Light Assault Guide for Dummies (Noobguide)

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  1. Axxe

    Hey guys!
    And ofcourse fellow freedom fighters, this is a giude on how to use the LA class efficently. But first im gonna state that im a Swede and my English is not as good as a native english speaking person.

    This guide will apply to all factions.

    The UPGRADES!!!
    First of all you should get some certpoints down into your jetpack since it is the only thing thats gonna keep you alive (i get to this later).
    Also pick up some C4, and a reflex sight.
    With those upgrades you are almost as good to go as you can be.

    Your MOBILITY!
    When playing LA its really good to think outside the box, becuse its the key to survival. As opposed to a heavy you have less armor and firepower. An infiltraitor is better at range and more of a speciallity class. The MAX kills you in seconds if you mess up and get infront of him. Even a medic will have more firepower than you except if you pick up a shotgun. Now more about mobility and thinking outside the box. First of all never sit still after you have shot at someone. They know where you are and if the find you, you are dead. So look at it like hide and seek. You cant be seen, you must see them first from a reasonable range.
    So here's what you have to do. Use that mobility to your advantage!
    Sure if the heavy see you first you are prolly dead, but if you just happen to fall down 5 meters behind him you cant fail to kill him.

    Hit and RUN!!!!!!
    Here's a story about me earlier today. I had desided to defend a Bioplant, alone becuse i knew some straglers would come out right after the blue tide had moved on. So i sat on a roof waiting for the cap-points to start blinking. Suddenly i see C blinking and i watch over to roof and see 1 MAX and 2 others. I jump down behind their group and spray away at one of the guys. Right when I see the kill I jet away as fast as i can out of sight. I keept doing this until they were dead all 3.
    Im not trying to brag, this dont happen often for me as im a mediokre player, but it feels good i promise you. Making them paranoid and killing them one by one slowly.

    Pick your targets!
    This could be applied to all classes but its really important for a LA. If you see a guy running around by some building dont just take the first stray shot you can "to do some damage". It will reveal your position and thats the last thing you want. Instead wait until you get into the right position and blaze away. If you see a group of 3+ moving around, dont jump them alone. Wait until your allies engage or they split up and take them out one by one. And remember hit and RUN!

    Worst case scenario!
    I am not perfect and neither are you, sometimes when we turn around that corner we will look into the eyes of a bigger and more badass guy or more of them. In this scenario you have two options, flee or fight (obviusly). But theres more to it, sure they are more and have bigger guns but you still got an ace up your sleeve for these situations. JET away!!!
    Shooting someone who is flying around is more enoying than you can imagine. But dont just fly straight up (often find myself doing this as a reflex). Fly up and down in circles! I know it sounds hard but its not. You just stafe as usual in a close quarters battle except you must pump your jetpack in 1,5-2 second bursts. This will make you fly around like crazy and your enemy will most probably panic and empty the magazine. After that you can gun him down while humming on <insert music>.

    So we can easy the whole thing down.
    Get stuffs that makes you fast, be smart and dont engage in a stand up fight. Being a LA is more about being a Commando soldier.

    This thread is not for ppl who want to QQ but a learning thread about LA. I know im probably alot greener than most of you guys but i just wanted to share some stuff that worked out well for me.

    Axxe signing out.
    FOR NC AND FREEDOM and remember to hi...... RUN
  2. Mazzio

    It's very important to remember the RUN part of the guide. Most LA players stop reading at HIT and just find a decent high ground place to try snipe some enemies. Once the enemy get's a fix on their position it's too late to run and they die in a glorious firefight HA style. While this gets you some kills, it really stops being effective very fast. In my opinion if you dont run out of primary weapon ammo every time you play LA, you did something wrong and should reflect on that. Hit & Run, Run & Flank, Flank & Hit!
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  3. Siilk

    I generally agree with the OP, butI want to comment on that part:
    Silencer is way more essential for LA than a reflex sight. No doubt, reflex sight is a desirable addon, it would give you a nice boost in visibility while aiming down the sight. Silencer, on the other hand, would mask your presence and will stop you from appearing on the enemy minimap every time you shoot. Having a silencer would allow you to remain undetected at your position on a rooftop way longer and generally gives you much more advantages in your paratrooper/commando duty.

    So, it should be silencer->1st C4->reflex sight->regenORmedkit->2nd C4.
  4. Doublefrost

    Always relocate after one or two kills from a position. Keep mixing it up on the ambush approach. It's also very important to be able to land crouched and attack through building windows without slowing down. Learn every nook of the various base, outpost and tower layouts. Figure out where people tend not to look. Keep an eye for things you can use to block line of sight between yourself and the enemy.

    Also, don't overfly your jetpack! Learn to get a complete understanding of your momentum. Even a standard jetpack without upgrades can be used to prevent falling damage from the most incredible heights. A few upgrades, you can survive bailing from a fighter aircraft at full throttle. It takes a lot of practice but once you master the jetpack, you will always know if you can make a jump at various fuel percentages. Even if you're completely empty by the time you land on the edge of the roof and barely avert a catastrophic fall.
  5. TheAttackMaster

    So if I'm correct, then I'm supposed to pick up a shotgun? (Thinking of the Pandora) and make some upgrades in jetpack?

