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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Dvinn, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Dvinn

    Light Assault has been been through several changes. They took away the ammo box and the C4 (now you have to buy it). My suggestion is to add an additional weapon slot, the "wrist weapon". Things like mini-rockets and such can attach to it. It's a once or two use wrist weapon that can possibly lock-on to armor targets. What do you think?
  2. Accuser

    LA doesn't need more anti-armor tools, though C4 could be a little stronger.
    Anti-personnel 'poison' wrist darts would be fun... low velocity, large 'bullet drop', and used instantly like a knife (with maybe a little less damage).
  3. Chocobo

    All we need is slightly cheaper grenades/C4, because when infantry resources are scarce LA just feels weak. Otherwise, I don't think we're really hurting. It would be neat if accuracy weren't so terrible while flying, or if we could look straight down and shoot, but those changes would cause all sorts of whining.
  4. Regpuppy

    I'd give up C4 anyday for something that gave us a unique tool to play with. Before beta ended, we had a section for "Light Assault tools" but it was taken away... le sigh

    I think my beef with Light Assault right now is how it's not very useful past having jumpjets. No team utility if there's no obscure area to jump through or no buildings to walk on top of.

    Simply put, a lot of classes have more team utility.

    Engineer gives ammo, decent selection of weapons that include [carbines, battle rifle, and shotguns], repairs vehicles, has camp-turrets, access to most explosives.

    Heavy has anti-vehicle option, anti-air option, can fight infantry mid range, and a nice defensive shield that puts them above other classes when used well.

    Medic's can keep people alive longer, have more effective health because of a self-heal, and a very effective selection of guns for close to mid range.

    Infiltrator has cloak, hacking (team utility), scout rifles (mid/close) bolt action (long) faster firing snipers (mid), scout dart gun that gives enemy positions to friendlies.

    Maxes have access to beastly AI options as well as AA options. AT options do hurt, but not sure on usefulness. They're walking tanks that can go indoors. Enough said.

    Light Assault has Jetpacks. While neat and admittedly very useful. Not much room here for team utility. It can be argued that the ability to flank as well as they do in numbers is nice. A few doing it alone doesn't help much aside from catching inexperienced players off guard. C4 is nice and has some situational use, but for the most part, you're better off pulling heavy. If you like carbines, you can pull engineer and not be troubled with ammo issues.

    The class is fun to play, yes. But it's team utility could use a small boost. That's all I want. Even if it's something as simple as a radar dart gun that infiltrators get or something like hacking/repairing that engineers/infils get, I'd be happy knowing I'm not playing a soloist class in a group.
  5. Achmed20

    more unique then a jetpack? :eek:

    jetpack overcharge which shoots is straight into one direction while emptying all its energy would be nice.
  6. Regpuppy

    Caught me before the edit! While I do love your idea, my issue is overall team utility. Light assault can be a blast to play, but giving back to the team when we're not in a base with a ton of buildings or going through obscure areas in groups, our utility ends.

    Every other class has a direct team utility that is quite powerful. Have you every seen a group of heavies or AA maxes without engineer ammo? Have you ever seen a lone console go unhacked with infils around? Even medic can be selfishly farming points while helping the team at the same time with it's healing.

    Light assault just has jetpacks and C4 for when they can get to a vehicle without sticking their neck out too much. (But while we can do it best, other classes have access to C4 as well.) That's about it, Light assault's utility to a team is extremely situational and the weapons it has are shared with one or more classes. Making our sole reason for existence the jetpack's usefulness in specific situations or being a fun solo class.
  7. Achmed20

    i havent found a single place yet where i can't just harass the enemy from the outside. even if there is in inplace fight, there is usualy a place (window, higher ground, etc) where i can thinn enemy lines from.
    getting behind enemy lines, taking out whole groups with grenades and droping smokes leading to a breach in their defense,revealing enemy movement (Q), easly clean out sniper nests and beeing the first to sabtotage a generator is pretty awesome if you ask me.

    i managed to turn the tide of battle alone so many times just by destroying defensive lines and i feel absolutly awesome doing so.
    no other class can do that.

    utility whise im more then pleased. its just about what you are making of your tools.
    only problem i have are the drifter jets which i can absolutly cant find any use for in their current state.

    oh and btw ... i think we are highjacking this thread :D
  8. Regpuppy

    I've turned the tide as well, when dealing with randoms in specific situations. But that doesn't say much for team utility. I just want a tool that is neat but not horribly situational like jump jets.

