't have Hossin.

    No thanks guys; sorry... but no thanks.
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  3. SpartanPsycho

    I love this idea. I like having logistics in the game. Right now PS2 is a population game unless you are playing with a very organized faction like the TR on waterson. I hate waiting around in outposts for one cert so my platoon can attack a tech plant. It also would give the "Blitz" idea of warfare without having warning of an assault as the army moves down the lattice, and bring the idea of a building capture system that would rely on skill at CQC, not how many maxes the other team has.
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  4. Michel

    Love your idea, but I think that's too much. I think the following bases should stay (maybe without vehicle/aircraft spawners and weaker base turrets) :
    • Indar Bay Point
    • Regent Rock Garrison
    • Crossroads Watchtower
    • Feldspar Canyon Base
    • Crimson Bluff Tower
    • Camp Connery
    • Indar Excavation Site
    Those bases should be redesigned, so it's not the same Tower over and over again. Also the satellite outposts shouldn't be individual bases.
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  5. Camycamera

    yes, remove the spawn rooms, but maybe have some sort of different capture mechanics to capture these little bases, or just have one cap point and cap it, and move on, without having to wait.
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  6. Exonis



  7. Scure

    Nice thread, good suggestions. :)
    The base concepts are just horrible in this game. The game is filled with way too many bases... and these bases are way too little, and sadly the battles are centralized inside the bases. The problem is, even Call of Duty has bigger multiplayer maps than our bases and that game is optimised for ~18 players!

    Not to mention Esamir with wall spammed bases. It feels like fighting in a cage.

    Even Battlefield 1942 offers larger tank battles, etc. That game is a good example. (And as i can see Planetside 1 is similar to that, i never played with that game). In BF1942 the battles are centralized in the whole map and not at the little bases. It gives a better, slow paced, more tactical gameplay.

    SOE will never rework the current continents again. But we should ask for a more tactical, slow paced continents after Hossin. Theres already enough maps for fast paced gameplay...
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  8. rumblepit

    I would pay good money to play this game.... In fact I have been waiting over decade just to try it....I read this and felt like were my thoughts...Well done........

  9. Beeman

    I know I'm a little late to the party but rather than removing small bases and outposts entirely, I'd rather just see a revamp to how they work. Rather than every base being connected to the lattice link, just disconnect some of them. Other people have suggested this before and it would be interesting to see how it impacts gameplay and battle flow. Spawn tubes should also be limited to certain bases, rather than being in every single one. Or perhaps just add a slightly difficult method of disabling spawn tubes that can easily be re-enabled.

    Aside from that, I'd like to see more interesting methods of capturing bases...I think that would help with some of the small outpost monotony. Things like demolitions targets that need to be blown up and replaced with a similar building with faction specific art(mines, for example...when they add them) or communication stations. This could be a simple excuse for them to implement some basic empire-specific buildings and add a moderate layer of depth to small outpost conquest.

    Those types of destructible targets might even make C4 or vehicles more valuable assets for more than just spawn camping.
  10. RecentlyDied

    Since I can't be bothered to read 13 pages, this is my bump for support, but also, why not just make the continents much .. MUCH bigger in general. As it sits we're fighting less over continents, and more over small ISLANDS what with them being only iirc 8 km across? I dunno perhaps along with spreading out the map, and removing a LOT of the bases make it so that special terrain features can be controlled. IE a cave with valuable resources that has two or more entrances, and the fight goes underground. Also considering the lore of PS, isn't there only so much stuff we had to deploy. Most of the big bases you can see were pre-fabricated structures that landed, deployed, and were then open for use and with the war I doubt we have the resources to put a tower every i dunno... 300-600m.
  11. Beeman

    Apparently ForgeLight has the capacity to increase the size of a single map pretty much on the fly. They plan to utilize this capability with H1Z1 with the single middle-america map being kind of small or medium(probably about the size of a PS2 map) at the start then adding to it over time as the need arises. Like, if they find that players only go to one specific town area, they'll add other similar town areas to spread out the playerbase a little more. But if the playerbase is too densely packed throughout the entire server, they'll instead add a new server to space people out.

    When talking about Everquest Next, one of the SOE folks pointed out that ForgeLight has the potential to support maps of unlimited size...but they wouldn't really have the artistic capacity to do that. This was in regard to the size of the new Norrath...which they haven't quite decided on yet, I don't think.

    I remember Smed mentioned in a list of long-term, fanciful goals for Planetside 2 that he'd like to combine all the continents into one, big global map with seamless oceans separating them...apparently the engine would support that but it would be a beast of a task to optimize.

    Fortunately, they're already going to be optimizing larger map sizes and expansion options for Landmark, EQNext and H1Z1 among other engine changes/improvements. So we'll undoubtedly see some of that junk trickle down into Planetside 2 as well.
  12. rumblepit

    They could always bring back the LLU. That would be a rather badass feature if you ask me. I vow to never let this thread leave the first page. Bump again...........
  13. Beeman

    I wouldn't be totally against that, actually. I mean, if they revamped and expanded on the LLU system, it could become a special base type where that's the capture objective. to integrate CTF into Planetside 2's modern shenanigans...
  14. rumblepit

    It could add some flavor to a Bio lab fight. After the shield gen goes down you have to get to and remove the LLU "where the scu gen is now" and get it back to your warp gate to capture the base.This would allow armor and air to have a role in Bio lab fights aw well.All the enemy would have to do is reclaim it to rest the llu.
  15. Camycamera

  16. Gammit

    Thought I would hate this post. I was wrong. Just don't make TOO much land between bases (Cyssor in PS1). The open-land balance needs to be found.
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  17. CARunner

    I like and support this 100% fully and agree for sure.
    These battles just feel pointless and it gets boring quickly. battles for bases should be more intense and heart pounding
    and difficult to get and the reward should be higher,more certs, more exp and something to fight for.
    Island would be cool also as they are hard to cross and fun to play on,i saw one on the map diagrams of the original
    planetside and the island caught my attention. but forget the island :)
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  18. Kunavi

    Absolutely agree. Bump.
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  19. TNTerminator

    Keep all the unique outposts, and get rid of all the cookie cutter outposts.
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  20. CodeName54

    I posted this on steam hope it will help with likes.