[Suggestion] light max (device)

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Candarian, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Candarian

    it could be a device or a new max
    if it is a device than
    it take the special ability space and block the armor space
    it reduce the hp of the max as well
    but it increase the running speed
    the guns stay the same
    and the light max get a jump ability(very long cooldown but it let u jump on walls/little buildings where normaly only the la class get to)
    if it is a new max its mor or less the same

    the light max would have the same firepower as the max but it trade hp for mobility
  2. Exonis

    The harder you think about it the more OP it becomes, this could be ZOE all over again - UNLESS - you either got infantry weapons or ONLY 1 max weapon.

    Post Edit:
    Don't take me as a hater, the idea of a Light Mechanized Assault eXoskeleton has been lingering for quite some time now;
    I would personally love to see such a vehicle to be brought into play, but balance can be a bit tricky with such things.

    Just imagine if we had the mech from District-9, so insane fun and epic but OP as ****.

    I drew this up a while ago.

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  3. _itg

    It could be fun to play a class like this, but people are already complaining because MAXes are supposedly a straight upgrade over infantry. That's not strictly true (although they are very strong) because MAXes are huge, slow targets. If you take away their low mobility, they ARE strictly better than infantry.

    I think the best chance this has of working is if the light MAX is a melee-only class. That combines two ideas people have been bringing up for ages and does it in a way that makes the class not a straight upgrade to infantry.
  4. KiakoLalene

    If this is the case, also reduce their damage resistance along with their HP. Also, give them one weapon instead of two, perhaps.

    Unfortunately, this would take a lot of work on SOE's part, so I doubt it will happen.
  5. WarmasterRaptor

    Dang man, this looks like a tool the light assaults could use!!

    Improved running and jumping :D
  6. DrBash00

    I also thought about this idea, of some "light max"...
    Why a MAX suit should only be able for tankyness... so in some way a "agile max" would be nice....

    SOE plans to bring out new knifes, so maby combinate the idea of the light max, with this idea...
    And form a light, very fast and agile melee only max (that is vulnerable like normal infantry)...
    This would add much more epicness 2 the game... ;-)