[Suggestion] Light Assaults, Teamwork and Med-tools.

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  1. Kulantan

    There is a lot of discussion about new and exciting abilities for Light Assaults. These suggestions try and make LA more synergistic with the rest of squads or more give them more PEW PEW. I personally think there are fundamental flaws in this thinking. Light Assaults have a lot to offer teams; flanking, C4, ignoring walls, beacon planting, flanking and ninja antics. LAs also have an amount of firepower that, while not overwhelming, is usable and needs to be carefully balanced against our mobility. What we don't do is play well with others.

    At the moment if a LA dies on a roof or a rock we stay dead. Since there isn't much point in being an LA if you don't at least use rooves to get to where you're going that is a serious problem. This is a problem since in planetside a squad can be defined as a group of people who coordinate and have medics. Without the option to rez people you may as well be zerging. Your squad looses cohesion and people have to walk back from a spawn (perhaps across hostile ground). LAs who are doing their job can't be rezzed.

    One solution to this is the idea that LA utility should be some kind of "bring squad mates to the roofs". I don't think this is a good idea at all. There is a reason we have carbines not ARs, sniper rifles or LMGs and letting ARs, sniper rifles and LMGs on the rooves is just going to create problems. It would also dilute the role of LAs by letting more effective killing classes to compete with LAs for rooftop sniping rights.

    So if we can't bring medics to the rooves what can be done? Light Assaults can be given the ability to rez people. This would enhance their team role by creating meaningful teamwork for LAs on rooves rather than just competing for kills. LAs shouldn't have healing in their rez tool and they shouldn't be able to rez people at more than 20%. Instead I suggest that a LA rez would have a cooldown which is what certs can upgrade. This is so that it doesn't compete too strongly with medic's rezzes. It also means that LAs will still need to go and find their squad medics to heal them, unless they are packing medkits.

    I suggest a nanite jumper cable aesthetic for them.

    I'd love to hear some feedback for this undoubtedly horrible idea.

    TLDR: LAs don't play well with others and shouldn't. They should play well with other LAs which means giving them a rez.
  2. PaperPlanes

  3. Boroming

    I like the idea of resser tool for LA, but it should work only on other LA and on a long cd. So you can effectively flank with a mini squad of LA. You still can't play well with other classes but at least you play with other LA
  4. ih8Darian

    3 words: Nanite Revive Grenade
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  5. Iridar51

    Wouldn't it be better not allow LA rez anyone, but to allow anyone to rez LA? Just walk to corpse and press [USE].
    Something along the lines Built-in Revival System.
    What I love about all of these suggestions, is that we know they will never ever be implemented, but we post them anyway. I did, too.
  6. Kulantan

    I'm conflicted about that. If it was the only way LA would ever get a rez that would be fine. But it wouldn't hurt LAs to have a little more stuff that works with everyone else.
    Yeah, that isn't a bad idea. I have two concerns though. First is that using a bouncing grenade on rooftops might be a tad annoying. Second is that it would be yet another thing we have to give up to be the best LAs we can be. We already have to give up med-kits as soon as we can cert C4. I mean you could choose not to take C4 but I don't know many who do. Maybe if we got access to every type of grenade and could carry two types at a time. Focus the LA on being an explosives throwing mad man.
    That is a pretty good option. Nanites running on the jetpack power supply or something. It would solve the issues of competing with medics quite handily. However as I said above, I'd quite like the extra utility of a rez. But this would be my number two preference.
    Heh, yeah. But they will do a revamp eventually and add something. When that times comes I just want people suggesting some options other than ziplines/jumpads/teleporters/ladders/papooses that address the problems of LAs fighting on rooftops.
  7. Leo Cyrule

    I don't think that a LA should be allowed to revive themselves. I do play LA a lot, and I know how quickly they die. But I also know how much of a huge threat they can turn into. Now for the LA you killed, to suddenly jump back to life is immediately a game breaker.

    The revive grenades will be enough to res a light assault.
  8. ih8Darian

    If you learn how to throw on rooftops, like from going on the test server and really trying this out, it's quite easy (unless the roof is not flat). And I've actually seen a lot of pros switch from c4 to maxed out med kits, although they only use them in infantry favored places, like towers and bio labs where c4 isn't all that necessary. I would love to carry two types of grenades though, because as it stands we're a pretty bad class although we constantly get cried for nerfs because of shotguns :/
  9. Kulantan

    No one has suggested this. All of the suggestions mean that LAs can rez other LAs, not themselves. Yeah, it would be pretty broken to have people could rez themselves.

    Honestly I've never tried throwing grenades on a roof. The playing the throw animation would mean dying in most cases where you'd want to use nades. I'll have to give it a try to see how doable roof nading is.

    I run into way to many MAXs in biolabs and tower to give up my precious C4.
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  10. Thrustin

    I've had a similar idea (http://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/index.php?threads/la-items.97248/), with the only difference that meds/rest. kits get moved to an other slot from C4 and be applicable to other team members. That way, small groups of LA's can stay alive for a little longer without having to run to the nearest medic.

    However, I think actually being able to revive LAs is a little over the top.
  11. Lance007

    No no, other LAs would rez that dead LA, not the dead LA rez himself.