Light Assaults do not need a buff

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Streetrip, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Streetrip

    Light Assaults do not need a buff - Bases need a nerf!

    The Light Assault is one of the most technical classes to play gameplay wise. Players using it must have good awareness, familiarity of the bases, be able to close within a certain distance to use their Carbine/C4/Shotgun, and suffer being on the lower end of the survivability level.

    That being said, a good Light Assault can Tear. It. Up. The mobility is awesome, it can breach base defenses and can wipe out unsuspecting defenders.

    One on one, the player who gets the drop, should win. A light assault should always get the element of surprise and do so well within the range of 15m. It should win a lot of one on ones (and it does). It should not need a buff in its lethality.

    However, Light Assaults are not succeeding at their role, which is the role of a commando/guerilla style of warfare. The medics are healing, engineers are repairing & resupplying, HAs are taking out vehicles and Infils are sniping & spotting. Light assaults are not causing havoc in bases enough.

    The typical scenario is that a Light Assault gets in, gets to its objective, but then gets overrun due to better equipped fighters, who are expecting a fight. Defenders know where to go because objectives have this one-by-one order of doing things. At an AMP station, you blow the generators governing the gate shields, then the shields into the base, then the SCU shield and SCU and so forth. That path is too linear for a light assault to be "surprising".


    I propose a better solution to make the Light Assault better at its role and not at its "killing ability". Make bases more vulnerable. Add in non-mission critical secondary objectives that make it more difficult to defend.

    Put in an objective and call it a heatsink/generator that when blown, will nerf the efficiency of turrets. So something like increasing the heat build up.
    Another objective like spawn servers that when blown, will increase the spawn delay at the base's SCU.
    Another would be to corrupt terminals. The Light Assault uploads a virus to one terminal that renders all the base's terminals null, preventing vehicles from being pulled out and soldiers from re-equiping. To fix it, defenders must find the affected terminal which has a static screen or something, then they have to blow it+repair it or hack it.

    Just add more objectives to bases than just Shield gen-> Shield gen-> Shield gen->SCU

    Of course there are workarounds like Sunderers, but Light Assaults should already be able to deal with that if it's close to a base.

    What I'm trying to say is, the enemy of the light assault is the base. It shouldn't get a buff against other players. Bases need a nerf.
  2. Meiu

    That isn't really fixing the issue as much as slapping on a bandaid because the issue with LA goes beyond simply the structure of bases.
  3. clantix

    bases need zero zilch nadda nerfs, they are thankless enough as it is "woohoo useless resources"
  4. Labad

    Light assault just need something else to choose from, i just want more build options then what gun you have and whether or not you've unlocked C4 yet.

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