[Suggestion] Light assaults should have access to the battle rifle

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  1. Taemien

    I'll ask again, what does engagement range have to do with anything? Lay it out in detail for the record.
  2. Kristan

    Because I said that would make class omnipotent and that means other classes lose their meaning. Each class should have their benefits and downsides. It's bad if every class can do whatever other classes do. Isn't that simple enough for you or you need huge TL;DR sheet to understand that?
  3. Taemien

    You might want to break it down.

    I'm not seeing how a Battle Rifle on the Light Assault will suddenly have all of Planetside 2 switching to that set up. I really don't.
  4. Kristan

    I'm not seeing how a Rocket Launcher on the Infiltrator will suddenly have all of Planetside 2 switching to that set up. I really don't.

    Do you see the logic I'm trying to bring? No? Too bad!
  5. Taemien

    We're not talking about class tools, but primary weapons. And a primary weapon that is NOT class exclusive.

    The reason you don't want to explain your logic is because it simply doesn't exist. I've asked three times and you failed to provide. So my suggestion is to sit this one out. You're out of your league here.
  6. Kristan

    What? You guys are telling me "It's gonna be nice to snipe things and fly on a jetpack". So your "not talking about class tools" is utter BS in the first place.

    It's you who failed to understand my answers, it's yours problem. I don't want to make a huge TL;DR spreadsheet explaining exactly why in tiny details because I see no point if you guys can't understand it in simple shorter terms.

    LA was designed to fight in bases, storm buildings, it's brawler. Battle rifle has no meaning there. It's like you want to give a warrior class from other MMO ability to shoot magic or shoot from a bow. But if you want to go outdoor and snipe things maybe you should consider to switch to classes that actually suited for outdoor combat. It's not big deal to swap, you know!

    Bot nooo! You're being a capricious kid in a toy store crying for a toy you don't actually need.
  7. 4wry

    When it comes to LA having long range weapons I have divided opinions. Sometime I find myself in awesome spots as LA when I think.."if i just could be a sniper right now". The issue is that LA should not take over the infiltrators role as snipers and the current battle rifles would be too powerful in the hands of a LA with good aim.

    The blackhand is an intermediate, but its usefulness ends beyond a certain range, especially when the targets are dodging the shots.

    At the same time a long range alternative for the LA is something that could be added. My outline would be something using the archer as template. The LA-specific NS weapon would have a 2 headshot kill on infantry (1 head/ 1body for infils), but obviously no high damage to maxes (as any other BR). The rifle would have a refire time of ~1-2 secs (a bit faster than the archer), so that it could be used as a accurate weapon to pick of, but not spam, enemies at relative distance (beyond the blackhands usefulness). The limitation would be also that it will be outranged and outdamaged by snipers (1 headshot kill). The magsize should be ~2-5, and the ammo capacity fairly low (~25 maybe). Thus the LA would need to reload and travel in order to not be able to camp on a high spot for too long.

    Scopes: as other BR, not higher than 6x
    Barrel attachments: Compensator or flash supressor, not a silencer (unless it increases the amount of hits to kill)
    Standard attachments for the rail.
  8. Taemien

    Feel free to quote where I said that.

    First you list no facts (but claim to have them).
    Now you're resorting to personal attacks.

    That tells me you're not confident enough to defend your argument. So lets pick it apart further (and I'll wager you go for another personal attack in response).

    You're analogy is flawed, because in typical fantasy games (pen and paper, turn based, action based, RPG based, and MMO) the Warrior class is capable of using all weapons, including bows, crossbows, and even firearms where available (WoW, GW2). And magic being a classial ability which isn't what we are talking about here.

    You say the LA can storm buildings? Its a pity because most buildings containing objectives have doors you have to use to enter (windows were made too small long ago to prevent HE spam inside). In fact each continent probably only contains enough bases to barely be counted on two hands if even.

    So.. if a LA has to use the door like everyone else. How is it effective at storming them? It doesn't have access to weapons that every other class has access to (minus the infil which can't use carbines or shotguns). But every other class has access to its weapons (heavies and medics don't have access to carbines.. but I think we can all agree Assault Rifles and LMG's make up for that).

    I did suggest a base overhaul.. in THIS thread to help with that. I don't actually believe the Battle Rifle would help the class. It would give it long range punch in hills and rough areas. But that's it. It would help them. But wouldn't make them more viable outside cert/directive farming.

    But YOUR argument is quite interesting. The word you used was Omnipotent. I haven't seen that used to describe a class being Overpowered before. So I am assuming you know what the word means (I got to give benefit of the doubt till proven otherwise). Which means your argument is suggesting that a Light Assault equipped with a Battle Rifle would be the Be All and End All of Planetside 2. That everyone would immediately switch to that setup. That is by your definition. You didn't explain your point, so we have to go by the words you used.

