Light Assault: What suit slot do you use? Still nanoweave?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Zephyr88, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. Zephyr88

    Is nano still the way to go?

    I am new to light assault.
  2. Axehilt

    Adrenaline Pump, as always. Movement speed is completely amazing in FPSes. Moreso in PS2 where the way latency works means that initiative is even more important than typical FPSes.

    Then again, I still feel the utility LAs bring to the table makes them a very underpowered class overall, only useful in a very narrow set of battle circumstances.
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  3. Zephyr88

    Hmm la is gimped. Hmm.

    Oh well AP I heard is weak but Ill try it since I am new to all this. Thanks.
  4. Iridar51

    For a new player nanoweave is the way to go.
  5. HerpTheDerp

    IF Adrenaline Pump increased ALL movement speed, not just sprint
    and IF the bonus was actually half-decent(20%?)

    Then yes.

    Otherwise it's garbage
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  6. GeminiSol

    I run with Extended mags. I'm mainly above people any ways no matter the weapon. Unless it comes to my CLAW. Then its Drifters and Nanoweave.
  7. Dimachaerus

    Grenade bandolier, more smoke, more frags, more FLASH.

    Yeah, I know, I'm a baddie, but flashing splat/mercy maxes then c4'ing them is just too good to pass up. Wish the flashbangs were as useful as conc nades though, wouldn't that be something?
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  8. Kronic

    Still nanoweave. Sometimes grenade bandolier or extra mags.
  9. Unclematos7

    I ditched Nanoweave for Adrenaline Pump some months ago.
  10. Stargazer86

    Generally extra ammo, sometimes Flak if I get sick of stepping on Bouncing Betties.
  11. asdfPanda

    Running advanced shield capacitor. I'm not sure how much it really helps, but getting those shields back up quickly sure feels nice.
  12. Megaman3300

    I tend to run ASC on my rooftop AMC and on my faceroll SMG builds, but NW4 on my Jag build to stay in 1v1s longer.
  13. BlamTown

    I roll with extended clips or whatever it's called. I've always found myself running out of ammo like crazy as LA since its survivability seems high (ie. being able to kill a few guys, jump out of a window and flank the others from the roof-- rinse and repeat), and you tend to be places support are not. But now with 300 rounds in a serpent I can kill a ton of people before dying or needing a resupply.
  14. Grimtou

    I am partial to ASC - I just feel it suits the LA playstyle very well, and I've always been of the opinion that if you needed the extra 250hp (or 20% resistance now), then you're playing the class wrong.

    Now that nano-weave no longer applies to head shots, I find it much less frustrating to fight against.
  15. Iridar51

    Depends on a playstyle, really. I'd say that if LA frequently exposes himself to fire, it means that he's spotted a lot, and eventually will be found and killed. But if LA seldom exposes himself to fire, he could use nanoweaves to survive those situations when he does.
    Whatever works, really. I've been running with ASC/Bandoleer myself since PU2, just to try something new. ASC is surely convenient, but I don't think there will be a situation when I'll think "boy, wish I had ASC equipped right now".
  16. Rogueghost

    I ditched nanoweave for ammo pouch, well worth it as my number one killer as LA was running out of ammo.
  17. asdfPanda

    Agreed, I got it on my VS and NC chars. I'm even considering rolling with it on my TR, if I'm going to be doing some serious tower stomping.
  18. Corezer

    ASC or bando

    Niether are all that good for general use, but these are the most polished turds

    NWA is inconsistent
    Our grenades suck (G bando)
    Adrenaline pump doesn't do diddly
    Others suck so bad I can't even remember them...
  19. OldMaster80

    Personally I think the Adrenaline Pump bonus can be barely noticed and I don't feel any advantage in combat. I went for the extra ammo.
  20. strongarm85

    In Biolabs I personally recommend Shield Recharge. You'll generally be fighting from rooftops where you can take shots at enemies before they can see you. Because you're also at a difficult attack angle you can generally get into cover very quickly once spotted, for that reason you can run shield recharge so that you can quickly get back in the fight.

    If you're trying to be the guy flying past enemy lines to plant C4 on enemy Tanks and Sunderers, flak armor is a very good choice.

    If you're a Squad Leader trying to plant a spawn beacon at the highest point of tower, than Nano-weave armor will help get you there. If you're just going to run into a room from and odd location and shotgun blast some fools you probably also want to run Nanoweave.

    If you're going to get in a good spot and outflank the enemy pick people off, then you need more ammo and grenades.

    Mainly it's a question of playstyle and finding out what works for you.

    Personally Adrenaline pump is not really worth it. The boost to your running speed is very minor. In most big base situations there are ways to quickly transport you across the map to where you need to go, which lowers it's usefulness.