[BUG] Lightning AP Glitch

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Crysander, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Crysander

    Have noticed a glitch with specifically the Lightnings AP cannon, but could affect other vehicles/cannons as well. Shots fired are not registering any damage, and seems to me to be linked with the engineers repair tool. When a repair tick coincides with the shell hitting, no damage is dealt. Either that or it's something to do with deployed vehicles as I have had it happen on both Prowlers and Sunderers but not on other Lightnings/ESF (maybe they just have too little health) or on anything that is generally in motion. If possible I will attempt to record a video of this occuring.
  2. Crysander

    Have in fact just this moment had a TR ask why I stopped attacking him at red health. The glitch occured while he was out repairing his Lightning and my attacks were landing but seeming to do no damage, and I was receiving no hit notification. He then messaged me and mentioned that the hp was dipping on his side whilst he was repairing but to me there was in fact no effect what so ever.
  3. Crysander

    Have had this happen numerous times today/this evening. Have recorded video that I shall upload over night as I don't want to give up valuable game time to sit and watch a bar go up. It is almost definitely related to repairing at the same time, or the deploy feature, or both. One video shows me attacking a deployed Sunderer being repaired and has a shot do no damage on impact. The other shows me attacking a parked galaxy and a shot actually goes through the Galaxy (no explosion graphic) and does no damage.

    Many of them are in the heat of battle and I haven't had a chance to hit the record button - it's a shame these are the damn convincing ones! Will try and get a very clear one, but I dare not leave the recording running all the time as it eats HDD space.
  4. AnnPerkins

    I knew lightning AP damage felt weak but I didn't realize it might be because of this.