Lightning traction feedback (3-17 update)

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  1. Maxwel1

    I gave the lightning a shot with and without chasis equiped on both a flat and bumby circuit and i can confirm that traction, acceleration and reverse are significantly better. I like the reduction in slope sliding very much. It felt more glued to the slope than before. The lightning feels heavier overall, like it has more gravity applied to it. Most likely a side effect of the traction improvment. The loss of drifting potential, particularly when using the racer chasis is unfortunate, but inconsequential as it is more fun than practical.

    However, the improvments came with a nasty side effect of increasing significantly the chance of flipping the lightning on it top. The racer chasis exacerbates this even more. The slightest bump (moving on and off a road), rock or tree root taken at an unoptimal angle will have an imaginary boot kick the underside of the lighning at the back and flip it (high front flip potential). This "flipability" was not as problematic before the update.

    This ought to be addressed as losing your tank to a small rock is infinitely more frustrating than sliding down a slope you should have been able to climb.
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  2. Maxwel1


    The rival chassis seems to mitigate this a lot. The following is a 2 min video demonstrating "the kick". Just uploaded it so Youtube may still be processing it.

  3. Daigons

    While I was testing out the Lightning's new traction, it looks like there might be some changes to it's weapon projectile path. Has anyone else notice this?
  4. BrbImAFK

  5. Xebov

    Looks like the bug that is already on live. On live when spawning a Vanguard i sometimes get a bugged one that starts getting kicked around as well when driving over slight bumps and stones.
  6. IcEzEbRa

    I like the changes.
  7. LaughingDead

    That's impressive.
  8. Arpheus

    I want to confirm this. Last time that I pulled a Lightning on the PTS every bump made the lightning jump like crazy. This cannot go live because the handling is really broken with this bug.
  9. Templar Alpha

    Ok, I know you "PC Master Race" people are gonna go ape**** about this, but the lightning on ps4 is completely BROKEN. The handling is all over the place, even after the so-called "hotfix". Just give us back our old lightning and be done with it. The MBTs handle fine with the new changes, but it feels like the Devs (yeah, you Daybreak) just copy and pasted stats and didn't even test them before launching this mess. The rest of the update was fine, but the lightning needs to be fixed NOW. On an important side note, give us back thermal detection on infantry units while you're at it. It's ridiculous to take it away from tanks, and here's why: Living creatures have a heat signature. Simply cutting that out makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and feels more like the Devs caving in to a bunch of whiny infantry than a legitimate gameplay tweak. Adding equipment to mask infantry heat signatures would have made sense, but making every foot-mobile magically invisible to IR is complete and utter lazy ********. So get your ***** in gear and fix our tanks, Daybreak.
  10. Templar Alpha

    This is exactly what I was talking about with the lightning handling being completely broken. Pay attention, Daybreak, we want our old lightnings back. Tanks flipping from the slightest bump is unacceptable and lazy. Thank you, Maxwel1, for posting this video showcasing these atrocious defects.
  11. LtBomber1

    On live the Lightning feels good, even more directly than it was. I hope to do something for the magrider as well, as compensation. I dream of a slight jump if you hit space bar, maybe 1 meter with an internal cooldown of 10 sec

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