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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by CARunner, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. CARunner

    I know many people were saying that The LA class does not have to many uses in battle except scaling things and using the Jet-pack to the advantage.
    Well I couldn't think of anything useful , tactical , and practical
    for the LA class so I though : Why not have the ability to carry 3 weapons with
    the use of a Special 3 slot backpack ?

    This idea is a bit half baked but it's still an idea and i want to hear some
    opinions and/or modifications or better ideas to add the the LA class.

    3 Slot Back : Costs : 100 certs , 300 SC
    Uses : Adds another Primary or Secondary Weapon to the LA arsenal.
    Cosmetic use : Adds some extra detail to your character by adding a Rifle Bag
    ( Not necessary , but it's just an idea :p )
  2. Iridar51

    As many others, this idea was already suggested and discussed before.
    It's not really a good idea due to multiple factors:
    1. All of our weapons have short effective range.
    2. Doesn't mesh with LA being a lightly armed soldier.
    3. Doesn't solve any of LA problems.
    4. Negates the trade-off of shotguns.
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  3. Leivve

    How to fix LA:
    1) AR or SR
    Congratulations, you have solved one of the major weakness of the light assault.
  4. Lucidius134

    Also negates trade-offs of taking SF varients.

    Effectivly giving every other AR an UBGL the way the weapon system works.
  5. wrenched

    let LA scavenge ammo
  6. TheKhopesh

    Here's actually an idea that I feel would be better.
    Allow the LA to cert into a class specific built-in ammunition belt that only effects the primary weapon (One or two extra mags worth should be plenty).
    I'm thinking 200 certs for rank 1, 400 for rank 2.

    That's 600 certs, not too cheap or too outrageous.
    A resonable price for a reasonable advantage in staying power for the class that tends to... Drift (see what I did there? :p)... furthest from the battle than any other class, and thus, furthest from any form of resupply outside redeploying or dying.

    A few extra mags wouldn't really hurt IMO.
    And with this, the entire class of Light Assault wouldn't cut into the engineer's role on the field at all, which would indeed happen if the LA were allowed to replenish it's ammo on the field rather than simply carrying a bit more into battle and by extension a larger amount to resupply for the friendly engies when he does return.

    But yeah, seeing as how LA's often go the longest distance from any way to get more ammo, and they have to fire with carbines at ranged targets to cover their escape, they shouldn't be as constrained on ammo as the other classes (Save the HA's with their massive guns and even larger ammo reserves).

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