[Suggestion] Lightning coaxial weapons

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  1. ALN_Isolator

    ESFs cost just as much as a lightning and have the ability to use a secondary (rockets) in addition to their primary. Lightning strike should have the ability to mount coaxial weapons (meaning they're placed on the opposite side of the front of the tank turret)

    Lightning coaxial weapons:
    Renegade-L (yes, the flash shotgun)
  2. FateJH

    ... just give me a Basilisk or Kobalt and let's call it a day. Why not just ask for a second turret?
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  3. ALN_Isolator

    Looks a bit strange
  4. Ronin Oni

    And a mortar "coax" next to a smaller 75mm Viper wouldn't look stranger? o_O

    Yes to Kobalt. ALL tanks should have Kobalt coax IMO.
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  5. ColonelChingles

    So ESFs get rocketpods, ATGMs, A2A missiles, and other goodies. A measly LMG simply doesn't sound as fun as those other weapons.

    I want those other things! Lightnings ought to have rocketpods, ATGMs, and SAMs too. :)

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  6. ALN_Isolator

    Agree but I personally would go for a renegade on my HE lightning.
  7. Ronin Oni

    I suppose Renegade might be up for question, as could Basilisk.....

    but Kobalt is a safe and easy "Yes" I think few, if any, would complain about.

    Basilisk would augment AV damage during reloads, and Renegade would leave you with 2 OHK weapons on alternating reloads (in close, sure, of course, but still) so either has more chance of drawing grief from people.

    Kobalt would just make sure that a tank is never defenseless against infantry, which they never should be.
  8. Kristan

    I want my 12mm machinegun back. :)

  9. ALN_Isolator

    Agree with this somewhat too.

    Off topic: just went browsing the Connery sub reddit and saw that Reltor (leader of from what I can tell is a small hardcore outfit) had one of his officers, Tenecris, infiltrate, gain leadership of and kick 500+ people out of the server's leading outfit LVI. Think twice before accepting either of these people into your outfits, do not join theirs and UNDER NO CURCUMSTANCES LET THESE PEOPLE HAVE ANY KIND OF LEADERSHIP IN YOUR OUTFIT!
  10. Sagabyte

    How about the lighting gets...


    ...AND coaxial machine guns?
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  11. Pikachu

    Renecade is 1HK. Anyway what about a walker as option? Kobalt, renegade, asilisk, walker. Btw I wish kobalt-l and renegade-l would be stronger than standard. Heck replace kolbalt-l with kestrel-l (no armor damage). Btw what about cas-14e, too powerful?
  12. Ronin Oni

    Walker?? LMFAO, yeah, that wouldn't be OP at all

    The only thing keeping infantryside from rage blasting that thing until it was nerfed to oblivion is it's angle of fire, and that most of the time you can't shoot at infantry with it, unless the vehicle gets you on a downslope.

    If it was coax on a tank turret, that would make it the best AI gun in the game I think.

    Kobalt is a definite yes. They need to do this IMO. It's very very badly needed. Fixing velocities oin HEAT and HE helps make those weapons relevant, but tanks still need a boost for AI work, and Kobalt would be a skill based, no splash spam way of offering that.

    Renegade would be... interesting. Honestly I feel like it'd be basically inferior most of the time since you don't typically want to be that close to infantry (though an HE vanguard with Renegade CoAx and Canister top gun might be terrifying) but the issue I see with it is that IMO, the best thing about having the AI point defense of Canister is popping C4 fairies, but being CoAx it would never aim high enough. It'd also be sure to still piss off infantry players with it's OHK when tank drivers do get gutsy/ballsy enough to get close enough to use it, and an HE + Renegade Lightning would probably become a popular infantry farmer as you'd have a OHK shot on alternating reloads....

    I'm not against it, I just sense issues and complaints about the way it'd get used, and don't think it'd help as much with the current issues.

    Baslisk is what all AV focused tanks would pick, to augment their AV damage while reloading..... I'm not strictly against this either, but that's something to keep in mind.

    I do support all 3 being an option, but that would require more UI changes to accomodate to allow selection (in the case of MBT's where they already have 2 weapon slots)

    Just making Kobalt a standard coax for all tanks would remove any additional complications.

    Maybe start with Kobalt, and then if they want to do more work to add in the UI customization required for adding others.

    Another option I saw put forward was to actually put CoAx guns in the Optics slot, and instead of weapon swapping to a second weapon, then it'd be fired with RMB instead of toggling optics.... I'd rather not give up optics either, but it would be an option.....
  13. Pikachu

    Walkef op againsg infangry? You jusg woke up? o_O
  14. Ronin Oni

    I never woke up in the first place....

    I feel like I haven't slept in... how old is my daughter?

    8 months.... I feel like I haven't slept in 8 months...

    Maybe not OP... it is effective...

    In any case, my main point about it stands... it's useless as AA when fixed to main turret
  15. ALN_Isolator

    Such Matrix, much wow, it is inevitable Mr. Oni (tried to autocorrect to one!)
    No cas-14e or other AA because why ever buy a skyguard then? Also the elevation wouldn't work on a coaxial.
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  16. ColonelChingles

    Really the only good thing about the Walker against infantry targets is the high velocity. Makes hitting infantry easier.

    Walkers also have an extra 50RPM against the Kobalts.

    But Walkers are worse in terms of damage per shot, magazine size, and the most important one, CoF. Kobalts aren't the "lasers" that they used to be, but their 0.2 starting CoF is about a third of the Walker's 0.65. If the gunner can burst-fire the Kobalts, they are much more accurate.

    We should really just get laser Kobalts back. :p
  17. Pikachu

    Buy slkyguatd becaise skyguard is a lot vbetter than walker. <_< Cas-14e is not AA. Its the dpowngraded banshee founf on vLkyrie.
  18. Pikachu

    Qlso kobalt should be 250 damage and 600rof. Currently its just a gauss saw with more sustaoned accuracy. -.-
  19. ALN_Isolator

    I don't Valk so I guess shame on me but also no. Unless the Airhammer becomes a Vanguard primary I think not. Dear god the ragetells I would get....
  20. Ronin Oni

    THe CAS is a downgrade of the NERFED Banshee....

    It's so bad, it's worse than the bad Banshee.

    It's terrible. Really, really, terrible.

    I'd laugh at anyone that took it.