Light Assault- Most self-entitled group of players ever?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by FrontTowardEnemy, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. Iridar51

    And I'm adressing the notion that in order to help his team LA has to stop sucking himself first.
  2. Frenk

    Indar east desert, playing with VS, facing NC at quartz ridge camp, Indar NS Material storage, facing TR. Ayani labs (or how it's called), facing whoever holds that, literally impossible to sneak in. It's always POSSIBLE, of course, but sometimes only if there are NO enemies.
  3. Posse

    Isn't the idea of playing LA exactly that? Being sneaky, flanking and forcing engagements when you have the upper hand? If you don't want to do that just switch to HA... (that said, I do a LOT of flanking and sneaky stuff with my HA).
  4. Nakar

    How about, LAs spot without an audio cue and spot for longer? Gives them more incentive to get the high ground and spot everyone they can, as it won't give away where they are. They'll be doing that anyway, so...
  5. Iridar51

    I tried to read the "assault" word somewhere there, but it seems you got all the letters wrong.
  6. jak

    They should bring back the Icarus jets...I loved those for the short time I used them.

    Regarding our squad utility, I'm not sure there's an easy solution. If you increase our ability to notify squad mates of enemies, the infils lose their viability. If you increase our survivability, that doesn't really *help* a specific squad utility. Something like the old PS1 Router (a vehicle that gave you a deployable device - when you placed the device, it created a teleporter between the vehicle and the deployed device) might work, but has the potential to be massively problematic for balance issues. Makes sense for what we do, though - we get where people aren't and provide the squad with a way to infiltrate enemy positions. Other than that, I really struggle with where they can transition a primarily kill enemies class to one with a defined squad role.
  7. GhostAvatar

    As I said previously. Spamming smoke is not helping the team and is actually detrimental in most cases. And a LA isn't there to flank and distract (read trying to farm kills). LA is there to flank, flash bang those holding the choke, then C4 them from above because they didn't protect their flanks.
  8. Ronin Oni

    A squad equipped with IRNV would like to disagree with you :p
  9. RogueComet

    Good thing everyone always runs with IRNV! Oh wait... they can't and don't. Think of MAXes and people who use the other scopes for a change.
  10. The Adli Corporation

    Light Assault is fine, because for some reason people rarely look up, even when im firing an unsuppressed pistol and the minimap shows me on top of a rock that no other class should be able to get to (besides a drop).

    yes, in a face to face fair fight, a LA is probably going to die. but we dont have to fight face-to-face and we dont have to fight fair because we can fly and no-one else can. we can jet all over the place and shoot them from angles they dont expect.

    this is especially true in large fights, when players are focused on defending from the obvious horizontal threats of the HA/Inf/Engy/Medic/MAX and dont have time to cover the rooftops and rocks.add in suppressed weapons to the mix and you get a royal pain in the *** since you cant see them on the map when they fire.

    i dont like being killed by a HA when he runs around the corner and pops a shield and mows me down. but at the same time i dont think the HA likes me when i kill him from a roof or inaccessible rock when he goes outside.

    different classes play differently and should be played differently.
  11. Ronin Oni

    I'm talking about a squad of coorinated players who all take IRNV so they can do exactly what I'm saying.

    also, it's not just spamming... it's the ability to do it on demand without ever worrying about not being able to do it again. Smoke is quite useful for rushing chokes.

    Smoke em, couple nades, and charge with shotguns in front.
  12. Takoita

    Some kind of laser target designation for artillery, guided bombs and orbital strikes is an obvious suggestion but until those things are actually in the game it is a moot point.

    Since this is an 'assault' class, its 'tool' slot shouldn't be a non-weapon item, in my opinion. What's the word on the Thumper's implementation? It looked pretty good in those promo alpha screenshots.
  13. GrayIX

    there isn't anything wrong with the LA class most squads don't like LA because they become instant hero's run off do there own thing and become a hinderance more then help, if you want to support your squad stay with them provide that added edge when the occasion arises, just because you have a jetpack doesn't mean you have to spam it
  14. Iridar51

    Yes, it does. Because it's the only thing we have. That's kinda the point LA community has been trying to make for a very long time.

