[Suggestion] Light assault utility slot+shared grenade

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Littlewhitehilt, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Littlewhitehilt

    My infiltrator post could apply to light assault as well.-minus corrosive grenade because you guys have c4.

    Light assaults are very lone wolf. They are centralized on mobility and are premier pilot candidates. Giving them team utility beyond picking off stray sheep from up high can be game breaking if not done well. I suggest in order to maintain balance we keep them very selfish.

    This is my suggestion; Fuel kits. They work like a regeneration kit for your jet pack.This could also be expanded to medics and infiltrators under the same name restoring cloak and Nano regeneration respectively.

    Also; repost cause my sound void grenade works for the play style of light assaults too

    So high tech space war right? Stealth and no suppressors viable right? Well how about a grenade that mutes everything in the radius. This might seem useless but think about the players who actually use headphones. Great for the moments you want a silencer. This would effect friendlies and enemies so it is a double edged sword with the same radius as smoke and healing grenades. BAM! MORE utility for infiltrators/light assaults allowing them to stay true to their role!.
  2. Iridar51

    How is this better than just increasing fuel capacity?
  3. Littlewhitehilt

    It is a trade off your med kits in exchange for more mobility. A straight buff to fuel capacity across all ranks would have no down sides. This is a post also to see how the community responds to the idea of regenerating abilities via consumables.
  4. Iridar51

    Carrying a consumable that replenishes ability energy seems too convoluted to me.

    To draw a parallel, imagine an item that goes into sidearm slot that you can equip and use to replenish ammunition in the primary weapon.
  5. Littlewhitehilt

    That would be a false parallel. At least in this game. The engineer class does just that without trading the sidearm. I see no reason you can't trade one fuel restoration type for another. That being said Fuel for infantry comes in a couple forms; Ammo shields health and finally ability nanites. At the moment they are interchangeable for what you would like to restore for your team. The exception is ability nanites. Increasing the up time and leaving healing to the medics would perhaps create more team play and allow harder pushes because of lower down time. Inconsequential buffs tend to harm games unless the topic in question is severely out of place in terms of performance in its intended position.
  6. Iridar51

    Health and shields are number one up time limiters. Ability energy restores fast on its own. And do you really expect players to equip a consumable and use it when they need energy the most? They're unlikely to have time for it. It works with med kits because your alternative is often to just die, and even then I sometimes find myself lost between fighting with a weapon or retreating with a med kit.

    It's totally normal for soldiers to have a way to regenerate own health. REQUIRING an attention of medic would create more frustration than teamplay. "Stop shooting enemies and heal me, you glorified healbot!".

    A consumable that would restore energy wouldn't be a worthy competitor for the utility slot. Med kits are used by people who don't have a regeneration implant, or those who want to abuse them for in-combat tanking. C4 is used by everyone else, and provides a huge utility boost.

    Ability energy simply isn't as important as these two options, especially considering you have plenty of it by default.
  7. Littlewhitehilt

    to your first point; While I agree that shielding health and ammo are more important that doesn't mean that ability energy is insubstantial in the impact of the game. While some people may not like relying on medics for said resources others, primarily ones willing to use explosives might be. Med kits are extremely strong and to the point that they render you invulnerable. Yes invulnerable. They can be timed to abuse an invulnerability frame that allows you to heal 2 bars per kit. That means that each kit is 450-900 hp. It needs work.

    Second point; In real life medics cease damage before treating the wounded in order to stop more wounded from coming into the portfolio. It wouldn't be much different here except that our medics can multi task with sci fi auras. Heck they bring entire squads back from the dead. If a player is so enraged that he is reliant on the medic he can simply change his reliant for the more selfish medkit. I call medkits selfish because they are sustain that doesn't help push compared to an explosive that has the potential to destroy a vehicle cut off a choke point or destroy a squad.
  8. Iridar51

    I completely agree that med kits are broken in their current form, but your suggestion does nothing to change that.
    The easiest fix would just be to remove med kits and leave only resto kits as an option, buffing them a bit to restore more total health.
    Sustain can help push. Sustain keeps you alive and in the fight, and while you're there - you can push. A matter of implementation. For example, for a long range support loadout, med kits will be more useful than C4, especially for non-light assault class.

    Yes, it makes sense for a medic to clear the area first, and then tend to the wounded. But few people see it like that. How often do you see people complaining about medics not healing/reviving? All the ******* time. To the point that people would TK a particularly ignoring medic.
  9. Littlewhitehilt

    Missing the point. I acknowledged yes people will prefer current format of medkits. That doesn't mean that implementation of my item won't speed up the game in moments where you don't need the kits or the shields because you have all the mitigating factors of attrition available in a 48 man fight. So what is left? Energy. My post isn't to fix med kits at all. It is to add more options that also speed up game play. Down time makes fps games suck.
  10. Commando235

    This wouldn't really benefit the Light Assault in the area it needs help in- team support.
  11. Littlewhitehilt

    Its team support is the ability to re position and breach from the flank. It doesn't need the staying power to front line. It doesn't need long ranged weapons ( albeit might be awesome). It doesn't need team support for the heavies. It doesn't need more AV. Those are the roles of the other classes.

    People think that it is the CQC infiltrators job to make the enemy worry about their flank. No that is not the case the is the job of even a CQC infiltrator. While yes they can ambush they are much better assisting from the front while covering their flank with radar support. Flanking is support. It makes the enemies tilt. Many of you probably play league of legends or dota so you are aware of how annoying a good rotation is from a mobile player with cc. That is exactly what the light assault is, a mobile CC machine with good dps. It has a huge aoe blind or defensive smoke. The only issue with it is that smoke needs work. My suggestion as mentioned was intended to make you accelerate at your role even more so you could play with a guerrilla play style without as much downtime.
    I feel like you are under estimating the potential of your nanites being regenerated.
  12. Commando235

    There are two forms of support in Planetside- Direct and passive.
    Examples of direct support- Combat Medic's healing gun and the Engineer's repair gun. They immediately help the team.
    Example of passive support- Infiltrator's motion sensor or the Combat Medic's healing dome shield.
    The Light Assault has the direct- rapid assault weaponry such as carbines, SMGs and shotguns and C4. They don't have a way to support the team over a long period of time. They are only extremely effective in certain situations such as when there are Sunderers around or during a tower assault. When do you hear your platoon or squad leaders say "Hey guys pull Light Assault." Only when there are Sunderers that are unreachable.
    The way the Light Assault can support passively is by scouting around enemy positions and collecting intelligence. We don't have any gear for that. That is were the problem lies. Light Assault doesn't need more firepower or more anti vehicle capabilities.
  13. Littlewhitehilt

    Honestly the roles of passive overall team support are best left to the infiltrator medic and engineer. Assault classes are meant to be the main dps that smashes the frontline and/or flank. Asking for utility outside of that purpose would intrude in the territory of the other roles.

    Light assaults are pulled by more experienced outfits and should be part of a core push. Bringing up inexperienced commanders doesn't mean that the Light assault is deserving of utility or a tool that doesn't help push. If you want to scout you have the QCX with detect bolts. If you want to snipe you have the heavy pump shotguns with slugs.(yes I know gimmick, but it is so because it can't be made to outperform the sniper rifle.) Light assaults played well with any amount of elevation possible are very effective. In addition to that as squad leads they can re-position an entire squad to higher elevation. So as mentioned just because one group of people underestimate the potential doesn't mean that it needs to intrude in another classes territory.

    Proper options for the light assault are sustain, crowd control and mobility. This is their realm. My original post is a format of sustain.