[Suggestion] Light Assault Needs a Tool

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  1. cobaltlightning

    I may be a bit late to this forum, and this may have already been said, but, uhm...

    The Tool for the Light Assault is their Jetpack(s).

    Could the jetpacks be expanded? Sure, I'm all for it, but it's their jetpacks that makes them that class. Their ability is their tool.

    Think: How often do you use your jetpack when playing Light Assault?
  2. Iridar51

    Jet pack is an ability. Goes into ability slot. Tool is a tool. A wieldable device that goes into tool slot.

    Ability = tool sounds incredibly arbitrary, considering LA is the only class to be limited to that. Every other class has a tool and an ability. We have just the ability. So yes. You are late, and this has been said by a thousand clueless people before you, who have been just as wrong.
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  3. Kcalehc

    Spotting only spots the target for you, and friendlies within a certain distance of you. This would spot the target for any friendlies within a certain distance of it. Which is quite different.

    I feel it meshes with LA, as the most mobile class, LA can often act like a skirmisher - which were traditionally used as both hit and run attackers, and light reconnaissance troops. The LA has a greater ability than most to get to a position to reveal enemy forces.
  4. VonStalin

    LA is like Predator.
    1. Predator vision tool. Functions same as thermal, but predator style effect.
    2. Suicide bomber.... Same as infiltrator dropping mines in the middle of enemies.
    3. Climbing boots. No hills or walls will be too steep for you any more..
    4. "Spider web" Deployable - slows enemies down, so you can shoot them from above more easily.
    5. Zip line. Shoot zip line to the next tree and just glide across.
    6. Hunter zip line. Shoot it to the enemy and drag it closer.... Could be good for dropping snipers off the cliff. Troll tool.
    7. Electric shock. Shoot the dart to the enemy to paralyze him for 2 sec. Troll tool.
    8. Hunter skin. Be invisible for thermal optics.
    9. Hunter jump. Basically same as Icarus jump from BF Star Wars. Jumps forward 45* degree 50 meters, no delay.
    10. Poisonous gas nade. Deals damage 5 meter radius for 5 secs. Green smoke. Good for choke points.
    11. Fireworks nade. Man.. you dont wanna be in that room when it goes off.. Low damage, much view, much smoke, much bang.
    12. Teleport nade. Throw it there, where you want to be instantly teleported to.
    13. Sword. Yup.. A sword. Katana like. Warframe etc... Charge attack 500dmg. 360* attack. Etc.. Crazy. Looks good. Skins, sounds $$$ for DBG.
    14. Throwing knives or stars. Ninja like.
    15. I will just stop myself here..

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  5. Iridar51

    Not that different.

    I just don't want LA to move from a class without a tool to a class with the weakest, most useless tool that doesn't even do anything on its own.

    "Target Designator" is something that can be a passive cert line that LA gets "for free" - much like infil's hacking and medic's triage - and expands the functionality of normal spotting.

    Just compare this to the sheer utility of motion spotter or rocket launcher.
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  6. Wind_Walker

    What do YOU think of the platform/ zipline/ speed boost I proposed earlier in this thread? I'm curious of what a dedicated LA thinks
  7. Iridar51

    Platform = sticking to walls, and I don't like sticking to walls. I don't see any point to it, other than to perform some cheesy camping, like what people do when they stand on top of a doorway and wait for enemies to come through.

    Light Assault is aggressive advance on enemy positions, it is not camp from range. I believe Halo's version of jet pack allowing to stabilize mid-air for a few seconds to shoot is a better alternative.

    Zipline - depends on implementation. The main property of the tool, in my opinion, is that it should be useful to both LA himself and his allies.

    If zipline = a hooked rope that allows other players to climb walls, then I don't like it. LA can do it without the rope, and it just gives away LAs only advantage to other players. Thanks, but I don't want any more HAs on rooftops than there already are.

    However, if zipline is a sort of long range energy cable, that connects two remote points, even horizontally, and allows both LA and his allies to use the zipline to rapidly move and jump down when necessary, like in Titanfall, then I see it being much more useful.

    Though I feel like a deployable jump pad fills the same purpose much easier, without the need to implement new stuff.

    But I'm not sure how good either of this would be for the game, which is already pretty hectic. I very much prefer PS2 to battlefield exactly because players don't spawn out of thin air. A deployable jump pad would ruin it. Though I guess it wouldn't be a problem if everyone who used it would emit a loud faction specific sound and have graphic FX around them, like when jump out of a galaxy.

    Speed boost seems kinda weird. We already can't shoot while sprinting, why not just give us faster sprint speed then?
  8. Kcalehc

    Well I think it is, spotting becomes less and less useful the further away from allies you get. Either way, not a huge sticking point.

