[Suggestion] Light Assault Update: LAWS

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  1. Ronin Oni

    I agree LA's don't need LAWs

    They do need something though... preferably a teamplay support gadget of some sort for a tool slot.
  2. BadLlama

    I don't think infantry need any more anti-vehicle options to be honest and I am not whining about infantry vs tanks or whatever just there are literally lots of things infantry get to damage tanks already.

    I think LAs should get some sort of laser targeter that lets squad members hit targets more easily, ALA tribes laser targeter.
  3. Metalsheep

    The idea i had behind the LAWS was to give LA an alternative to C4 that emphasizes their flanking playstyle, the LAW does shoddy damage to the frontal armor of a tank, but is much more effective when used to strike a tanks flank/top/rear.

    Aside from the AV Mana turret (which is kinda broke), HA and MAX units are the only primary AV classes, especially uncerted.
  4. Champagon

    Light Assaults should not be able to take out a MBT PERIOD

    It boggles my mind how an LA is more effective than a HA in taking out MBT's
  5. Icedude94

    The best AV role for a light assault is to find a high up place to hide and camp the vehicle terminal.

    Their jumps jets already make them an extremely valuable squad support asset for flanking maneuvers. The underlying issue is that the majority of people don't know how to work together to make this happen in their squads or don't know how to be a squad light assault. The jump jets allow you to get over enemy squads that are fixed into a single position and drop C-4 on them from above which wipes out the squad better than a perfectly timed HE round.

    This is why people are looking for a dumbed-down teamwork role that doesn't involve jump jets or uses them very little. They're trying to make it so obvious and the XP incentive big enough that people in their squads who play light assault might actually follow their orders.

    If you think light assaults are a lone wolf class, then you lack creativity.

    If you want to have a good squad light assault, make sure your squad stays close together and you always have an infiltrator shooting darts or better yet, putting down those motion spotters.

    Light assaults need that intel to boost their situation awareness so they can better plan their flanking maneuvers. Don't attack until your squad has the enemy "fixed." This means the enemy is focused on looking down and/or firing down a single direction(at your squad).

    If you do this right, the incentives are already there. As a light assault you can go on crazy high kill streaks. Because you stay close to the squad and help them advance, you're guaranteed to get revived by the squad medic as the squad pushes through to take advantage of the damage you inflicted. Squad engineer will always be nearby to give you ammo.

    Anything else shows up to ruin your day like a bunch of heavy assaults, a MAX, or any kind of vehicle, the rest of the squad is there to deal with it to protect your precious K/D stats.
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  6. Metalsheep

    The problem i have with the LA as a class is that 80% of all capture points are indoors inside a building where LAs cant make much use of their jumpjets and flanking mobility. Once you get a LA indoors inside one of these rooms, they become a Engineer without ammo, repairs or a turret. The only thing they have is Flashbangs, which can be easily replaced by a more effective Heavy with Conc Nades.

    LA still need something that they can provide a squad even in these indoor environments that would make them welcome and desired. I know my outfit doesnt even allow LAs during our OPs unless we are suicide rushing a sunderer enmasse to C4 it.

    I feel a system like a LAW could give them a bit of flexability indoors that wont make them totally frowned upon. As LAWS could be useful against MAXs at the least.
  7. Icedude94

    My outfit always has a light assault in squad during ops, especially if there's an indoor cap point.

    Here's a big friggin hint: Keep the light assault outside the point and outside the building.

    Enemies will always bunch up outside the doorways of the building when your squad inside uses those doors as chokepoints.

    Use the motion spotter your infiltrator sets down(you use infiltrators for point holds, right?) so that your light assault can remain out of sight and out of danger. He'll be able to see on his minimap when enemies are bunched up and what direction they're facing.

    With enough practice, then without any communication needed, when the light assault makes his move and drops down outside the building, he'll kill at least a few people and cause chaos and disorder. Then your squad will know to push outside the building and wipe out the rest of the enemies outside.

    If your light assault did his job, most of the enemies outside will have their repair tools and medic guns out and you can wipe them all out and revive your light assault.

    The key to doing point holds against a larger force of defenders is to never let them group up into large enough numbers outside to rush you on point.

    You deal with smaller groups and completely wipe them out to send them back to the spawn room.

    The light assault is also the perfect flanker for dropping behind lone enemies right as they enter the building. This way you don't have those 1 v 1 fights on the stairways where if your guy falls, one enemy will get in and shoot a bunch of your people in the back.

    Don't even get me started on using light assaults to assist squads get inside on point assaults...

    People who whine that the light assault has no role in organized teamplay are just bad light assault players who haven't figured it out yet.
  8. SacredRay

    Have you guys watched the PS2 trailer? Where the Light Assault battles through hell to get the Squad Beacon down?

    I think their innate ability is to drop some type of beacon, not spawning, but instead compliments soldiers near it. Maybe faster cap times, or some sort of module that highlights enemies through walls (like the Oracle from CoD: Ghosts). Nothing that overlaps with another classes ability though.

    Or they can deploy remote controlled drones that have a light 10mm gun.

    Or deploy a jammer that disables the enemy minimap. Combined with Flashbangs this could be a very good synergy with a Light Assaults nature.
  9. Icedude94

    Also in that trailer, a whole bunch of them jump down from a cliff, land BEHIND the TR force and proceed to kick butt. I think it even shows them killing the support guys and running around an enemy MAX. I've done that as a light assault so that my squad can more easily kill enemy MAXes.

    Edit: If my jump jets allowed me to ascend as fast as in the trailer, and thus escape after successful flanking attacks, light assaults would get more kills than MAXes when my squad does point holds.