Light Assault- Most self-entitled group of players ever?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by FrontTowardEnemy, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. DeadliestMoon

    To answer the question in the title: no. I think that title belongs to both the pilots and infiltrators.

    Edit: Although, it could just be people on the forums who makes it seem that way.
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  2. deggy

    This game lost its logistics long ago. When people can redeploy to the biggest fight on the map in 10 seconds flat without relying on transportation, it's not a logistics-based game.
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  3. The Adli Corporation

    basically you went so fast upwards that your POV and everyone elses POV were out of sync. you could be shooting at a guy on a landing platform of a Biolab but from his perspective you would still be on the way up to the platform. at least thats what i remember someone saying back in beta
  4. Iridar51

    What is it with people and icarus jets?
    Jumping from one extreme to the other. Okay, we can't have Icarus Jets because they supposedly cause the desync issue when jetting too fast (and jump pads don't, lol). That doesn't mean we have to be stuck with current unexpressably slow Jump Jets.
    Give us something 2x-4x faster than the default jets and call it Icarus.
  5. RogueComet

    I find it quite funny the number of people who are set on something faster than what they currently have (ie: Icarus.) Then I find it even more funny that SOE has to go and nerf our speed on our jets too. Seems rather sad when you look at it that way.
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  6. Iridar51

    Yep. And they didn't even once provided their reasoning. I wish they would learn from blizzard in that department. Whatever they do, they at least provide reasons. This nerf to JJs was completely uncalled for.
    Though, I guess, we'd have to wait a year or a half between the updates then. (it'll be ready when it's ready (c)).
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  7. jak

    Confused about your last comment. My statement was just brainstorming ideas for utility, the PS1 router thought doesn't really take anything away from the uniqueness of LAs. That being said, it's not a well thought out idea, I can list a number of potential issues with it.
  8. Shadoiex

    Most light assaults really do think they can just jump/run into the fray and shoot everyone down. That's definitely not how it works. In my opinion (And as someone who plays it almost all the time), the light assault is good when flying, good when you need a few guys to flank/come from behind, and of course, Getting over high walls when the door is heavily defended.

    (For those who are wondering, a LA when flying is helpful because they can pretty much para-jump out of Gals or bail when their Reaver/Mosquito/Scythe is pretty much done for.)
  9. Shiaari

    Just be careful when talking about Light Assault. If you express enjoyment of the class and an opinion that the class is balanced then your post may be removed.

    Mine was.
  10. Hosp

    lol ^. LA is pretty good as is (I've said this before.) Could they use something? Sure. I think they need something to fill that tool slot, and maybe tweaked certs. But they're almost right where they need to be.
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  11. Shadoiex

    Want to know our tool slot? It's on our backs. And no other class is as mobile as us.
  12. Hoki

    OP only plays one class?

    lol bad
  13. BlazingTiger

    I don't know about the part where platoons not allowing LAs, but for the second least scoring of all the classes, I have to disagreed BiG time. I can achieve the top 5 score ranking (if not #1) of the day as LA. That's speaking from personal experience. LA plays a big roll in platoon if played correctly. I can't tell you enough how I break a stalemate being as LA. Sorry if that came out as if I'm bragging.
  14. DeadliestMoon

    The jet pack is in our ability slot, we need something else.
  15. TacticalButterknife

    Not sure if you know, but soon... when Hossin DOES come out, there'll be a base with these. Or at least something similar
  16. nubery

    I'm a squad leader in my outfit. We always run organized plantoons and I mostly lead squads. I rarely have ANY use for LA. LA means my guys split up. 12 guns guns working together will always be better than 11 guns and some guy on a roof without support.
  17. Leivve

    But what if that one guy on the roof can kill enemies even while they are cover, he also has a higher view point so he can see how the battle is unfolding and spot enemies before they even know you're there. While you throw bodies at a staircase trying to get up, they can climb through a window on the second floor and take out the turret gunner or a medic then quickly back off before anyone is the wiser.
    LA has versatility you as a squad leader aren't exploiting.
  18. nubery

    Infil with a radar gun does spotting miles better than anything a LA can do.

    That same infil can throw a EMP grenade up those stairs, while a heavy or two tosses a few concussion nades. We storm the room and wipe it as a cohesive unit, better than one guy who may or may not be able to c4 a max.

    Don't even get me going on point defense, LA offer nothing that engies offer better. LAs can shoot guys entering the room from above! My 12 man squad and sit on the point with clear fire lines on doors, behind engy turrets, with ammo and medics. They'll hold much longer, and against larger odds, than some loner on a roof.

    Occasionally I'll have my squads pull all LA to breach a well defended tower... but then they have no form of resupply, medics, or longevity. The same senario is accomplish much better with a unison squad drop from a spawn beacon, where everyone lands in the same ish area and move together quickly to where they're needed.
  19. Van Dax

    If maxes are tanks then the light assault is the cavalry.
  20. R3dBeaver

    I played Inf for a few days, and now LA for a few more days. Still rank 9. But I've read a bit of the forum and contribute to big and small skirmishes in the game.

    By all account, i'm a noob.

    My 2c: LA is effective. But it needs a good squad to utilize this.

    Sending a lone LA behind enemy line is pretty much useless. LA not utilizing the jump jets and go nuts becoz they're scared of going CQB is playing the wrong class too. LA thinking having a jump jets makes them invincible is insane.

    The best way to play it is to know your limitation. And your benefits will show up automagically.
    - group up. one LA is ****. a few of them? can turns the tide. spot other LA and tag along.
    - LA will die going against a shottie. They will also die trying to carbine-snipe that Inf with a sniper rifle 100m away. Know your distance. utilize it.
    - LA does not have heavy armor. don't go toe-to-toe. the class is built to backstab people. thats what the jump jets are for.
    - hip shooting is ****. at least for this class.
    - dont forget ur med pack.
    - basic stock carbine is good enough. don't worry about saving for a bigger weapon until later on. pick up a shield. or flak jacket. or upgrade ur jets.

    Again, read my disclaimer above. this is just my observation playing the class for a few days.

    The class is fun and definitely effective, if people know how to play it.

    PS: what's with people running around with laser beams shooting from their rifles? can't the enemy spot them too?