Lightning inside a biolab

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by reydelchicken, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. reydelchicken

    Has anyone managed to pull this off?

    After some careful galaxy lifiting we were almost able to get the tank inside a biolab but it ended up getting stuck on the plants in the entrance :(

    Has anyone actually done this? I think the landing pads are fun though, it's fun imagining the reactions of players when the jump up to the pad and find a tank there lol
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  2. Ribero

    Been wanting to try this stuff for a while now, but when I'm on I always get too caught up playing to remember ._.

    Where'd you manage to mount a vehicle on the Gal, if you don't mind my asking?
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  3. reydelchicken

    On amerish, on a river, you fly the galaxy in the actual river canyon, then you drive the lighting on top of it, and then you "sandwich" it with another galaxy or ESF, and CAREFULLY fly over to the biolab, after doing this, you land the galaxy at an angle, and slowly drive the lightning into the lab, but it's easy to get stuck on those damn plant pots ...
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  4. Ribero

    Hmm. Sounds like an operation too big for my Outfit, thanks for the explanation though!
  5. CrashB111

    You need to get an Ammo Sunderer in there to support it.

    Hell just get 2 Ammo Sunderers with dual Furies inside and use them to lock down the landing pads.
  6. ToastyMan

    Saw a youtube video of these guys actually getting a magrider in, forgot what it was called tho. lol, I'm so going to try and get my outfit to to this.
  7. reydelchicken

    Hmm... magrider seems like easier than the lightning cause it floats, I wonder if I could get a few ESF in there and a magrider, maybe we could nudge the tank up into the biolab trees.. that would be glorious
  8. Chewy102

    Use the Mana turrets to give a vehicle a boost over stuff. Place the turret and drive over that spot. It will either pop the vehicle on top of the turret (both unharmed and you can drive over it), flip the vehicle (lightnings tend to do this the most), or just blow up the turret (not often).

    That's how I got a Lightning in the VR firing range over that rock and set of stoppers at the side there. Once you get the lip of the tracks over something, it shouldn't take much to drive the rest of the way. MAXes can also charge a vehicle to push it. it takes a few MAXes to push a tank, but can be done to got one unstuck or over a bump.
  9. GhostAvatar

    Done it with a Prowler and a Ammo sunndy. Who needs Furys when you got Lockdown HE canon.