    Good point, and I agree that perhaps 'advanced spotting' or somesuch would work better as a passive ability; which puts us back to square one with no tool. :/

    A wild suggestion: that LA is somewhat like a commando unit (SAS, Rangers, Spetsnaz) and can do much of what the rest of an army can, just not in as specialized a way. That the LA gets access to all the other classes tools (AI turret, med device, repair tool, rocket launcher, recon dart gun), has to cert into them separately from their other classes, but can only use them at half effectiveness (in the case of rocket launcher, fewer rounds of ammo say, and only the default launcher). This would make teams of LA's particularly effective, but each by himself much worse than taking the specialized class. Probably not though.
  9. SQPD

    Possibly a rappel tool? I don't know how effective that would be. The LA would throw it down a cliff and his teammates could rappel down the cliff. The LA would get some XP for every teammate who rappels down the cliff. It seems more like a Sunderer tool to me though.
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  10. Joe_da_cro

    LA doesnt need a tool it just needs a F ability to counter the placable motion spotters.

    think of it as the medic aoe heal instead of healing and having a radius. it just uses energy making the LA invisible to sensors.
  11. Corezer

    so like chaff?

    what about something like the scrambler in black ops? infil can counter with emp?

    I think what LA really needs is just general buffing, COF while flying needs to shrink to sprint size, and mid air ads needs to return, and maybe you can hit the broad side of a barn with a grenade while flying? flash needs to go off faster like EMP, and the effect needs reduced duration the further from the grenade the enemy is, not reduced effect which means it does nothing if the enemy isn't standing on it.

    Nanite smoke that makes enemies glow when in the cloud like a shield bubble so allies don't absolutely need HSNV scope to make any use of it.

    slightly faster ascention on regular jets, the ability to toggle Icarus from upward to forward thrust like u get if you spawn on a hill.

    bigger bulge in the pants of your character.

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  12. Joe_da_cro

    yeah kinda. the aoe being either really small or only for the LA. personally i would like to see a small aoe of the ability.
  13. Wind_Walker

    Platform was meant more for allies rather than the LA itself, but I see where you're going with that. I like the idea for a stabilizer on the jetpack, though! There could also be mid-air horizontal dashing at the cost of fuel...?

    Zipline was more your second thought than the first. It's meant to get you and your allies across otherwise inaccessible terrain, making a limited use pathway to and from wherever you deploy it. Visual and audio cues are up for debate, though I wouldn't mind them

    Speed boost was more a way to get more mobility out of the LA without starting a flame war with non-LAs. I think it has use, but perhaps as a jetboost dash, as I said earlier. Idk.
  14. Demigan

    How do you think it's easy to abuse?
  15. Demigan

    With this kind of logic the Medic needs to have his medical tool removed, because his AOE heal is their tool! It does exactly as the class describes and you use it often as well!

    Just because the jetpack is often used does not mean the LA stops there. We can improve the LA, we can make it more useful for team combat and the like and we can keep it balanced.
  16. Demigan

    It could work as a short-term platform maybe? Deploy it, have a short time to rest and get some fuel back and keep moving. Additionally it can function as a short-term shield. LA's are highly vulnerable when flying, deploying one below you could shield you from some bullets for a few moments and give you time to retaliate safely before becoming vulnerable again.

    I'm also against anything that gives the LA's capabilities to other classes, especially if you need only one or two LA's to bring entire Zergs across, basically negating the whole need for LA's altogether because the LA makes itself redundant.
    Other idea's like the LA being able to carry one extra person are also not done, as the only team function the LA would get is outside of combat and being a ferry, nothing more. Same goes for Jumppads. I don't like them, I don't want them.

    Well, I wouldn't mind getting the MAX charge ability. As an alternative to jumpjets (or even just as a tool!) it would be a wonderful addition, allowing the LA to quickly pass dangerous terrain or assault heavily guarded buildings.

    How about creating a lot of false radar signatures? Activate it and all enemies in the area get a ton of false signatures dancing across their radar, meaning they have a hard time keeping track of the real radar signatures.
  17. Lection

    how about a glove that pushes back enemies/ allies in a kind of pulse like fashion in a AoE in front of the user(in shotgun range)? like a "force push" of sorts. it would have a charge mechanic that would allow you to use 1 pulse per full charge.

    idk... does that sound ok? :/
  18. Lection

    few tweeks for it.
    it doesn't push things, it uses a short range "concussion grenade"-like blast to assist in pushing rooms. Still AoE and still has a charge mechanic (because i <3 the charge mechanic).