[Guide] Light Assault versatile loadout

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Maxence822, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Maxence822

    Hello! I was testing out some loadouts for my Light Assault and came across one that is especially nice. I combined the GD 66 Claw pump action shotgun with the NS 44 L blackhand. This loadout has nanoweave armor, frag grenade, 2 x C4 and drifter jump jets. So the idea with this loadout is that it can be very versatile at almost all ranges at first and then at all ranges later on when you become more proficient in using the Drifter jets and Blackhand pistol effectively. I move around a ton while using this loadout and always keep the enemies guessing as to where I'll be next. This particular loadout is especially powerful in towers where the shotgun is by far the best weapon to use and the blackhand can be very useful as well. I have quite easily gotten up to a 12 kill streak with this loadout.
    If you don't like C4 or don't have it unlocked yet I would recommend the healing tool which instantly gives you all your health back when activated.
    The nanoweave can be changed to flak armor for survivability when fighting vehicles.
    Also (and I may do this in the future), the frag grenade may be changed to smoke for approaching enemies easily or to flash for breaching rooms.
    The pump action shottie could be replaced with the full auto or semi-auto although I never liked those much myself.
    This is my first guide so let me know how you like it!
    Thank you,