[BUG] Lighting Cannon not working

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by KraggTheGrim, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. KraggTheGrim

    That was a fun surprise. Flank the enemy during a siege, take my first shot to kill a cluster of infantry to find out my cannon is not firing anything out the barrel. Figure maybe it was a mistake, continue firing, still nothing. Just for fun i run away park next to a rock, fire again, no damage what so ever to myself.

    How did the patch break the Lighting cannon? The Lighting is not even in the patch notes, it should not have been effected at all.

    SOE needs to QC their patches a bit more. Seems like an easy spot. How did no dev notice that the Lighting tank was no longer dealing damage?
  2. Sanz

    This is happening to me too. After the first one completely failed to register a single hit on anything, including the ground 3 feet in front of my tank, I waited and spawned another one. Same thing. The cannon itself makes a nice graphic firing visual, but nothing actually shoots out of it. It's like I'm firing Blanks.
  3. PurpleOtter

    Currently this is affecting all tanks and defensive turrets except the Magrider....known bug that has been reported to SOE.
  4. Keiichi25

    It's also account/client specific... Not all users are getting it, but it affects Main Gun Turret based systems like the Lightning, 2 of the 3 MBTs, and the Base Turrets.

    You are still able to use the gun, but it requires LITERAL point blank shooting (Ran a Vanguard butt up against three things and fired, registered a hit) The other guns, like 2-5 positions on the Gal, 2-3 positions on the Lib or 2-3 on the sunderer and 2nd position in the MBTs are still functional as well as the Mana Turret. But this does, unfortunately, ***** at least half, if not more than half, of the armor and base defensive capabilities.