    I think I'm not the only here that disagrees that the Light Assault would be the perfect uber class with a Battle Rifle. That it would be Omnipotent. But feel free to provide those facts to show otherwise.

    But like I said.. you'll probably resort to another personal attack and therefor proving me even more right. But maybe.. You'll recant such statements and tone down the wording to something a little more believable.

    My advice, just don't come back, lest embarrass your opinion further. As I said, you're a tad out of your league here.
  9. Kristan

    Which facts you're talking about?

    If you somehow manged to see a personal attacks in my post... have a real one. You're a little sensible princess who needs to man up and stop looking for personal attacks where is there is lack of them.

    You forgot towers. Towers have balconies which are vulnerable to attack when there are stalemates around stairs and people can't get up. LA's with shotguns might wreck some unexpected havoc and get straight to unprotected point. That's LA's role! Acknowledge it! Deal with it! Not to mention bases like Tech Plants, jumping over shields. Not to mention small outposts buildings that has entrance to the roof. So it's not only door restricted. And that's not what MAXes and other classes can do being dropped from Galaxy as you said in your previous statement.

    Omnipotent doesn't mean becoming overpowered. That's not my entire point. My point is that this class just don't need long range weapon at all. Because that's the role of other classes. And by omnipotent I mean that LA going to be able to engage all kinds of enemies at all ranges with ability of close range AV ability. And because of battle rifle on LA there would be zero point of swaping to Infiltrator or other classes that was actually suited for long range combat by default.

    And that's one of the reason there used to be a crusade against HAs. They are omnipotent with almost no downsides. And now you want to bring LA to this level. Great!

    And no I have not seen that warrior classes in other MMOs used bows and other kind of ranged weaponry. Yes, at some games it was possible to equip ranged weapons but it was ineffective due to lack of proper skills. Warriors were close combat brawlers using swords, spears, axes and maybe some attack magic. That's all. And that's who LA is.

    My advice - stop trying to belittle me and my opinion. That's you who acts like offended aristocrat who just dropped his monocle because someone dared to disagree with you and used a bit of smacktalk for that. Again, man up, princess.
  10. AxiomInsanity87

    Explain how every class gets the br except the la and explain how every class gets the smg then?

    The LA not having the BR is the elephant in the room.
  11. Geddes

    every class has access to shotguns except infiltrators.

    It doesnt take a rocket surgeon to realize that giving a sniper style weapon to a class that has nearly unlimited mobility would be strait up unbalanced.
  12. AxiomInsanity87

    It doesn't take a rocket SCIENTIST to realise how little this would impact the game.
  13. Taemien

    I don't even have to try. You're doing it on your own.

    He can't. He has to resort to personal attacks to get a point across. Still waiting on the spreadsheet he said he had.

    Its probably a salty cert farming tanker that got blindsided by C4 a bit too much. Now he's afraid of getting ganked by a BR equipped LA while repairing. That's my hypothesis anyway. One thing is for sure, he really really hates the LA and doesn't want them getting something as simple and negligible as a Battle Rifle.

    I gave him a chance to recuse and/or recant himself, instead he followed up with another personal attack. So now I'm going to have fun with him. His only recourse now is to leave the discussion, or report himself for personal attacks and take a warning to get a lock on the thread.

    He could try reporting me, but it won't go anywhere. I haven't resorted to attacking him directly. Though I have tore his points and counterpoints a new one. We'll see what he does. He's getting pretty salty though, he'll probably just dig the hole further with more attacks.

    No no, it would make them omnipotent. They'll be able to fire an uber round from their Battle Rifle at your warpgate on Esamir and take out 4 galaxies, 3 MBTs, and a dozen MAXes on Amerish.
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  14. AxiomInsanity87

    Yes 100%

    LA's would gain the ability to snipe across the map and ohk. They'd also gain the ability to penetrate otherwise solid structures and gain x ray vision.

    On a serious note, the LA is best used for shooting from vantage points so it only makes sense that it gets it. The HA excels at cqc very well and yet gets a BR AND SMG's to choose from, all thw while with a shield lol.

    I really do think that giving LA's the BR is a non factor really and the only people who are going to really notice any change are LA's and the masses of crap players who can't play to save their lives that we prey on lol.
  15. Caydn

    yeah its called a carbine der
  16. AxiomInsanity87

    Have you tried shooting people on semi auto with a carbine at about 30 metres?

    Good luck with that.
  17. Caydn

    Well Ive got the 19A Fortuna so I must have :p
  18. BurntMyWater

    The Blackhand is for LA and stalker infil. It's practically a semi-auto sniper that fits in your pocket.