    Take care,
  6. FA_Q2

    I would add a little known fact -
    The LA jet pack can be used in transit from jump pads like the ones getting you to the top if the bio lab. This allows LA to land on the dome itself or many of the legs. Usually, in an initial assault, the enemy is camping the landing zones because they are easy kills. An LA can jump in, land where no one is looking, kill several of the group and jump right off the edge> Even better, while they are all scrambling to deal with you they are not camping the pad so your squad has a window to take the platform with the other classes.
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  7. Playful Pony

    Mostly good points, staying mobile is easily the most important aspect. I prefer to sacrifice the C4 unclok for a decent amount of upgrades to your jetpack, as it is by far your most important tool. People seem to value the C4 a whole lot, and I can understand why when you consider it's tank killing capabilities. Just remember how you most easily get to that tank though... Jetpack folks, thats what it's about!

    I'm with you on this one. Reflex Sights are sexy and all, but staying hidden on the map is a supreme advantage when what you basically do is skipping about trying to be annoying. Nothing more annoying than not knowing where the enemy strikes next!

    Genious, read this and learn people!
  8. TheStratovarian

    Light assault has been my fun class in finding. I normally focus medic, but its LA that ive found a blast in. Flanking works wonders, and I can't stress it enough, you start thinking more and more how do I avoid the main entrances, and its a good thing too. The silencer, oooh yes, its a great upgrade for really pissing folks off, and getting medics baited for a second kill, though ammo is a pain. For NC at least, turning to your sidearm is a great option for saving on primary ammo, especially with a silencer. Moving after a kill, is often a good idea, ive seen a few infiltrators use the recon dart to flush you out after a second or third death.

    I do have a few questions though, how many c4 charges does it take to take out a sunderer? (as it seems like a good option to use to focus on over a tank, especially with a spawning group in there.) What are good choices for suit options? (Ammo Belt seems really good) Which is a better medkit choice for the LA? For grenade use, are the other grenades good or should be more avoided?
  9. Perk-i

    It takes 3 C4 bricks to the rear armor to take out a Sunderer, which is one more than LA can carry even after 700 certs. Two bricks WILL set the Sunderer on fire, so if it's not repaired it will blow up shortly. This can be useful for getting the engineer to pop out where you can shoot him, but it's a lot of infantry resources for no guaranteed kill. One brick for a Max or Lightning, two for an MBT or base turret, again on the rear armor. I'm sort of hoping they change it to one brick per base turret as they're so easily repaired.

    I always ran adrenaline pump in beta, but it seems to have been nerfed a bit; there's no second level of it. Extra sprint speed means getting out of the line of fire faster. Ammo belt is useful for extended runs, and Nano-Weave will prevent the one shot Bolt-Driver deaths.

    I never bothered with Medkits, I'd rather carry C4. Regen kit would be the better option if you are going to carry one. It gives more health back, but takes a few seconds... you're Light Assault, disengage and use it around the corner.

    Smoke grenades sucked in Beta (exception being the smoke grenade launcher). Haven't had a chance to try them or the flashbangs in Live yet, so no opinion. Way down on my cert list though.
  10. Mazzio

    2 C4 placed under a non-upgraded sunderer will reduce it to burning. 2 at the back will take around 85% of it's health. Suit and healing choices are really up to your own playstyle and it's pretty hard for anyone to recommend any of them. I would recommend sticking with the regular granades as the flash grenade has absolutely no range and you would be better off just killing the peeps rather than slightly annoying them. Smoke grenade is situationally useful (Biodome, Tech Plant and Amp station chokepoints) but usually requires a communicative squad to be fully effective.
  11. Doublefrost

    Shotguns are pretty good close in, but so are carbines equipped with a silencer. More effective range, a little slower to kill absolute point blank. If you don't care to go for a weapon with soft point ammo, which makes the bullet velocity even worse for more close in damage, you can find one with high velocity rounds. That combo is great for firing on unsuspecting squads or snipers from above.
  12. FA_Q2

    Are you sure about the fire? I believe they took out the damaging effect and just left degraded performance?

    Also: I don't think placement matters with C4. Front, side or rear give the same damage.
  13. MegaManGeoAce

    Screw destorying, lets do some sunderer tipping!
  14. irishroy

    a medic can pick up a shotty as well.o_O

  15. paradroid

    I love AMP station defense just for this reason, I usually lurk up top of the central building, when a gen starts flashing I JJ down to it, kill whoever overloaded it, then use the Jump Pads to get back up to the center.
    On spawning, from the Jump pad nearest the spawn room you can reach (I have fully upgraded JJ's) either vehicle sheild gen with no worrys, or the main sheild gens if you guide it right.
    I even use them to get a fair way out to the satellite bases to flip them back.
    I wish faction Jump pads could be hacked, it would make Amp station attacks more fun for LA