    Keep in mind I am NOT asking for a stronger gun, uber ability, or some win buttom. Just something as small as a radar dart gun or as "neat" as being able to carry another player to the top of a building (implausible, but a man can dream) Something that helps the team in some direct way just like every other class gets or makes up for a lacking of somehow(max toughness and Heavy jack-of-all-trades)
  9. Achmed20

    meh ... no reason to argue here i guess.
    JJs are worth more then every utility out there combined to me.

    edit: i wont mind another utility but i dont need them.
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  10. Blackpulse

    try to imagine the game without Medic, HA or Engi. Something would be missing.

    Now take out the LA or Inf. Well...the game is mostly the same :O
  11. Achmed20

    are you serious?

    cant tell about the inf but my platoon regulary ***** up until an LA gets the job done.

    - we are the first to overcharge or repair generators,
    - we are the first to take out sniper nests on positions noone else can reach.
    - we can place spawning beacons where no HA or medic ever will be able to
    - we allone can get behind enemy lines, doing recon and destroying whole defensive setups
    - we can sneak into enemy bases and harass the **** out of people from positions they cant defend themselfs from
    - we can blow up tanks and set traps, and detotane them at the right time cause we can watch from everywhere we want to
    - we can do pretty much everything in this game without caring for walls, borders, mountains or whatever obstacals SOE throws at us
    - heck we can even be descent snipers hiding in the most outrages palces you can imgaine

    and you honestly want to tell me that we are worthless?
    please do us all a favor and play something else then LA because if you realy think that way, you must be a terrible one
  12. Wolfwood82

    This isn't SW:ToR and you aren't a bounty hunter.
    To the team? We are all but worthless. I've heard and seen squads and platoons specifically asking everyone to equip something other then LA load outs.

    Most of your list is of things we are "the first" to do, and those that aren't are instead exaggerations or grasping at straws. Everyone else could do those things just as easily if they put their heads to it. How many Engineers can engage Heavy Tanks? How many HAs can heal everyone around them? How many medics can drop ammo boxes?

    No one can disagree with any one of your points in particular. However that list as a whole just makes LA look like a kill ***** class that is worthless to the team and eventually outfits are going to just exclude them from use within their squads.

    The JJ's give us mobility which is a huge part of warfare. It is a tremendous advantage. However it is not a stand alone advantage that makes us a valuable part of the team.
  13. Blackpulse

    And thats the point.

    Flying around is fun but it doesnt get the job done. Its fun in the zerg but almost useless in organized battles.
  14. Achmed20

    great argument. i've seen squads asking for french only and now what? do we all become french?
    and if some dip**** wannabe squad/platoon leader wants no LAs then he can go **** himself. i know what im doing (sometimes at least)
    ofc other classes can do this as well, but by far not this easy. while they have to fight their way through, we just avoid it thus making us faster and probably way safer in doing it. u said it yourself, its a tremendous advantage.

    the current layout forces us to be lonewolfs but like higby said, that was also the goal of our class.
    we cant and shouldnt hang arround with teammates. just like infiltrators should not be on the frontline.
    if we do, we better choose another class (for the time beeing)

    oh and btw, i never said we dont need anything more teamworthy. but even if we get something "usefull" for the team, then im still not going to hang arround with them because it would wasted potential.
  15. Erendil

    Insert obligatory "If you believe this then you're doing it wrong" speech. Don't underestimate the utility of the jetpack in the hands of a tactical Outfit.


    Oh wait, you're TR? Okay yeah, um, you're right. Jetpacks are terrible in organized fights. Carry on with what you're doing. Don't use them. No really, just forget I said anything.
  16. Nehlis

    you wanna be boba fett?
  17. ParaxleNC

    I gotta say, as nice as it might be to have access to another toy like a machine pistol or some such, really I think the LA is a fantastic class. The team tool we employ is one of distraction.

    We are the only ones CAPABLE of getting in past a wall, two floors up in under 15 seconds without being noticed, and put pressure on generators and spawns that the opponents HAVE to respond to which takes rifles off the line. This is not a "yeah well HA gets there eventually" thing. No other class has the CAPACITY under their own power to get to strange places to sow discord and weaken lines the way that a talented and lucky LA can. Best thing is, even if we aren't lucky, its a quick respawn and try again because of how very very fast we are.

    Admittedly, there are plenty of situations where the LA is horribly ill suited such as front line combat in open fields, but most of these can be mitigated by choosing your battles.
  18. HueyLewis

    While we're on this topic, I never understood why LA don't have access to scout rifles. Isn't that sort of our thing?
  19. Hobo Jack

    i wish so much so that we could use scout rifles. Infiltrators get a full auto weapon why cant we get some sort of sniper rifle. (not for super long range just enough so that when we see an enemy at long range we can actually kill them before they get to cover)

    back to the topic i dont think LA are "useless" indoors it might seem that way but the fast mobility is needed for sure in all other places.
  20. Meiu


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