    We only have our jetpack. The second we stop to use it we might as well be another class. Because otherwise we're engies without turret, infinite ammo, repair tool and only two C4 or med/resto kits as a consumable option. And no battle rifles. Which kinda makes us very, very bad engies.
  15. RogueComet

    WTF? How can you say "There isn't anything wrong with the LA class..." and then immediately say "...most squads don't like LA because they become instant hero's run off do there own thing and become a hindrance...." Don't you realize that you are saying two totally different things? To say someone is fine and then immediately say that people won't allow the class, polar opposites, makes your post ludicrous.

    The fact is Light Assault doesn't really support any squads other than pure Light Assault squads. Their weapons are too short range and too pitiful to do anything with a group. LA don't offer anything to the group if they do stay with them that another class can't offer and offer better than Light Assault.

    Light Assault is NOT fine. Light Assault does desperately need some help, especially in the team-play department.
  16. gregfox89

    Just get better aim. Better aim always wins.
    If I find myself facing a heavy using his shield 1v1 and there's no cover around, I'll aim right at his head with my carbine and go full auto while strafing. Most of the time I win.
  17. hammyhamm

    LA are an incredibly versatile class but lack of team-mate support and ranged-AV damage are their inherent drawbacks. Still buckets of fun!
  18. DocteurVK

    I think LAs could get some additional options which are already implemented ingame, especially for longer range combat.

    As battle rifles are not so easy to use in close range, it could give them the hint to be more med-long range marksmen, able to easily access good spots, without becoming totally OP.

    I also think giving them access to EMP nades would also be interesting. The hard point about giving them more utility is that considering their mobility, if they get access to thumpers, many PPL would cry rivers of tears because it would be "OP"

    Roleplay-friendly, this class should not have access to big heavy tools, but given their mobility again, could'nt get ammo dispenser either (engineer's speciality).

    Giving them recon darts would make me happy, but would'nt this make the infiltrator obsolete? Same point for hacking.

    TBH, I belive the devs would have to brainstorm for new game mechanics more than more utilities to the LAs, giving them indirectly more teamplay-oriented behaviour.

    What if they could use vents in main facilities to get access to ramps / balconies / other elevated points giving them the high ground when the rest of the squad would be on the lower level?
  19. COR_

    Except this game is all about logistics not straight up K/D tug of war.

    Engineers get mines to slow pushes of armor and infantry. turrets for suppression of choke points, ammo packs for team sustainability.
    Medics turn into redeploy/spawn machines that prevent total reliance on sunderers and get you back to the hot zone faster.
    Heavy's have AV and AA rockets are for hitting vehicles and sheilds, heavy weapons, and concussion grenades for hitting chokepoints and breaching rooms.
    Infils have cloaks and radar for scouting, and hacks stealing resupply and vehicle terminals.

    Light Assault only really has C4 to make any impact on logistics. And with arm timers, red warning lights, disarm on death, high resource cost, and only being able to carry 2, Its not very good at logistics.
    Also other classes being able to get it means the only boon we get with it is to bypass things with jumpjets to get to logistic targets and a slightly lower cert cost to unlock(that last one might have been changed)

    P.S. And squad beacons, we can get them to really weird places, but again every class can have them, squad deploy also droppods, and you have to be squad lead. (maybe after drop-pods become less steerable getting them to those weird places will mean more, but still...)
  20. DeadliestMoon

    To my knowledge the reason why Icarus Jump Jets were taken out was because they created a player desync issue (don't ask me what that means, I just don't know). Also the Light Assault class didn't exist in PS1 so shouldn't that mean LAs get something unique and not rehashed from PS1?

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