Light Assault, The only way to go.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by NeverWas, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. NeverWas

    You can never handle their awesomeness. Discuss.
  2. Ayre

    For any fresh meat, keep your vanilla carbine and get 2x reflex -> c4 -> forward grip for maximum carnage. The person with the best positioning wins, followed by latency and then skill. Get the best position, you have a jet pack. Be creative.
  3. Hodo

    The Light Assaults biggest strength is the player who plays it ability to think outside the box.

    I like to compare myself and other LAs to the Fallschirmjager of WWII, and the British Paratrooper, the American Airborne Infantry. They go were others dream of going, and come back to tell the tale.
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  4. Mazzio

    I dislike the 2x reflex on light assault as forward grip gives you good enough accuracy to hipfire on closer ranges and 3.4x laser gives you much better accuracy on longer ranges. I would also suggest putting some points to jetpack before going c4 as jetpack is the only thing absolutely vital to succeed with LA.
  5. Siilk

    Once you go jetpack, you can't go back. Go, LA!:cool:
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  6. FA_Q2

    Virtually the only class I play as because they are that awesome.

    I suggest the shotgun though. Dive-bombing (jet up and then land right on top of the enemy - even if they are actively shooting you) and dropping behind the lines with a shotgun is EXTREMELY effective. Fire control and liberal use of your jetpack is just beastly in this game.
  7. Morro

    Usually the bad LA players can be seen fighting inside buildings and on the ground when they should be finding odd spots to jet pack up to. Most people seem to be unable to grasp the fact that the volatile device strapped to their back can make them fly.
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  8. Fuzze Wuzze

    The only thing that stops me from killing people for 30 minutes straight is running out of ammo.

    I love sneaking up behind a team, flying up into the base their defending and killing/blowing stuff up.

    Only problem as i said though is i always run out of ammo after i 4-5 people. Many times i even run out of Pistol ammo and run around knifing people which always ends in death lol.

    I dont like that the Ammo certs is shared in the same category as another important cert....
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  9. FA_Q2

    That is the point though, to make you make hard choices. I like it that way TBH. Makes you make real decisions and curves the power in multiple directions. It would be a poor system if every choice was obvious or there were significantly better options in each slot.
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  10. Grantrithor

    idk, medic is pretty boss with the greatest primary weapon in the entire universe and the ability to revive people like some kind of priest.
  11. ascetis

    x3 grenades (bandolier)
    x2 C4
    Silenced vanilla rifle

    You can bring down a sundy and everyone around it in a matter of seconds without ever blinking the radar. Its like LA meets HA and inf all at once
  12. Overrwatcher

    I love just grabbing a shotgun with double mag, certing into jetpack and C4, and then absolutely murdering everything by going behind the front lines. Best spot is Zurvan's towers, as you can easily pick up 5-6 kills there.
  13. furballhero

    How do you kill Light Assault? you just lead them a little more. :D
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  14. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    NC guys, whats the best combo to use for LA -weapon of choice and scope, im at work and atm and only installed the game just now, but want to carve up as soon as i get home?
  15. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    has anything been nerfed since BETA?? im an ALPHA squad member btw
  16. MorteDeAmgelis

    Imo as a all time awesome LA player (not trying to make me looks like an uber pro or anything :rolleyes:) The Merc + Silencer + Forward Grip / Laser Sight is my ultimate killing machine :).
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  17. Eyeklops

  18. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    Awesome might give it a go! but im nervous with the laser Sight as it beams a ray and everyone can see it! Or do you mean the laser reflex scope which doesnt let out the beam?
  19. Witchkrapht

    Give me the Shotgun w/ Extended Mag and some C4 and I'm good to go! Fuggin' Tank Hunter!
  20. FA_Q2

    I know. There is nothing more satisfying than making a double kill on a MBT. Just something about it that gives you a warm fuzzy and I have killed FAR more tanks as LA than I can ever hope to as HA. Grated, a team of 6 or 7 HA will melt tanks but LA is fun and you can go in and take that puppy out alone while your squad does other things.
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